Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: L

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Labbé see also Libbee, Libbie
Labbé, Félix, as Debau, Felex
Labbé, François, as Debau, Francis
Labbé, Pierre, as Debau, Peter
Labbé, Romain, as Debau, Romain
Labbé, Zoé, as Debau, Zeah
Laberee, Bony
Laberee, John B.
Laberee, Lecart
Laberee, Philemen
Laberee, Sheman
Laberee, Thos.
Lafera, Andrew
Laffere, Alex
Laffere, Fredrick
Laffere, Geo.
Laffere, George
Laffere, Jos.
Laffere, Jos.
Laffere, Louisa
Laffere, Mary
Laffere, Mary
Laffere, Sapena
Laffere, Sarah
Laffere, Sophia
Laffere, Stausey
Laffere, Telle
Laffere, Terrez
Lagassé (Lagacé), see also Legasse, Legassee
Lagasse, Aly
Lagasse, Dusett
Lagasse, Ely
Lagasse, Flan
Lagasse, Lucy
Lagasse, Obit
Lagasse, Susan
Lagasse, Vetaline
Lagasse, Vowasha
Lagassee, Angelie
Lagassee, Raffel
Lamar, Adal
Lamar, Louis
Lamar, Philomen
Lampson, Dan'l
Landagan, John
Lander, Abram P.
Landry, Augustin, as Larnideau, Augustus
Landry, Augustin, as Launideau, Augustus
Landry, Cécile, as Larnideau, Arcel
Landry, Élodie, as Larnideau, Filena
Landry, Marguerite, as Larnideau, Margarett
Landry, "Rodah", as Larnideau, Rodah
Landry, Théophile, as Laundrie, Tuffee
Langlais, see also Longley
Langlais-Wabore, Angélique, as Webber, Angelie
Langlais-Wabore, Édouard, as Webber, Edward
Langlais-Wabore, Élisabeth, as Webber, Elizabeth
Langlais-Wabore, Firmin, as Webber, Fearmiah
Langlais-Wabore, Hubert, as Webber, Eban
Langlais-Wabore, Jean-Baptiste, as Webber, John B.
Langlais-Wabore, Jean-Baptiste, as Webber, John B.
Langlais-Wabore, Joseph, as Webber, Joseph
Langlais-Wabore, Joseph, Jr., as Webber, Joseph, Jr.
Langlais-Wabore, Laurent, as Webber, Lawrence
Langlais-Wabore, Louise, as Webber, Louisa
Langlais-Wabore, Philippe, as Webber, Philip
Langlais-Wabore, Philippe, as Webber, Phillip
Langlais-Wabore, Salomé, as Webber, Sally
Langley, Fanny
Langley, George
Langley, Israel
Langley, James
Langley, James
Langley, John
Langley, Lydia
Langley, Margarett
Langley, Moses
Langley, Nath'l
Langley, Pascile
Langley, Rebecca
Langley, William
Lapierre, Demerise, as Stone, **emesse
Lapierre, Joseph, as Stone, Joseph
Laplante see also Madore
Laplant, Marcel
Laplant, Mary
Laplant, Peter
Laplant, Vetal
Laplant, William
Lapointe, Angèle, as Sharp, Lebreck
Lapointe, Julie, as Sharp, Julia
Lapointe, Modeste, as Sharp, Maddis
Lapointe, Olivier, as Sharp, Oliver
Lapointe, Olivier, as Sharp, Oliver
Laraway, Sophia
Laraway, Tuffer
Larnideau, Arcel
Larnideau, Augustus
Larnideau, Filena
Larnideau, Margarett
Larnideau, Rodah
Laundrie, Tuffee
Launideau, Augustus
Lavic, Felsin
Lavic, Gabrel
Lavic, Marcel
Lavic, Margaret
Lavic, Margaret
Lavic, Mary
Lavoie see also Loveway
Lavoie, Louis, as Lewiway, Lewis
Lavoie, Marie-Anne,as Lewiway, Marcy
LBare, Daumause
LBare, David
LBare, Delano
LBare, Francis
LBare, Francis
LBare, Phebe
LBare, Selen
LBare, Sophia
LBare, Susan
LBare, Veteline
LBarr, David
LBarr, Ely
LBarr, Feba
LBarr, Joseph
LBarr, Lere
LBarr, Luke L.
LBarr, Paget
LBarr, Predan
LBarr, Rose
LBarr, Samuel
LBarr, Samuel
LBarr, Telle
LBarr, Vetal
Leaveauy, Sysong
Leavitt, Babe
Leavitt, Elez J.
Leavitt, Eliza
Leavitt, Geo. P.
Leavitt, Josephine
Leavitt, Sam'l
Leavitt, Winfield G.
Leazer, Thomas
LeBarre, Dagon
LeBarre, Edwd.
LeBarre, Flora
LeBarre, Francis
LeBarre, Jos.
LeBarre, Levi
LeBarre, Lucy
LeBarre, Oliva
LeBarre, Soloma
LeBeck, Alex
LeBeck, Mary
LeBeck, Olive
LeBeck, Sophia
Lebel, André, as Bell, Andrew
Lebel, André, as Bell, Andrew
Lebel, Émilie, as Bell, Milia
Lebel, Sophie, as Bell, Sophia
Lebel, Thérèse, as Bell, Terraz
LeBounty, Emeline
LeBounty, Tuffe
Lebre, Adit
Lebre, Mary
Lebre, Michael
Lebre, Remmo
Lebre, Roseno
Lebre, Taddy
Lebre, Venence
LeBree, Angale
LeBree, Flevre
LeBree, Lewis
LeBree, Susan
LeBree, Venon
Lecase, Angel
Lecase, Arman
Lecase, Edward
Lecase, Elinor
Lecase, Joseph
Lecase, Macaline
Lecase, Marshall
Lecase, Susan
Leeds, Josiah
Leezot, Elenor
Leezot, Francis
Leezot, Francis
Leezot, Joseph
Leezot, Margarett
Leezot, Mary
Leezot, Metilda
Leezot, Octave
Leezot, Philip
Leezot, Philomone
Leezot, Premo
Leezot, Rezist
Legasse, Ely
Legasse, Isaden
Legasse, John
Legasse, Joseph
Legasse, Joseph
Legasse, Margarett
Legasse, Rose
Legasse, Sophia
Legasse, Stausee
Legassee, Angule
Legassee, Elezer
Legassee, Ellen
Legassee, Joseph
Legassee, Joseph
Legassee, Mary
Legassee, Milia
Legassee, Millie
Legassee, Philomen
Legnder, C.
Legnder, N.P.
Lenee, Flera
Lenee, Joahim
Lenee, Judah
Lenee, Zonea
Lennon, Pat'k
Lestt, Adit
Lestt, Bomeventa
Lestt, Domesees
Lestt, Floras
Lestt, Mary A
Lestt, Maryett
Lestt, Plued
Lestt, Zeter
Levasseur, see also Levassuer, Leveser, Vasser
Levasseur, Christine, as Goter, Christine
Levasseur, Éli or Hilaire, as Goter, Eli
Levasseur, Émélie, as Goter, Milia
Levasseur, Henriette, as Goter, Harriett
Levasseur, Julien, as Goter, Julian
Levasseur, Thérèse, as Goter, Farazo
Levasseur, Virginie, as Goter, Virginia
Levassuer, Eugene
Levassuer, Julia
Levassuer, Melvina
Levassuer, Nancy
Levassuer, Sanelle
Levassuer, Zeta
Leveser, Alexa
Leveser, Eli L.
Leveser, Elizabeth
Leveser, Flora
Leveser, John B.
Leveser, Joseph
Leveser, Lydia
Leveser, Margaret
Leveser, Maxim
Leveser, Sophia
Lévesque, François, as Lavic, Felsin
Lévesque, Gabriel, as Lavic, Gabrel
Lévesque, Marcel, as Lavic, Marcel
Lévesque, Marguerite, as Lavic, Margaret
Lévesque, Marguerite, as Lavic, Margaret
Lévesque, Rosalie, as Lavic, Mary
Lewiway, Lewis
Lewiway, Marcy
Lezett, Christine
Lezott, Alex
Lezott, Christie
Lezott, Dennis
Lezott, Dornuel
Lezott, Eli
Lezott, Elizabeth
Lezott, Eloy
Lezott, Elway
Lezott, Euphim
Lezott, J.B.
Lezott, John B.
Lezott, Joseph
Lezott, Joseph
Lezott, Julas
Lezott, Lucy
Lezott, Margarett
Lezott, Mary
Lezott, Pascal
Lezott, Peter
Lezott, Plasid
Lezott, Remmo
Lezott, Vatelene
Libbe, James
Libbee, Jos.
Libbee, Midde
Libbee, Olive
Libbie, Fearmah
Libbie, Francis
Libbie, Jeremiah
Libbie, Mary
Libbie, Richard
Linchley, Sarah M.
Linton, Eliza
Linton, Tho's
Lizotte, see Leezot, Lezett, Lezott
Lizotte, Anastasie, as Pairdy, Stursey
Lizotte, Angèle, as Pairdy, Angel
Lizotte, Bonaventure, as Lestt, Bomeventa
Lizotte, Céline, as Pairdy, Sylena
Lizotte, Démérise, as Lestt, Domesees
Lizotte, Édith, as Lestt, Adit
Lizotte, Fleurent, as Lestt, Floras
Lizotte, Joseph, as Pairdy, Jos.
Lizotte, Judith, as Pairdy, Judah
Lizotte, Julie, as Pairdy, Julia
Lizotte, Marguerite, as Lestt, Maryett
Lizotte, Marie-Anne, as Lestt, Mary A
Lizotte, Placide, as Lestt, Plued
Lizotte, Ozithée, as Lestt, Zeter
Lizotte, Vital, as Pairdy, Vetal
Lizotte, "Zerah", as Pairdy, Zerah
Longley, Jane
Longley, Margarett
Longley, Pascal
Longley, Teddy
Longley, Victoria
Lovely, Albert
Lovely, Augustus
Lovely, Belsey
Lovely, Benja.
Lovely, Elizabeth
Lovely, Hannah
Lovely, John
Lovely, John
Lovely, Mary J.
Lovely, Ransford
Lovely, Sarah
Lovely, William
Loveway, Francis
Loveway, Lucy
Loveway, Mary
Loveway, Mary
Loveway, Saboam
Loyd, Bruno
Loyd, Georganna
Loyd, James
Loyd, Mary
Lucy, James
Lundey, Fanny
Lundey, John
Lundey, Phebe
Lundey, Sally
Lundey, William

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