Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Houlton Census District

Names: F-G

Fall, Albert K.
Fall, Elizabeth
Fall, Mary L.
Fall, Shepard
Fall, Wentworth
Feeley, Archibald
Feeley, Eleanor
Feeley, Esther
Feeley, James
Feeley, John
Feeley, John, Jr.
Feeley, Terrence
Feeley, William
Felch, Eunice
Fields, Ann
Fields, Eliza
Fields, Ezra
Fields, Hiram
Fisher, Joseph H.
Fisher, Rebecca
Fisher, Stephen H.
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Joan
Fitzgerald, Richard
Fletcher, Ann
Fletcher, Erastus
Fletcher, Frances A.
Fletcher, George
Fletcher, Gideon
Fletcher, Gideon, Jr.
Fletcher, Hannah
Fletcher, Harrison J.
Fletcher, Isaac
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, John H.
Flewelling, Archibald
Flewelling, Caroline
Flewelling, Charlotte
Flewelling, Geo. S.
Flewelling, John
Flewelling, Martha Ann
Flewelling, Mary Ann
Flewelling, Nelson
Flewelling, Samuel
Flewelling, Sarah J.
Forrest, Elisabeth
Forrest, James
Forrest, Jane
Forrest, Margaret
Forrest, Michael
Forrest, Rosa
Forrest, Thomas
Forrest, William
Forrest, William, Jr.
Foss, Almira G.
Foss, Christopher
Foss, Elias
Foss, Esther
Foss, Frederick V.
Foss, George
Foss, James H.
Foss, John
Foss, John A.
Foss, Mary Ann
Foss, Oscar J.
Foster, Augusta S.
Foster, Charles
Foster, Christiana
Foster, David
Foster, David T.
Foster, Harmony
Foster, James C.
Foster, Malina J.
Foster, Mary E.
Foster, Susan A.
Foster, William
Foster, William R.
Fournier, Laurette
Fox, Catherine
Fox, Daniel
Fox, Daniel, Jr.
Fox, Mary
Frazier, Simon
Freeman, Eliza
Freeman, Mary
Freeman, W'm D.
French, Ezekiel D.
French, Harriet
French, Marietta
French, Oscar F.
Frisbie, Hudson T.
Frisbie, Jacob S.
Frisbie, Ledro L.
Frisbie, Letitia E.L.
Frisbie, Louisa R.
Frisbie, Mary E.
Frisbie, Octavia D.
Frisbie, Randolph R.
Frisbie, Samuel F.
Frisbie, Timothy
Fulsom, Amanda
Fulsom, Ann L.
Fulsom, Inez A.
Fulsom, John H.
Fulsom, Mary P.
Fulsom, Nath'l G.
Fulsom, Sarah W.
Fulton, Charles
Fulton, Elizabeth A.
Fulton, Joshua
Fulton, Joshua B.
Fulton, Richard
Fulton, Salome
Fulton, Samuel J.
Furze, Jane
Gallagher, Catherine
Gallagher, Francis
Gallagher, Francis
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, Jane
Gallagher, John
Gallagher, Margaret
Gallagher, Mary
Gallagher, Mary
Gallagher, Susan
Gallagher, Thomas
Garden, Susan
Garey, Alden
Garey, Benjamin
Garey, James
Garey, Lorenzo
Garey, Nancy G.
Garrison, Archibald
Garrison, Esther
Garrison, George
Garrison, Isaiah
Garrison, Jemima
Garrison, John
Garrison, John
Garrison, Leonora
Garrison, William
Garvy, Elizabeth
Garvy, Franklin
Garvy, Hannah J.
Garvy, James
Garvy, John
Garvy, Louisa
Garvy, Lydia A.
Garvy, Sarah
Garvy, William
Gilkey, Ann C.
Gilkey, Avanda
Gilkey, Caroline C.
Gilkey, Edward
Gilkey, Freeman
Gilkey, Freeman
Gilkey, George F.
Gilkey, Harriet A.
Gilkey, Helen
Gilkey, Nathaniel
Gilkey, Sarah L.
Gilkey, Susan J.
Gilkey, William B.
Gilman, Charles
Gilman, Chase
Gilman, Emily F.
Gilman, Emily J.
Gilman, James
Gilman, James
Gilman, Jesse
Gilman, Joshua L.
Gilman, Julia A.
Gilman, Laura
Gilman, Lavona
Gilman, Leonard
Gilman, Mary
Gilman, Mary E.
Gilman, Serena
Gilman, Zebulon
Ginder, Caroline
Ginder, Elizabeth
Ginder, Jacob
Ginder, James, Jr.
Ginder, Jane S.
Ginder, Joseph
Ginder, Mary D.
Ginder, Mary W.
Glener, Mary
Glenn, Catherine
Glenn, David H.
Glenn, Elizabeth A.
Glenn, Francis W.
Glenn, John
Glenn, Mary
Glenn, Robert
Glidden, Charles
Glidden, Charles
Glidden, Llewellen A.
Glidden, Mary E.
Godfrey, James
Godfrey, Julia S.
Godfrey, Mary C.
Godro, Thomas
Gooch, Cutler
Gooch, Mrs. Martha
Goodnough, Almeida
Goodnough, Celia A.
Goodnough, Dorothy
Goodnough, Elias
Goodnough, Jane
Goodnough, Joseph
Goodnough, Joseph, Jr.
Goodnough, Sarah
Goodwin, Asenith J.
Goodwin, James M.
Goodwin, Jane
Gould, Alvin
Gould, Bethelel P.
Gould, Doty B.
Gould, Eliza
Gould, Esther A.
Gould, Geo. P.
Gould, Hiram
Gould, Irene B.
Gould, Isaiah
Gould, Jane
Gould, John
Gould, Mary
Gould, Samuel
Graham, James
Graham, William
Gray, Emma J.
Gray, Henry
Gray, James J.
Gray, Mark
Gray, Mary M.
Gray, Matilda
Gray, Robert
Gray, Robert J.
Gray, Thaddeus
Green, Alden A.
Green, Betsey
Green, Caroline
Green, Catherine A.
Green, Geo. G.
Green, Jonathan H.
Green, Levi
Green, Lucy H.
Green, P. Amanda
Green, Rest
Guinon, Alonzo

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