Locations (Localités)

Below is a list of the locations identified in the census under the column "Localités", first in the original French, then in English translation, with the page numbers on which they occur. The last column is a description of where these places are located in terms of today's place names. I've based this on an 1877 map of Van Buren Plantation, Cyr Plantation and Hamlin Plantation that includes property lots and names of owners.

Localité English pages Location today (in order of 1872 census)
Section de Violet Book (Violet Brook Section) pp.488-495  
Section des Lignes du Grand Sault the roads of Great Falls section pp.500-502  
Concession des Bonifaces Boniface Concession pp.502-506  
Section des Madores Madore Section pp.506-508  
Chemin d'Aroostook The Aroostook Road pp.508-517 Now US Route 1, from the southern edge of Cyr Plantation up to about today's Madore Road
Concession Cyr Cyr Concession p.517  
Concession de l'Eglise ou Levasseur The Church or Levasseur Concession pp.517-522  
2de Concession de l'Eglise The Second Church Concession pp.522-523  
Concession de Violet the Violet Concession pp.523-525  
2de Concession de Violet 2nd Violet Concession p.525  
Concession des Parents ou Daigle Parent or Daigle Concession pp.525-528  
Grand Chemin depuis le bas de la paroisse jusqu'à la Vieille Eglise Main highway from the end of the parish up to the Old Church pp.528-529 This section begins at the home of J. Grenier, which is at the southeastern tip of Hamlin Plantation, and continues up along what is now Route 1A, which was at that time called the "Grand Chemin", or main highway.
Suite du Grand Chemin Continuing along the main highway pp.530-557 Continuation of Route 1A, turns into what is today Route 1, continuing up to the border with Grand Isle.

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