Allagash Plantation
(formerly Number 17, Ranges 10 and 11, and Number 16, Ranges 10 and 11)

"Settled primarily by English, formerly Townships Nos. 16 and 17, Ranges 10 and 11. Organized June 24, 1886, named from the Allagash River. Main industry is lumber." Maine Register State Year Book, p.314.

"The first settlers [of Allagash] pushed up the St.John from the Maritime Provinces, seeking land and a new life. English, Scotch-Irish, Irish, they chose the spot where the tumbling Allagash River joined the St.John and formed a tight little English-speaking island in the land of the Acadian French. 'Moosetowners' they were called by outsiders...

The first of these Allagash people came from then Baie Chaleur. In the van were the Gardners who poled their laden boats up the St.John in the second decade of the last century. When they found the valley taken up by the Acadians, they pushed on to the mouth of the Allagash and settled on a river island as protection against the hunting wolf packs that infested the region. ... At the front line on the rivers were Allagsh men, the Gardners, Moores, Kelleys, McBreairtys, Walkers, Haffords, Jacksons."Dietz, The Allagash, pp.189-190.

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