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Bailey Mitchell wrote his recollection of the early days of settlement of Eaton Grant, Plymouth Plantation, Lyndon, and the surrounding communities. They were published in the Aroostook Republican in 1908 and 1909.

Around 1840 the first settlers built a church, which was small, simple, and humble, built of rough boards, with its roof covered with shaved shingles. It was located on the Boulier Hill, one and one-half miles from Fort Fairfield on the Caribou Road. This was the first Catholic Church in the vicinity, attended by the pioneers, most of whom came from Ireland and settled along the Aroostook River years before Township designations.

As the population grew, the little church became too small for all the worshippers and it became necessary to move the church closer to the center of the settlement it was moved up river two miles and within one-quarter mile of the town line between what is now Fort Fairfield and Caribou, adjoining the cemetery. The church was repaired, a steeple added, new windows and doors, rough board seats, a desk, and a cross beside the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary. All of this was made possible through the efforts of Dennis Hale and William Haley who traveled up and down the Aroostook River soliciting help to rebuild the church on land donated by Mr. Haley and Mr. Patrick Findlen. The pioneers, with little or no money, donated their labor, boards, shingles and nails. David Parks did the carpenter work and Betsy Somers Shea held a quilt sale to help furnish the interior of the little church.

Many Protestants along the river, the Waltons, the Whitnecks, the Thompsons, the Keanes, the Wings, Wark and the Kelleys, contributed material and labor in rebuilding the church. Jonas Whitnect, a Protestant, built the desk, chair, and the altar. Mr. Mitchell wrote that it was a fine piece of workmanship. The Protestants worshipped at this church and were baptized there, as there was no other church near them. Many of the pioneers who settled in this area, endured the strife and hardships of the wilderness, now rest in peace in the cemetery next to the church that they attended. After many years, the Knights of Columbus of St. Denis Church, Fort Fairfield, took it upon their organization to erect a beautiful sign, repair broken tombstones, and maintain this peaceful cemetery for our loved ones.

Note: The following listing of the deceased buried in the First St. Denis Cemetery includes only those with tombstones. Unfortunately church records were lost to fire at another St. Denis Church in Fort Fairfield on
May 8, 1930.

George Parker	                 Died:  4/1/1905 at 72 years
Anna Parker (wife)		       Died:  9/22/1895 at 65 years 
Son (note: no name)	                 Died:  5/25/1902 at 4 yrs. 11 mos.

Margaret B. daughter of 	       Died:  12/11/1902 at 5 mos.     
John and Jane Malloy		“Baby we miss thee”

Robert Cunningham	                 Died:  11/30/1895 @ 84 yrs.
Mary A. (wife)		       Died:  5/15/1908 at 89 yrs.

Children of M.N. & Thressa Nichols
Martin Lee			        Died: 4/18/1891 at 8 mos and 5 days
John R.			        Died:  9/4/1895 at 4 mos.
Gertrude M.			        Died:  1/13/1889 at 11 days

William Upton		        Died:  5/12/1864 at 64 years
  Native of Sheffield, NB	“Let all who have Gods goodness proofd
				Still in his truth confide
				Whose mercy neer forsook the man
				That on his truth relied.” 

William Haley			Born:  4/22/1826 		Died:  4/11/1891
  Native Enniscorthy, Wexford Co. Ireland	“May he rest in peace”
Rosanna, his wife		Born:  3/29/1826		Died:  9/20/1905

John S. McKenney		Died:  3/18/1903 at 36 yrs. 1 mo.

Theresa, daughter of		No dates
Martha Nichols

Bridget, wife of		Died:  2/26/1901 at 82 yrs
James McNamee
Daughter of 
John & Phobe McNamee	Died:  5/16/1900 at 16 yrs.

James Kelley			Died:  5/3/1896 at 72 years
  A native of Donegal, Ireland

William Kelley (son)		Died:  3/29/1892 at 18 yrs. 5 mos.

Patrick McShea		Died:  4/23/1889 at 70 yrs. 1 mo.
Sarah (wife)			Died:  7/12/1896 at 75 yrs.
Ellen (daughter		Died:  1/16/1858 at 13 yrs.
Owen (son)			Died:  1/17/1858 at 9 yrs.
Owen 				Died:  2/28/1883 at 75 yrs.

James Mulloy			Died:  10/20/1898 at 84 yrs. 4 mos.
  “Requiescat in pace”
Catherine (wife)		Died:  2/1/1894 at 72 yrs. 6 mos.
John (son)			Died:  1/28/1882 at 28 yrs.

Thomas Malloy		Died:  12/27/1834 at 78 yrs.
  Native of Wexford Ireland      “Requiescat at pace”
Edward (son)			Died:  8/26/1862 at 9 yrs.
Mark (son)			Died:  8/29/1892 at 4 yrs.
Mary (daughter)		Died:  11/7/1862 at 3 yrs.

Mary wife of			Died: 10/30/1903 at 22 yrs.
John Levesque			“Rest in peace”

Michael McKenney		Died:  4/10/1888 at 74 yrs.
  Co. E 15th ME Inf.
Mary (wife)			Died: 9/23/1898 at 80 yrs.

Children of William and Lucy McKenney:
John W. (son)			Died:  11/21/1901 at 14 yrs. 6 mos.
Archie (son)			Died:  1/29/1888 at 5 weeks
Dewey (son)			Died:  11/16/1899 at 14 mos.

Rosanna A. wife of		Died: 7/22/1891 at 36 yrs. 11 days 4 mos.	
Michael Findlen

Jane E. wife of			Died:  9/22/1895 at 29 yrs.
Elephalet Watson

Katie A. wife of		Died:  11/14/1897 at 40 yrs 17 days 1 mo.
Michael McLaughlin

Ellen Lundy wife of		      Died:  9/15/1895 @ 42 yrs. 8 mos. 25 days
John Lundy

William E. Lundy		      Born:  4/25/1872		Died:  7/25/1903

Ella M. Fraser daughter of	      Died:  7/6/1901 at 27 yrs.
John & Ellen Lundy

Thomas A. Lundy		      Died:  1/29/1895 at 36 yrs
				“Rest in Peace”
Also infant son

“In memory of Ann, wife of Patrick Findlen who died 5/13/1886 at 70 yrs.
May her soul rest in peace”
“In memory of Patrick Findlen who died 7/13/1860 age 48 yrs.
May his soul rest in Peace”

Mary J. wife of		Died:  10/25/1880 at 22 yrs. 6 mos. 16 days
Joseph Findlen

Mother, Ann wife of		Born:  1/19/1849		Died:  5/16/1914
Thomas Daley			“Rest in Peace”

In Memory of Michael Russell native of Tipperary Co Ireland	Died:  12/20/1866 at 85 yrs
				“Rest in peace”
In Memory Patrick, son of John & Sarah Russell	Died:  8/18/1865 at 18 yrs. 6 mos.

Children of Michael & Maggie McCarty
Charlie				Died:  2/13/1881 at 11 mo
Helen				Died:  8/10/1883 at 9 mos.

Charles McCarron		Died:  12/26/1892 at 70 yrs.
Jane McCarron		Died:  10/22/1901 at 75 yrs.
Children of Charles & Jane McCarron
Lizzie				Died:  2/16/1885 at 20 yrs
Ada				Died:  6/11/1881 at 10 yrs
Catharine daughter of		Died:  9/15/1885 at 28 yrs.	
Charles & Jane McCarron

In memory of John Dorsey born 1790 in Ireland died 1845 in Fort Fairfield, 3rd settler in 1820
Edward Dorsey		Died:  3/9/1876 at 51 yrs 11 mo 27 days
				“Farewell my wife and children all,
				From you a father Christ doth call				
                                        Mourn not for me it is in vein
                                        To call me to your sight again.”
                                            “May he rest in peace”
Hannah Doyle, his wife	Died:  2/20/1917 at 87 yrs. 8 mos
George W.			Died:  1/4/1916 at 50 years 2 mos
Jeremiah			Died:  8/20/1864 at 8 weeks
Annie M.			Died:  10/2/1884 at 16 yrs. 1 mo 7 da
Eva E. daughter of		Died:  1/28/1898 at 3 yrs 2 mos. 1 day
Miles F. & Mary A Dorsey	“Weep not father and mother for me
				For I am waiting in glory for thee”	

Hannah M. wife of		Died:  2/3/1890 at 36 yrs. 2 mos. 21 da
S.L. Colbath
Children of Hannah M. & S.L. Colbath
Annie M.			Died:  5/18/1886 at 3 mos. 2 da
Eddie D.			Died:  7/15/1887 at 4 mos. 5 da.
Mary E.			Died:  7/6/1883 at 1 yr. 1 mo. 6 da

Peter Bishop, Jr.		Died:  12/30/1878 at 12 yrs.

Mary, daughter of		Died:  4/18/1877 at 6 yr. 6 mo
Octave & Matilda Sirois

Nellie M. wife of		Died:  3/1/1888 at 19 yrs 10 mos.
Augustine McConville

Myrtle J. daughter of		Died:  7/3/1887 at 11 yr 11 mo 15 da.
Arden & Mary Hale
Dennis Hale			Died:  9/17/1881 at 93 yrs.
Moria, his wife		Died:  5/20/1871 at 78 yrs.

James Shea			Died:  5/28/1880 at 69 yr.
Elizabeth, wife of James Shea	Died:  4/21/1905 at 80 yrs

Paric McCaron		Died:  6/28/1902 at 42 yrs

William Lundy		Died:  11/28/1872 at 56 yrs
Co. G 15th ME Inf..
Sarah, his wife			Died:  9/29/1889 at 59 yr.
William Lundy, Jr.		Died:  6/5/1873 at 24 yrs.

Dennis Sughrue		Died:  2/10/1874 at 84 yrs.
G. Frederic, his son		Died:  5/2/1856 at 10 yrs. 

In Memory of John Doyle	Died:  10/14/1866 at 29 yrs 11 mo
James Doyle			Died:  10/10/1893 at 64 yrs 3 mo 24 da
Edward Doyle			Died:  10/7/1885 at 53 yrs 9 mo
Margaret, wife of 		Died:  8/30/1880 at 8/30/1880 at 80 yrs 2 mo
Edward Doyle, Sr.

Phoebe wife of		             Died:  1/18/1894 at 52 yrs.
Michael Goodine

Isicier Levasseur		Died:  1/6/1894 at 63 yrs.

Annie wife of			Died:  8/20/1894 at 20 yrs.
John Levesque

Daniel Nichols		Born:  1821  		Died:  1907
Elizabeth, his wife		Born:  1837		Died:  1889
Their sons:
John				Born:  1856		Died:  1875
Alexander			Born:  1861		Died:  1877
Robert			          Born:  1868		Died:  1871

James Donevan		Died:  1/18/1859 at 70 yrs.

Thomas McDonald		Died:  4/10/1879 at 78 yrs 11 mo

Alice, his wife			Died:  11/20/1862 at 48 yrs.
“Also twin infants”

Mary Agnes, daughter of	          Died:  10/26/1894 at 19 yrs 6 mo
James & Mary Murphy			
James Murphy			Died:  5/11/1881 at 57 yrs
Edward Murphy		Died:  10/17/1855 at 74 yrs
George T. son of		Died:   6/4/1874 at 4 wks
James & Mary Murphy
Mary, wife of			Died:  1/9/1905 at 77 yrs. 3 mos
James Murphy

Deno, wife of			Died:  6/12/1862 at 27 yrs 2 mos 24 da
E F Jones

John, son of			Died:  6/7/1884 at 11 yr 7 da
Thomas & Torsey Boulier

Felix, son of			Died:  10/8/1853 at 19 yr  9 mo
Thomas & Mary Boulier

William Gahagan		Died:  6/11/1853 at 1 yr 3 mo.
Catharine Gahagan		Died:  1/9/1869 at 6 yr.
Patrick Gahagan		Died:  10/20/1869 at 5 mos.
Margaret Gahagan		Died:  12/10/1874 at 11 yrs.
Rose Ann Gahagan		Died:  12/18/1874 at 2 yrs. 6 mos.
Owen Gahagan		Died:  9/15/1860 at 66 yrs
John Gahagan			Died:  1/15/1853 at 21 yrs.
Bridget Gahagan		Died:  4/18/1857 at 22 yrs.

Patrick Meagher		Born:  1820		Died:  1894
Mary, his wife			Born:  1830		Died:  1903
Ella J. their daughter		Born:  1866		Died:  1887

Edward McNamara		Died:  2/14/1867 at 60 yrs
Catharine, his wife		Died:  11/21/1881 at 63 yrs
Edward, their son		Died:  5/21/1908 at 50 yrs.

Patrick, son of			Died:  7/16/1879 at 2 yrs 5 mos
Charles & Annie Russell

Anthany, son of		Died:  9/15/1872 19 yrs
Francis & Harriet Boulier

Mary, daughter of		Died:  2/12/1879 at 5 yrs 2 mos
Emma Nedau

In memory of Marshall Levesque	Died:  10/20/1906

In memory of Elizabeth Levesque	Died:  2/10/1896

Children of James & Edith White
Frank				Died:  10/10/1898 at 4 yrs 4 mos 19 da
Bert				Died:  11/18/1898 at 3 mo 18 da

Frank Dewey			Died:  2/20/1900  4 days

John Morrow			Died:  8/11/1903 at 70 yr 3 mo 18 da
Mandest, his wife		Died:  11/11/1889 at 46 yr 3 mo 8 da

Emmonds Woodard		Died:  9/19/1883 at 2 mo 27 da
Wallace Woodard		Died:  10/4/1885 at 11 mo 10 da

Alex Morrow			Died:  12/10/1881 at 12 yr 11 mo 10 da
Isabel Morrow			Died:  11/28/1881 at 3 yr 2 mo 16 da
Martha Jane Morrow		Died:  12/24/1881 at 7 yr 11 mo 9 da

Victoria Holt			Died:  9/18/1896 at 20 yr 3 mo 18 da

Patrick Gormley		Died:  1/9/1893 at 81 yr 8 mos

Michael Somers		Died:  10/10/1853 at 65 yrs
Nancy, his wife		Note:  tombstone broken/repaired - dates missing
James Somers			Died:  3/15/1860
Nicholas Somers		Died:  11/14/1864 at 35 yrs died in Salisbury Prison, NC (Civil War)
				“Requiescat in pace”

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