St.John Plantation, also known as Township No.17, Range 8


St.John Plantation is located between the townships of Fort Kent and St. Francis Plantation. Among its earliest settlers were lumbermen from the Kennebec valley.

The parish of St.John Vianney in St.John Pltn. was established as a parish in 1930; the church building on the the National Register of Historic Sites.

Below is a map of owners of land in the western part of St.John Plantation, with names of owners (click for enlarged view).

Click on the map for an enlarged view
L. Duperries F. Harvey R. Bran Land owners in St.Francis Plt.

Below is a notice from the St.John Historical Society, from the St.John Valley Times (Jan. 17, 2007):

The St.John Historical Society, in conjunction with the St.John Vianney Parish, is in search of information about the following local families from the St.John Parish from the late 1800s and later:

The society will also accept old photographs of the interior of the St.John Catholic Church. All contributed photos will be returned.

For more information contact Fern Jandreau at 834-3506 or email:

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