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If you are experiencing problems while visiting this site, please check the following settings on your browser.


JavaScript must be enabled in your browser preferences for the site to work correctly. (In Firefox: Tools, Options, Content, Enable Javascript).


A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer. On this site cookies are used only in the forum (to remember the threads that you have visited, and to allow you to log into the forum in order to post), and in the various database searches, to verify that you are searching from this site.

Please be sure that your browser preferences are set to "enable cookies" for this site. If not, those functions won't work properly. (In Firefox: Tools, Options, Privacy, Cookies. If you usually block cookies, please put in the box under "exceptions".)

Popup windows

In Firefox you can tell the browser which sites you would like to allow to use popup windows. Please either turn off your popup window blocker, or else add to your list of allowed sites. (In Firefox: Tools, Options, Content, Block Popup Windows. If you want to block most popups but allow those at this site, include in the Allowed sites box.)


If you have any technical problems while visiting this website, please let me know!

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