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Hilarion Daigle is the grandson of Joseph-Simon Daigle, one of the Daigles who was expelled from their home in Acadia by the British in 1755 and the founder of the Daigle family in the upper St.John River valley.

Although the third generation of Daigles in the upper St.John valley, Hilarion established the Daigle family in the western reaches of the Madawaska settlement, in today's St. Francis, New Brunswick.

Background: How Daigles came to Madawaska

After escaping British troops in 1755 with parents and brother Jean-Baptiste, and finding refuge in Quebec, Joseph-Simon and his brother returned to Acadia and settled on the St. John river at Ste-Anne's, not far from today's Fredericton, around 1769. In a survey of the inhabitants of the St.John River valley undertaken in 1783 by Maj. Guilford Studholm on behalf of the provincial government, Joseph appears with his wife and 4 children; they had been settled there for 14 years, that is, since 1769. He was listed as express mail carrier.

When the British began settling Loyalists along the St.John after 1783, the Daigles and other Acadian refugees moved once again.  While Jean-Baptiste moved to the Nipisiguit River in northeastern New Brunswick, Joseph and his family, along with other Acadian families, moved to the Madawaska settlement in about 1785, and in 1787 received a grant of land from the British government on the upper St.John.

Hilarion Daigle

Joseph's son Jean-Baptiste settled in the area near the Green River.  Jean-Baptiste was the father of Hilarion, who was born in May of 1796.  It was Hilarion who moved from the family home, near the Green River, further west to the mouth of what is now called Baker Brook, in what is now St.Francis, New Brunswick, thus establishing the Daigles in the the western reaches of the settlement.

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Bullet The earliest discovered Daigle (Daigre) ancestor, Olivier DAIGRE, born in 1643 in France, immigrated in 1663 to Acadia.
Bullet The earliest discovered Ayotte (Hayot) ancestor, Thomas HAYOT, born about 1609 in Mortagne, Perche, France.

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