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Pierre DUBE Hortense ROY Ste-Luce Frenchville Ft.Kent

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PostPosted: 04 Aug 2005 18:21    Post subject: Pierre DUBE Hortense ROY Ste-Luce Frenchville Ft.Kent Reply with quote

(Febuary 5, 2018 I am editing and updating this post)
Am seeking more information and connections to this couple and their children:

Pierre DUBE b. 12 APR 1822 • Ste Anne, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
m. 11 May 1846 Ste-Luce
Artimese/Hortense ROY (dit Desjardins / dit Voisine) b. 23 APR 1827 • St Louis, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada

I descend via this couple's first born child, also named Hortense/Artimese Baptised: March 27, 1847
Hortense Dube
Daughter of Pierre Dubé and Hortense Roy
Born and baptised in Frenchville, St. Luce
Rapheal Roy and Louise Caron Lebel
Fr. Henri Dionne officiating

And further via her illegitimate son known as Thomas, born 24 July 1870 although baptized simply as Joseph at Ste-Luce

Child: Joseph Dubé
Mother: Hortense Dubé
Father: "ILL"
Date: Baptised on July 27, 1870
Sponsers: Pierre Dubé and Locadé Labrie
Officiating: Fr. Sweron
Place: Ste. Luce, Frenchville, Aroostook County, Maine

Hortense's father was named Pierre, however she also had a younger brother named Pierre, so it is unfortunately unknown which Pierre was the godfather/sponsor of my grandfather, however I suspect it was her younger brother. The Locade Labrie listed as godmother/sponsor was either then, or later to become, Hortense's aunt by marriage to Pierre's (Sr.) brother, her uncle Prudent DUBE. Leocade was only about 5 years Hortense's senior and quite a bit younger than her husband, Prudent, if census records are accurate.

According to census records, Hortense (my great-grandmother) had quite a number of younger brothers and sisters. I would like to find a link to some living relatives connected via this family. In spite of having researched I have yet to find much recorded for, and yet to make any connections to these siblings' descendents. (I have since originally posting, found some further information and links, but still as yet no connections to living cousins)

Hortense (my ggrandmother) was the eldest child of Pierre and Artimese Roy DUBE. Next in line was a brother Joseph. I believe I found a record for a marriage between himself and Georgina MARQUIS, 25 April 1871, and another later between himelf and a Josephine BARD 27 August 1894, both in Frenchville. I have no knowledge of any children from either of these unions.

Next younger of Hortense's siblings was Pierre, whom I take to be my grandfather's godfather. And younger than him, according to combined records of census and Cote's book, are 7 or 8 other siblings. I know nothing of any of them.

I have found a listing in the Census of 1900 at Ft.Kent, for a Peter DUBE aged 82, born Aug 1817, with wife Mary, aged 40, born Sept 1859, married 5 years according to her entry (and his entry first has 50 then crossed out and 5 written over). This Peter's age and birth year seem to correlate to my great-great-grandfather's dates. The length of time married, first listed erroneously at 50 years would also closely approximate and at his age, he was likely a widower when he married "Mary" 5 years before the census. She is listed as wife, and 5 years married, otherwise I would have taken this Mary to be his daughter, since he did have a daughter of about that age named Mary. ( I have found marriage record)

My Hortense later had another child named Joseph Boucher in 1885, by a man Francois Xavier Boucher, who is assumed her husband since when she died in April 1919 in Fort Kent her record lists her as Hortense BOUCHER, and gives correct DUBE parentage. But nothing else has been found for this union. I am very much interested in this coupling. Even after years of search, no record of marriage or anything about this person. Joseph Boucher's birth record is by affidavit as late as 1940, in which it states he was born in Grand Isle. However he was married in Frenchville in 1905 and on that record he states he was born in Green River, NB. I strongly suspect the affidavit record was an imaginative creation to prove US citizenship for purposes of Social Security, because it is solely based on "witness testimony" based on supposed long acquaintance with the individual and not by officials who might have been present at birth or baptism.

(Interesting to me is that, Hortense seems to have disappeared from about 1870, the birth of Thomas/Joseph, but shows up again to die in Fort Kent in 1919. Yet her other son, Joseph Boucher, as referenced above, had come to Frenchville/Fort Kent and was married there in 1905 and raised his family and died thereabouts (Eagle Lake?) She is not in the 1910 census that I have found, yet her son is, and she dies there in 1919. There is no proof but my mother who has since died, back when I first started researching and who had always known that her father was "illegitimate" told me that there was a suggestion of incest, presumably by her own father. There was no proof of that, and the principals had long died. However, Thomas was raised as the youngest child of Pierre Dube and his wife Artemise Roy Dube, and therefore as the youngest brother to his mother, Hortense, who was that couple's eldest child. I suggested to my mother that, because he was raised to believe that she was his sister, the details when later they came out became confused possibly by himself, but certainly by others. However, I suppose it could be fact that her father raped her, but in thinking about this for years, I have come to the conclusion that that is not likely. Whoever was Thomas's actual bio father remains unknown, and that knowledge went to the grave with Hortense long ago.

Hortense's father Pierre's parents, also Pierre, and Theotiste Pelletier married in 1819, and through the published sources, I could link him to his father, Joseph-Francois, and then on back to Jean DUBE and Renee SUZANNE which was great fun, but I would very much like to expand the branches from the last half of the 1800s in the Frenchville/Ft.Kent area or wherever they went.

Incidentally, published sources which I've followed seem to quite clearly connect the very fruitful Germaine DUBE of further east in the SJV back to Jean DUBE via a different line, not closely connected to my Pierre.

So if anyone has any info or suggestions to expand my knowledge of Pierre's branch, I would appreciate contact.

Thanks very much for those who did respond to this post back when originally made!

Researching: Dube, Plourde, Roy (Voisin), Thibodeau, Marquis, Levesque, Lacroix, Boucher

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PostPosted: 29 Jun 2008 15:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello John
I am not related, I just have this information available.

Pierre Dube was buried 2/23/1907 - Frenchville age 92
Hortense Roy was buried 10/12/1886 - Frenchville age - 59
Have 5 other births of these two, if interested

But my ancestors of Pierre Roy are different from yours

SOURCE - Frenchville film

milan miller
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