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New information on Jean Baptiste Godin parents

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PostPosted: 06 Apr 2008 15:09    Post subject: New information on Jean Baptiste Godin parents Reply with quote

Godin Jean Baptiste of Drummond, New Brunswick
Jean Baptiste Godin h/o Elizabeth Louise Mazerolle
Jean Baptiste Godin s/o Prisque Godin and Marie Legris
Jean Baptiste Godin s/o Michel Godin and Helene Hache

We are talking about three different men.

Jean Baptiste Godin h/o Elizabeth Louise Mazerolle
Jean Baptiste Godin s/o Prisque Godin and Marie Legris
1. Jean Baptiste (h/o Mazerolle) was born in N.B. around 1800 according to census records and his death record. Jean Bte (s/o Prisque) was born around 1777 in Point-Aux-Trembles.
2. Jean Baptiste (h/o Mazerolle) died in 1892 in Drummond the record states that he was 92 years old. If he was Jean Bte (s/o Prisque) he would have been 115 years old.
3. Jean Baptiste and E.L. Mazerolle married in 1828 in Hautepok, York. Jean Bte (s/o Prisque) and Madeleine Brissette married in 1806 in Maskinonge, Quebec. If this were the same man, he would have been a child at the time of his 1806 marriage. Suzanne Godin parents are Jean Baptiste Godin and Elizabeth Louise Mazerolle, she was baptized in Van Buren on 20 Sept 1843.

Note added about Jean Baptiste Godin s/o Michel Godin and Helena Hache.Michel Godin's son Jean Baptiste married Monique Pinet 18 Nov 1823 at Caraquet, New Brunswick. (Drouin Collection Acadia French Catholic Churchs, Caraquet 1768-1799 page 323). Jean Baptiste Godin and Monique Pinet had many children; I believe the last child born was Octave baptized 18 Dec 1848 (Drouin Collection Acadia French Catholic, Caraquet 1768-1899 page 606).

Here is why I think that Jean Baptiste (h/o Mazerolle) parents are Germain Godin and Catherine Tardif.

1. The missing baptism record. Church services for the area where done by missionaries. These records can be found in Ste. Anne, St Dunstan, St Basile, St Bruno. Germain Godin and Catherine Tardif marriage is recorded in St Basile; they lived in Hautepok, York. There are missing pages in the St Basile parish book. In the early booklet the last record is dated 29 June 1799 and the first record of what is left of the next booklet was dated 30 June 1803. A priest found this in 1880 You can see his note in the Drouin Collection St Basile 1792-1837 page 44. This would explain Jean Baptiste missing baptism record. This would also explain the missing baptism record of Germain and Catherine’s daughter Angelique; researchers have her birth around 1803. (her marriage record have her parents names)
2. In the 1836 baptism record of Jean Baptiste and Elizabeth Mazerolle child Margaret, her godparents were Germain Godin and Marie Lejeune. Marie LeJeune was Elizabeth Mazerolle mother.
3. Two of Germain and Catherine’s sons were married in Van Buren, Paul in 1839 and Joseph in 1843. Jean Bte , Paul and Joseph lived in St Leonard. There is also Peter Godin and Victoria Godin in St Leonard. Was Peter a son of Germain? Note added Oct 12, 2008 Peter/Pierre Godin is the son of Louis Godin and Catherine Poitier; he was born May 25, 1814 and baptized June 1, 1814. Victoria is the daughter of Germain and Catherine Tardif; she was born Oct 1, 1817 and baptized on June 21, 1818. Peter/Pierre Godin and Victoria Godin married Dec 10, 1842 in St Dunstan. They were first cousins; Louis and Germain were brothers. Victoria died on May 14, 1853. Peter married Christy Ann Nadeau Oct 10, 1853 in Van Buren. He then married Adelle Laplant Sept 18, 1854 in Van Buren, this marriage records state that he is a widower and his parents were Louis Godin and Catherine Poitier.
Germain and Catherine grandson Alexander married Ellen Frances Sullivan in Grand Falls.
4. Alexander, Paul, Marie Anne and Joseph, children of Germain and Catherine had named a daughter Suzanne. Jean Baptiste and Elizabeth Mazerolle also named a daughter Suzanne. And Peter Godin of St Leonard named a daughter Suzanne. Did Germain and Catherine have a daughter Suzanne? Who was also missing a baptism record?
5. In the 1891 census, Jean Baptiste is living with his daughter Emily and her husband Henry McQuade. The census states that Jean Baptiste and his father were born in New Brunswick and his mother was born in Quebec. I have found the baptism record of Catherine Tardif; she was baptized in 1779 at St Louis Kamouraska, Quebec.
6. The Victoria Death Registration (Drouin Collection page 202 Line 40) has Jean Baptiste birthplace near F'ton (Fredericton?)
7. My great grandparents Owen Godin and Helena Beaumaster married in 1899. You can see this record in the Drouin Collection; Drummond 1890-1899 page 52 marriage #6. In this record, you will see that they were married with a dispensation of the 3rd to 3rd degree. This means that they are second cousins, sharing a common great grandparent. Chip Gagnon owner of the upperstjohn.com has confirmed this for me.

Second Cousins
Owen Goodine’s Line
Father: Alexander Godin(1841)
Grandfather: Alexander Godin(1805)
Great Grandparents: Germain Godin and Catherine Tardif.

Helena Beaumaster’s Line
Mother: Suzanne Godin
Grandfather: Jean Bte Godin
The third degree means second cousins; the couple shares a common great-grandparent
This would make Germain Godin and Catherine Tardif her great grandparents and Germain and Catherine, Jean Baptiste parents.

upperstjohn.com/steluce/mar riageterms.htm#consanguinity

Consanguinity means being related by blood. The Church considers it an impediment to marriage if two people are related by blood any closer than the fourth degree of consanguinity, that is, if they are third cousins or closer. Couples who were more closely related were able to marry, but only if they received a dispensation. Dispensation for third cousins was quite common, second cousins less so. Dispensations for first cousins were very rare, though there were a few.
In the Ste.Luce parish register the marriage records note whether the couple has received a dispensation from consanguinity, and if so, what the degree of consanguinity is.
• The fourth degree means third cousins; that is, the couple share a common great-great grandparent.
• The third degree means second cousins; the couple share a common great-grandparent.
• The second degree means first cousins; the couple share a common grandparent.
• The first degree means siblings. Siblings are absolutely forbidden to marry by the Church.
Degrees of consanguinity in the parish record are often expressed like this: "dispensation from the third to third" or "third pure" (which means they are second cousins); "fourth to fourth" (third cousins); or "third to fourth" (second cousins once removed).

Update: Through DNA testing its been proven that Alexandre Goodine is the son of Alexandre Goodine and Rosalie Mazerolle.

Note: I am aware someone could question this.
In Owen Goodine line there is the problem with Alexander Goodine and Ellen Frances Sullivan marriage record, their parents are not listed. My great Uncle Lawrence told Anita Goodine that his grandfather was from Kingsclear, York. There were two Alexander Godin's baptized in Kingsclear in 1842, the son of Augustine Godin and Victoria Martin and the son of Alexander Godin and Rosalie Mazerolle.
I had to use the process on elimination, one Alexander left the County of York and the other Alexander married Margaret bef 1869.
In the 1871 census, Kingsclear page 28, line 3, house 98, family 104, there's an Alexander Godin age 31 living with his mother Rosanna and his sisters. Also in Kingsclear page 20, line 4, house 70, family 70, there's the other Alexander Godin age 30 living with his wife Margaret and son Augustine age 2. Augustine was baptized in Sept 1869, Kingsclear. His godfather was Michel Godin and Louise Bourgoine.
In the 1881 census, Drummond, Page 40, Line 11, Family 216, James Sullivan age 62, Alexander Goodine age 36, Ellen age 30, Owen age 2, Thomas age 1. In Kingsclear, Pages 10 and 11, Line 24, Family 36, Alexan Goodine age 44, Margaret age 32, Michel age 12, Dennes L. age 9, Leweser age 7.

In 1869, Alexander Godin and Margaret had a son named Augustin, was he named after Alexander's father?

In 1894, Alexander Goodine and Ellen Frances Sullivan name their only daughter Margaret Rosanna. Margaret is Ellen Frances mother's given name, was Rosanna, Alexander mother's given name?
Another thing about the dispensation, both Owen and Helena had Mazerolle family. However, this would have been a dispensation in the 4th to 4th degree. This means that they are third cousins, sharing a common great great grandparent. Owen, father Alexander (1), grandmother Rosalie Mazerolle, great grandfather Francois Mazerolle, great great grandparents Joseph Mazerolle and Rosalie Thibodeau.

Helena Beaumaster, mother Suzanne Godin, grandmother Elizabeth Louise Mazerolle, great grandfather Jean Bte Mazerolle, great great grandparents Joseph Mazerollle and Rosalie Tibodeau. The marriage should have been had a double dispensation, I think the priest just did the obvious research on this couple; Owen being a Godin and Helena mother being a Godin.

Patty Brown
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