Angélique Gagnon & Bénoni Denis Roy dit Voisine

1. Angélique GAGNON was born on 3 Aug 1821 in La Poctière, Québec, and was baptized the same day at Ste Anne's church. Her godparents were Lambert Lagacé and Geneviève Lavoie (wife of Toussaint Ouellet). The baptismal record notes that her father Prospère was not present at the baptism.

She moved with her parents, sister, and brothers sometime before 1825 to Trois Pistoles, where they were living at the time of the 1825 census. Sometime around 1831 the family moved from Kamouraska, Québec, to the St.John River Valley in what is today Aroostook County, Maine. She appeared in the 1840 US census, in the Madawaska Settlements south of the St.John River, Aroostook County, Maine, in the household of "Prosper Gonyon," and is listed as the one female aged 20-30 living in the household.(153) She appeared in the 1850 US census, as Anelia Voisin, age 29, living in household with Balony Voisin and William (12), John B. (10), Vitel (8), Philomen (7), Jane (6), Teddy (3), and Rose (1). (She and her family seem to be missing from the 1860 census.) She appeared in the 1870 US census of Aroostook County, Maine, in "Dickeyville" (Frenchville), as Angelique King, age 49, born in Canada, living in household with her husband Belony and children Joseph (26), Flavia (22), Baptist (21), Leon (19), Phillip (17), Angelique (16), Mary (15), Beatrice (14) and Claurice (12). (p.60b)

She was married to Bénoni Denis ROY dit VOISINE (son of Jean Raphael ROY dit VOISINE and Marie Louise CARON) on 16 Aug 1841 in St-Basile, New Brunswick. Bénoni Denis ROY dit VOISINE was born on 13 Sep 1818 in Kamouraska, Québec. He took possession of 61.21 acres of land in the "rear lots" of Township 18, Range 5, in 1837.(165) He appeared on the 1870 US census of Aroostook County, Maine, in "Dickeyville," as Belony King, age 53, farmer, with real estate worth $600 and personal estate worth $500, born in Canada, could not read or write, US citizen, living with Angelique and children. (p.60b)

For ancestry of Bénoni Denis ROY dit VOISINE, see website of Ken Roy,at

Angélique GAGNON and Bénoni Denis ROY dit VOISINE had the following children:

(Much of the information on descendants of Angélique Gagnon and Bénoni Roy is thanks to Ralph St.John)

child+2 i. Bénoni ROY.
child+3 ii. Rosalie ROY.
child+4 iii. Joseph ROY.
child+5 iv. Marie ROY dit VOISINE.
child+6 v. Flavie ROY.
child+7 vi. Marceline ROY.
child8 vii. Jean Baptiste ROY was born on 20 Feb 1849.
child+9 viii. Léandre ROY.
child+10 ix. Abraham ROY.
child11 x. Angélique ROY was born on 29 Apr 1852.
child+12 xi. Philippe A. ROY.
child13 xii. Marie Domitilde ROY was born on 31 Mar 1855.
child+14 xiii. Beatrice ROY.
child+15 xiv. Clarisse ROY.
child+16 xv. Adèle ROY.
child17 xvi. Modeste ROY.

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