5. Thomas GAGNON was born on 25 Jun 1823 in Kamouraska, Québec and baptized the same day, as Thomas Jules. His godparents were François Isaac Ouellet, "uncle of the child," and Marie Adélaïde Phocas dite Raymond (wife of Antoine Thériault). The baptismal record notes that his father Prospère was not present at the baptism.

He moved with his parents from Kamouraska to Trois Pistoles sometime before 1825, and then to the Madawaska region around 1831.

According to the 1844 land survey, in 1840 he took possession of 147.31 acres of land in the "rear lots" of Township 18, Range 5 (now Upper Frenchville).(165)

He was married to Marcelline MORIN (daughter of Cyrille MARIN and Marie COULOMBE) on 11 Sep 1848 in Ste-Luce church, Frenchville, Maine, by Fr. Henri Dionne in the presence of Antoine Gagnon, Cyrille Marin and "many others." Dionne noted that the couple did not know how to sign their names.(41) Here is the text of the marriage record from the Ste-Luce parish register (M.14):

Le onze Septembre 1848 après la publication de trois bans de mariage faite aux prônes de nos messes paroisiales entre Thomas Gagnon, cultivateur, fils majeur de défunt Prospère Gagnon et de Marie Anne Ouellette de cette paroise d'une part et Marcelline Marin, fille majeure de Cyrille Marin et défunt Marie Couhombe aussi de cette paroisse d'autre part ne s'etant decouvert aucun empêchement nous prêtre curé sousigné avons reçu leur mutuel consentement et leur avons donné la bénédiction nuptiale en presence d'Antoine Gagnon, de Cyrille Morin et de plusieurs autres qui ainsi que les epouses n'ont su signer. H. Dionne
English translation:
On September 11, 1848, after the publication of three marriage banns at the sermons of our parish masses between Thomas Gagnon, farmer, who is of age and son of the late Prospère Gagnon and of Marie Anne Ouellette of this parish on one part, and Marcelline Marin, who is of age and daughter of Cyrille Marin and the late Marie Couhombe also of this parish on the other part, not having discovered any obstacle, we the undersigned priest and pastor have received their mutual consent and have given them the nuptial blessing in the presence of Antoine Gagnon, Cyrille Morin, and several others who, like the bride and groom, did not know how to sign. H. Dionne

Marcelline MARIN (daughter of Cyrille MARIN and Marie COLOMBE) was born on 2 Jun 1828 in Trois Pistoles, Lower Canada (Québec). She was baptized on 5 Jun at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, Trois Pistoles. Her godparents were Jean Baptiste Malenfant and Marie Françoise Gosselin.

(For some reason, in the baptismal records of her children baptized in Trois-Rivières and Montreal, and in her burial record in Montreal, her last name is given as Pouliot.)

Thomas and Marcelline appeared on the 1850 US Census in Madawaska Plantation, Maine, as Thomas Gormeu, 24 years old, laborer, born in Maine, and Marcelline Gormeu, 20 years old, born in Canada, couldn't read or write.(40)

Thomas GAGNON and Marcelline MARIN had the following children:

child25 i. Marie Marcelline GAGNON was born on 20 Jul 1850 in Frenchville, Maine. She was baptized on 25 Jul 1850 in Ste-Luce church, Frenchville, Maine. (43) Her godparents were Cyrille Marin and Marie Anne Ouellette (her maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother).
child26 ii. Michel GAGNON was born on 7 Apr 1852 in Frenchville, Maine. He was baptized on 10 Apr 1852 in Ste-Luce church, Frenchville, Maine. (32) His godparents were Antoine Gagnon and Hortense Dionne (his paternal uncle and his wife). Michel GAGNON died on 29 Jul 1906 in Montréal, and was buried on 31 Jul 1906 at Notre Dame Basilica.
child27 iii. Sophie GAGNON was born on 26 Sep 1854 in Frenchville, Maine. She was baptized on 27 Sep 1854 in Ste-Luce church, Frenchville, Maine. (44) Her godparents were François Michaud and More Lebel. She died on 16 Feb 1860 and was buried on 18 Feb in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. She is described as being 5 years and 4 months old, daughter of Thomas, "journalier" (day laborer) and of Marcelline Pouliot, "of this parish." Present at the burial were listed Thomas Gagnon and Léandre Cadieux.

Sometime after Sophie's birth, the family moved from what is now Frenchville back to Lower Canada (Québec). The 1901 census indicates that the family moved back to Quebec in 1855. By 1857 they were living in Trois-Rivières, where their daughter Marie-Anne was born in October of that year. They were still in Trois-Rivières at the time of their daughter Sophie's death in June 1860.

They family moved to Montréal sometime in 1860-61, probably before May 1861 -- Thomas does not show up in Lovell's directory of Montreal until the 1861/62 edition, which was published in May 1861. Their daughter Elisabeth's birth does not seem to be listed in the Trois-Rivières parish register, so it is possible that she was born in Montréal, though I have not yet found a record of her baptism. (Update: I've managed to locate that baptismal record, she was baptized in February 1860 in Trois-Pistoles.)

Thomas is listed as a laborer until the 1865/66 edition, when he is listed as a watchmaker.

Thomas and Marcelline had the following children after their move back to Quebec:

child iv. Marie Anne GAGNON was born on 18 Oct 1857, and was baptized the following day at the Cathedral of the Assumption, Immaculée-Conception parish, in Trois-Rivières. In her baptismal record her father Thomas is described as a "journalier" (day laborer); her mother is listed as Marcelline Pouliot, and both are described as "of this parish." Her godparents were Narcisse Duval and Hortense Labrie. [source: Parish register, folio 68, verso; B.246]
child v. Marie Elisabeth (Élise) GAGNON.
child vi. Charles GAGNON was born on 2 Dec 1863 in Montréal, and was baptized on 6 Dec at Notre Dame Basilica. His godparents were Charles Dauphin and Delia Desjardins. He died on 16 May 1892, and was buried on 18 May at Notre Dame. In his burial record he is described as a "briquetier," brick-maker.
child vii. Délia GAGNON was born 6 Nov 1867 in Montréal, and was baptized on 19 Nov at Notre Dame Basilica. Her godparents were Octave Dussault and Flavie Bell.
child viii. Marie Séraphine Graziella GAGNON was born on 12 Aug 1871 in Montréal, and was baptized on the following day at Notre Dame Basilica. Her godparents were Magloire Letourneau and Marie Olive Boisvert. She died on 19 Aug 1874, and was buried the following day at Notre Dame.

At the time of the 1871 Census of Canada, the family was living in Montréal, in St. Mary's Ward. Thomas is listed as "Horrias", age 48, "horlogier" (clockmaker), living at 115 rue Seaton with wife Marceline, age 42 (neither of whom could read or write), as well as Marie, 21; Michel, 18, listed as "journalier" or day laborer; Annie, 13; Elise, 11; Charles, 7; and Délia, 3. All of them are listed as born in Quebec [1871 census of Canada, Québec, census place: 04, Ste-Marie Ward c, Montreal 105, Quebec, page 198, lines 5-12, house number 544, family number 853]

At the time of the 1881 Census of Canada, the family was living in Montréal, in St. Mary's Ward. Thomas was working as a clock or watch maker, and daughter Marie as a dress maker:

1881 Census of Canada
                Marital         Ethnic 
 Name           Status  Gender  Origin   Age    Birthplace  Occupation  Religion
 Thomas GAGNON       M  Male    French   58     Quebec      Horlegier   Catholique 
 Marceline GAGNON    M  Female  French   48     Quebec                  Catholique 
 Marie GAGNON           Female  French   30     Quebec      Couturier   Catholique 
 Michel GAGNON          Male    French   28     Quebec                  Catholique 
 Anne GAGNON            Female  French   23     Quebec                  Catholique 
 Elise GAGNON           Female  French   21     Quebec                  Catholique 
 Charles GAGNON         Male    French   17     Quebec                  Catholique 
 Delia GAGNON           Female  French   13     Quebec                  Catholique 

Source Information:
  	Census Place 	Ste-Mary's Ward, Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
 	Family History Library Film  	1375855
 	NA Film Number  	C-13219
 	District 90, Sub-district G, Division 7, Page Number 22, Household Number 127

(found at the online Census Records Search, FamilySearch.org)

In the 1891 census of Canada, the family is still in St.Mary's ward, and includes the widowed Elise and her son Edouard:

Name Sex Age M'd Relship Birth ---------------------------------------------- Gagnon Thomas M 68 M -- Que Gagnon Marcelline F 60 M e. Que Gagnon Marie F 40 fl. Que Gagnon Michel M 38 f. Que Gagnon Anne F 32 fl Que Gagnon Elise F 28 fl. Que Gagnon Charles M 25 f. Que Gagnon Delia F 22 fl. Que Arcand Edward M 9 grfls Que
[source: 1891 census, Quebec, Montréal East, district 172, Subdistrict 100, page 17, April 9 (p.468 in Drouin collection Quebec-Montréal Centre - Ste Marie Ward)]

Thomas GAGNON died in 1891, sometime after April 9th (the date of the 1891 census). I have not been able to locate a burial record for him. But the last edition of Lovell's he appears in is the 1889/90; in the 1890/91 edition Marcelline is listed as a widow.

By the time of the 1901 Census of Canada, Charles was deceased, and Elise had left the household. Still living with their mother were Marie, who was working in a tobacco factory 12 months, for wages of $175; Michel, who worked in a tobacco factory for one month out of the previous year, for wages of $35; Anne, working as a dressmaker in a factory, for wages of $200 over ten months; and Délia, working in a tobacco factory twelve months, earning $250 over the course of the year. Marie and Michel were the only ones who knew English.

1901 census:
            Fam.                                         Mo/Day             Where Rur/ When                                         Mos.  Annual          Mother
Page  Line  No. Name             Sex   Relship   Mar'd   Birth    Year  Age Born  Urb  Ar'd Rel    Prof         Status              Emp'd Earning R W E F Lang.
1     39    6  Gagnon Marceline  F     Chef      V       Jun 2    1830  70  Q     R         CathR   --                                                  X Fran
1     40    6 	Gagnon Marie      F     Fille     C       Jul 20   1850  50  EU         1855   "    ouv en tabac employee in factory  12    175    X X X X  "
1     41    6 	Gagnon Michel     M     Fils      C       Apr 8    1852  48  EU         1855   "    ouv en tabac    "       "          1     35    X   X X  "
1     42    6 	Gagnon Anne       F     Fille     C       Oct 19   1857  43  Q     U           "    couturière      "       "         10    200    X X   X  "
1     43    6 	Gagnon Dhélia     F     Fille     C       Nov 6    1867  33  Q     U           "    ouv en tabac    "       "         12    250    X X   X  "

1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict: Sainte-Marie (Ward/Quartier), MONTRÉAL (City/Cité)/178, QUEBEC
District Number: 178
Subdistrict Number: a-58
Archives Microfilm: T-6537

From Automated Genealogy 1901 Census Indexing Project
Image of census return from 1901 with this family:

It is unclear why Michel only worked for one month; he is not listed as having any infirmities; also interesting is that he could read but could not write.

Marcelline MARIN died on 29 Jul 1906, and was buried on 31 Jul 1906 at Notre Dame Basilica in Montréal. She died and was buried on the same day as her son Michel.

Now I would like to find out how and when they moved from Frenchville to Trois-Rivières and then to Montréal, as well as why. Also, why is Marcelline Marin's maiden name listed as Pouliot in the Trois-Rivières and Montréal records?

If you have any information on this family of Thomas and Marcelline Gagnon of Montréal, please contact me!

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