Map of the region around La Gagnonnière

Below is a map of the region of Tourouvre in Perche.  To the right of Tourouvre is "Ste-Anne", and just to the left of Ste Anne is the notation "Gag" which is circled in blue.  That is the location of La Gagnonnière.  Just to the north of Ste Anne is La Ventrouze, the location of the church at which some of the Gagnon brothers were baptized.

(click on map for enlarged view).

map of tourouvre

Map reproduced from Cahiers Percherons, 2e trimestre, 1974, numéro spécial: "Le Perche des Canadiens," by Pierre Montagne (Associations des amis du Perche, Perche-Canada et Québec-Perche).

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