Gardhouse ancestors

To date I have not been able to identify the parents of Robert Gardhouse (m. Jane Maudlin) or of John Gardhouse (m. Jane Railton). These two are the forefathers of the Gardhouses who moved to Upper Canada (Ontario) in the early 1800s.

I have found some information on earlier Gardhouses in Cumberland. I do not know how or if they are related to the Ontario Gardhouses, but given that Robert came from Brampton, and that the name was apparently not a common one, it seems likely that there is a direct connection. I include it here in case others have information:

Information thanks to David Hancock, who is descended from Barbara Gardhouse (see below):

Henry Gardhouse married Mabell Canon in 1590 at Greystoke, Cumberland.

They had a son Thomas Gardhouse (b.1602 Greystoke) who married Elizabeth Gateskarthe in 1622.

They had a son Richard Gardhouse (b.1633 Greystoke).....

I have no info about his wife but he had a son called John Gardhouse (b.1667 Greystoke). John married Agnes Hayton (b.1681 Brampton, Westmorland) in 1711 at Brampton.

They had a daughter Barbara Gardhouse (b1711). I imagine Barbara had brothers and these could be your ancestors. Gardhouse is not a common name and so the chances that there is a link is quite high.

If you have any other information on the Gardhouse families of Cumberland, or if you have access to the Brampton church records, please get in touch with me:

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