(48.) 4. Ignacy KLEDZIK. He was married to Franciszka KULIKOWSKAJA.

(49.) 5. Franciszka KULIKOWSKAJA. Children were:

child2 i. Roman KLEDZIK.
child ii. Jadwiga KLEDZIK was born about 1880 in Prussia (Poland). She immigrated on 5 Mar 1889 to U.S..(15) She traveled on the ship Neckar, which went from Bremen to Baltimore. She is listed in the passenter list as age 9, child, from Prussia, traveling with Roman Kledzik, age 15, arrived in Baltimore 5 Mar 1889. Her husband's name may be Stanislaw Wozniak; the obituary of Marie Kledzik (Dziennik Chicagoski 2 Jan 1918) lists Marie's brother, Jan Panter; sisters-in-law Jadwiga Panter and Jadwiga Wozniak; brother-in-law Stanislaw Wozniak (szwiager). Jadwiga Panter (née Wozniak) was Marie's brother Jan's wife; so the Jadwiga Wozniak married to Stanislaw must have been the sister of Marie's husband Roman.

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