Noël Anctil-St.Jean & Modeste Lévesque

176. Noël ANCTIL-ST.JEAN was married to Modeste LÉVESQUE on 6 Jun 1796 in Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec.(447)

177. Modeste LÉVESQUE.

Noel ANCTIL-ST.JEAN appeared in the 1825 Census of Lower Canada, as Noel Antil dit St.Jean, living in Rivière-Ouelle (p.49, 22nd household on that page). In the household were two children under 6; five children between 6 and 14; two between 14 and 18; two unmarried males 18-25; one married male 14-60; two unmarried females 14-45; and one married female 14-45.

He appeared in the 1831 Census of Lower Canada, as Noël Antil, living in Rivière-Ouelle, at the "Côte de Beaux-biens" (p.290, line 2); he was listed as a farmer (cultivateur), with 11 persons in his household. He occupied 177 acres of land, of which he sowed 60; the previous year he had harvested 19½ minot of wheat, 40 of oats and 15 of barley, as well as 100 minots of potatoes (one minot is equal to 8 gallons, or 36.67 litres). He owned 10 cattle, 4 horses, 22 sheep, and 10 pigs.

Children were:

child i. Rémi ANCTIL.
child ii. Marie Marthe ANCTIL.
child iii. Bénoni ANCTIL-ST.JEAN.
child iv. Noël ANCTIL-ST.JEAN.
child v. Louis ANCTIL-ST.JEAN.
child vi. Ignace ANCTIL-ST.JEAN.
child vii. Zoë ST.JEAN-ANCTIL.
child viii. Marie ANCTIL.
child ix. François ANCTIL.
child x. Justine ANCTIL-ST.JEAN.
child xi. Modeste ANCTIL.
child88 xii. Théodule ANCTIL-ST.JEAN.

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