Michel Gagnon & Marie-Félicité Pelletier; & Théotiste Tardif; & Marie Landry

128. Michel GAGNON was born on 13 Aug 1755 in St-Roch-des-Aulnaies, L'Islet, Québec. He was a blacksmith.  He died on 15 Mar 1830 in St- Pascal, Kamouraska.

Michel GAGNON was married three times.

He was married first to Marie-Félicité PELLETIER on 8 Apr 1777 in St-Roch-des-Aulnaies, Québec. (400)

129. Marie-Félicité PELLETIER was born on 11 May 1754. Children were:

child64 i. Prospère GAGNON.
child    ii. Félicité GAGNON.

was married to Théotiste TARDIF (daughter of Étienne TARDIF and Marie-Catherine NADEAU) on 21 Feb 1803 in Kamouraska, Que. (DGM, p.872.) Théotiste TARDIF was born 25 Dec 1777 in Kamouraska, Québec.

Michel GAGNON and Théotiste TARDIF had the following children:

child   iii. Michel GAGNON.
  iv. Mathilde GAGNON was born in 1814 in Kamouraska, Québec.  She was married to Alexandre ROY dit DESJARDINS (son of Pierre ROY dit DESJARDINS and Marie-Anne ROY-DESJARDINS) on 23 Aug 1842 at St-Louis, Kamouraska, Québec.


Michel GAGNON was married to Marie LANDRY (daughter of François LANDRY and Marie-Geneviève SIROIS dit DUPLESSIS) on 10 Apr 1815 at St-Louis, Kamouraska, Québec. Marie LANDRY was born in 1781 in Kamouraska.

He appeared in the 1825 census of Lower Canada, living in Kamouraska, Cornwall County, in a household with one child between the ages of 6 and 14; one unmarried male 18-25; one married male over 60; one married female 14-45 (p.21).

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