Solving the mystery of Amable Ouellette's parentage

child90 i. Amable OUELLETTE. Mystery solved, thanks to Dennis Prue and Allen Voisine!

It is almost certain that Amable's parents were Henri-Marie Ouellet and Marie-Louise Pelletier, m.13 Oct 1788 in St-Roch-des-Aulnais. He was baptized as Joseph Ouellet . Details to follow!

's ancestry remains a mystery to us. Neither I nor any of my cousins who are also descended from Amable have been able to identify the names of his parents. While I have found the record of his marriage to Esther Gardner on 24 Jun 1835 (thanks to Dennis Prue for locating that document!), the marriage was conducted in the Presbyterian Church, whose records do not include the names of the parents of either bride or groom. Nor were there names of any other relatives.

A few clues that I am following up on.:

1. The family of Esther Gardner (Amable's wife) were members of the Anglican Church of Scotland (see 1831 census of Rivière du Loup). One place that may contain clues to Amable's parents is the church records of the Anglican Church of Rivière du Loup.
Thanks to Dennis Prue I've found their marriage record, Amable and Esther Gardner were married in the Chalmer's Presbyterian Church of Quebec. Unfortunately the record does not mention the names of Amable's parents.

2. At the baptism of Amable and Esther's son David at Rivière du Loup in 1842, the godparents were Jean-Alexis Ouellet and Marie Zélie Dubé. It is possible that Jean Alexis is related to Amable. I am tracking down his family to determine that. Update: Jean-Alexis is a first cousin of Amable.

3. Amable and Esther's daughter Marie married Louis Castonguay at Ste Luce church in Frenchville on 5 Aug 1855. The church register notes that they were granted a dispensation for consanguinity, because they were third cousins. That means that one of Amable's grandparents was the sibling of one of Louis's great grandparents. (Because Esther's parents are both from Scotland, I am assuming that the relationship is via Amable's family). I am currently tracing Louis's family in order to discover that link.

Here are Louis Castonguay's great-great grandparents. One of these couples is Amable's great grandparents:

a. Pierre Castonguay was married to Angélique Morin on May 30, 1729 in Charlesbourg.

b. Charles Pelletier was married to Louise Chouinard on November 25, 1726 in L'Islet, Québec. This is the couple!

c. Pierre Bouchard was married to Marguerite Caron on November 3, 1739 in L'Islet, Québec.

d. Simon Gervais-Talbot was born on October 27, 1702 in Montagny, Québec. He died on April 25, 1783 in St.Pierre Rive du Sud, Montmagny, Québec. He was married to Thérèse Allaire on July 27, 1734 in St Vallier, Québec.

e. Jacques Bois was married to Angélique Mignier-Lagacé on November 20, 1730 in Ste Anne La Pocatiere, Bas Canada.

f. Joseph Miville-Deschênes was married to Marie Jeanne Levesque on August 31, 1722 in Rivière Ouelle, Kamouraska.

g. Pierre Bossé was married to Jeanne Caiolle in Avranches, Normandy, France.

h. Jean Baptiste Pelletier was married to Angélique Marguerite Ouellet on April 16, 1714 in Rivière Ouelle, Kamouraska.

As part of this research I am trying to document all descendants of all of these couples. Here is a link to my page: "Ancestors and cousins of Louis Castonguay," (at the GeneaNet website) which traces his ancestry back to his great-great grandparents, and includes all of the descendants (until about 1830 or so) of his ancestry back to his great grandparents, that is, all of the descendants that I have so far identified of the eight couples listed above. The link above brings you to a family tree showing Louis and his ancestry. Clicking on an ancestry should bring you to the documented descendants of that ancestor.

Given this evidence, and the fact that Dennis and Allen checked every possible male Ouellet descendant in that age group and area, it is pretty certain that Amable is Joseph, son of Henri-Marie Ouellet and Marie-Louise Pelletier.

Some have wrongly asserted that Amable's parents were Jean Antoine Ouellet and Charlotte Bélanger. Jean Antoine Ouellet and Charlott Bélanger did have a son named Amable, but he seems to have remained in Québec, and so is not the Amable Ouellette who moved to the Allagash and married Esther Gardner.

Because I documented their ancestors in the course of researching Amable, I have included all of that information here:

Jean Antoine OUELLET . He was married to Charlotte BELANGER on 3 Aug 1807 in St-Jean-Port-Joli, Québec.

Charlotte BELANGER.

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