23. George ST.JOHN II was born on 19 Jul 1900 in Fort Kent, Maine.(28) He died on 20 Feb 1973 in Hartford, Conn.. He had Social Security Number 005-12-9237.(28) George moved to Hartford, Conn. and lived most of his adult life there. According to his sister Christy St. John he was always helping people in need, so there were always ten people at the dinner table. When he died there were hundreds of people at his funeral, including the mayor of New Britain, Conn., where he lived.

He was married to Ernestine OUELLETTE. George ST.JOHN II and Ernestine OUELLETTE had the following children:

child+49 i. George (Bob) ST.JOHN III.
child+50 ii. Lawrence ST.JOHN.
child+51 iii. Rose ST.JOHN.
child+52 iv. Patsy ST.JOHN.
child+53 v. Maynard ST.JOHN.
child+54 vi. Herman ST.JOHN.
child55 vii. Donald ST.JOHN.

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