T.A. St.John & Clara Michaud

15. Théodule Alphonse (T.A.) ST.JOHN(39) was born about 1877 in Castonguay Settlement, Aroostook, Maine.(13) He appeared on the census in 1880 in Township 17, Range 11, Aroostook, Maine.(40) Listed as John St.John, age 3, living with parents (Nazaire and Christa St. John). Jean was his actual first name, listed at his marriage by the priest as Jean-Théodule. Alphonse may have been his confirmation name. He appeared on the census in 1920 in Fort Kent, Maine.(41) Listed as Theodule St.John, 42, owned own home free of mortgage, knew how to read and write, occupation: retail merchant at a general store, employer, living in household with wife Clara (39) and children Anna (14), Angeline (4), and Louis (3), as well as Isaiah Dionne, 23, laborer. He died on 11 Dec 1962 in Fort Kent, Maine. (28) He was a merchant in Fort Kent, Maine. "Like his dad, T.A. had to learn to be independent from a young age. He was the youngest of six kids, and life was tough in the Allagash. Isaie died when T.A. was 11-12 years old. None of his older siblings could take him in when Christine remarried a man named Hunter in 1890, and apparently left. T.A. was on his own!! He was raised by the Cunliff family. He worked in the lumber camps from an early age, working as a cook's asistant and working the spring log drives from the top of the Allagash down the Penobscot River, or down the Allagash to the St.John? "

"He came to Fort Kent at the age of about 19 and enrolled in the Madawaska Training School, apparently intending to be a teacher. Something must have happened to derail that dream, for he never finished that program. He married Clara in 1901 and settled in life as a potato farmer, general store owner, and lumber buyer. His estrangement from most of his family must have been tough, even at his wedding his witness was not a St.John but a friend name John Sweeney. For years thereafter, there was very little socializing between our family and most of the other St.Johns (we only ever visited Nellie [T.A.'s sister] and Kitty [Nellie's daughter])."

He was married to Clara MICHAUD (daughter of Achille MICHAUD and Zoe) on 8 Aug 1901 in Fort Kent, Maine. Witnesses at the wedding were Achille Michaud (Clara's father) and John Sweeney. Clara MICHAUD was born on 7 May 1880 in Fort Kent, Maine.(42) She died on 28 May 1949 in Fort Kent, Maine. Théodule Alphonse (T.A.) ST.JOHN and Clara MICHAUD had the following children:

child+43 i. Anna (Christiana) ST.JOHN.
child44 ii. Florina B. ST.JOHN was born on 9 Sep 1906 in Fort Kent, Maine. She died on 2 Dec 1914 in Fort Kent, Maine.
child45 iii. Leontine M. ST.JOHN was born on 15 Aug 1908 in Fort Kent, Maine. She died on 5 Dec 1914 in Fort Kent, Maine.
child46 iv. Eveline ST.JOHN was born on 1 Oct 1910 in Fort Kent, Maine. She died on 28 Jan 1913 in Fort Kent, Maine.
child47 v. Angeline P. ST.JOHN was born on 1 Aug 1915 in Fort Kent, Maine. (43)(39) She died on 18 Jun 1923 in Fort Kent, Maine.
child+48 vi. Louis Alphonse ST.JOHN.

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