Terms from the baptismal records of Ste. Luce Parish

Below are French terms used in the Ste.Luce parish register records of baptisms that are found in the search results of the online database, followed by the English translation:

agé de = at the age of

ans = years

avant hier = the day before yesterday

bedeau = church warden

concubinage = living together unmarried

cordonnier = cobbler

cultivateur = farmer

depuis = since, ago

depuis 6 jours, mois, semaines = 6 days, months, weeks ago

env., environs = about

forgeron = blacksmith

hier = yesterday

illégitime = illegitimate

journalier = day laborer

jours = days

le jour précédent = the previous day

jumeaux = twins

légitime mariage = "legitimate marriage," one performed by a Catholic priest

marchand = merchant, storekeeper

mariage = marriage

menuisier = carpenter

m., mois = months

ondoyé = baptized in an emergency by someone other than a priest

parents inconnus = parents unknown

sauvage = Indian

sculpteur = wood carver

sem., semaines = weeks

vers = about

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