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Burials of Ste Luce Church, 1843 to 1860
(Including burials at St-François cemetery, 1846-1858)

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Translation of French terms
Database record ID number:
Name of deceased:Seconde Daigle
Date of burial:
(* = date of service, not burial)
10 Jan 1852
Place of burial:St.François
Date of death:depuis 1 mois
Date of burial if date above is service:
Age:3 ans
Relationship:enfant légitime
Father’s name:
(feu = deceased)
Antoine Daigle
Father’s occupation:cultivateur
Mother’s name:
(feue, défunte = deceased)
Seconde Souci
(feu = deceased)
Spouse’s Occupation:
Home Parish:St.François
Witness:Pierre Landri
Witness:Julien Landri
Priest:Henri Dionne
Burial number:S3
Page number:321
Parish Register Notes:
* Original spellings:

Comments (not from register)
Soundex code:D240
Soundex code (Mother):S200
Soundex code (Spouse):

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