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Marriages of Ste.Luce Church, 1843-1860

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Database Record ID number:
Date of marriage:7 Jun 1859 (Tuesday)
Number of banns, parish(es):1 bann(s) published at
Groom’s nameEdouard Smith
Groom’s Occupation:
Groom’s parish of residence:Ste.Luce
Son: of age (fils majeur)
or under age (fils mineur)
fils majeur
Groom’s Father:
(feu, défunt = deceased)
feu Thomas Smith
Groom’s Father’s Occupation:
Groom’s Mother:
(feue, défunte = deceased)
Constance Pelletier
Parent’s Home:
Rivière du Loup, Bas Canada
Widower (veuf) of:
Bride’s Name:Delina Yarrinton
Bride’s parish of residence:
Daughter: of age (fille majeure) or under age (fille mineure)fille majeure
Bride’s Father:
(feu, défunt = deceased)
Isaac Yarrinton
Bride’s Father’s Occupation:
Bride’s Mother:
(feue, défunte = deceased)
Catherine Nadeau
Parent’s Home:
Widow (veuve) of:
Witness 1:Joseph Nadeau
Witness 2:Thomas Roy dit Desjardins
Parish Register Notes:
(not from register):
Priest:Henri Dionne
Marriage number:M9
Page number:17
Soundex of Groom:S530
Soundex of Bride:Y653
Soundex of deceased spouse(s):
Soundex of Groom’s Mother:P436
Soundex of Bride’s Mother:N300

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