Descendants and Ancestors of

Antoine Tardif and Suzanne Cayouette

Antoine Tardif and his wife Suzanne lived in the region of Kamouraska and Rimouski in Québec. After Suzanne's death, Antoine remarried in 1833 to Julie Labbé.  Sometime before 1845 Antoine and Julie moved from Quebec to what is today Frenchville (at the marriage of his daughter Artémise in September 1845 Antoine is described as living in Ste.Luce parish); Antoine died in February 1856 and was buried at Ste-Luce church there. 

In addition, at least two of Antoine and Suzanne's children, and a number of their grandchildren, moved to the upper St.John River valley, probably at the same time as Antoine.

Their daughter Artemise married Jean-Baptiste Saucier at Ste-Luce church in Frenchville in 1845. Jean-Baptiste had been born and raised in the area that is now Frenchville (in 1833 his parents were living next door to my own great-great-great grandfather Prospère Gagnon).

Antoine and Suzanne's son Louis married Sophie Bossé in Cacouna in 1846 (they were my great-great grandparents); they were living in the Frenchville area by 1852. It's unclear when exactly they moved to Frenchville, or why they made the move. Undoubtedly it was related to the fact that Louis's father Antoine, as well as his sister Artémise lived there. Also unclear is when Louis himself moved to the region; though he married in 1846 in Cacouna, he may have been living in Madawaska prior to that. Also of note is the fact that Sophie's uncle, Father Henri Dionne, had moved to Madawaska in the early 1840s and in 1843 had established Ste-Luce as a parish in Frenchville; and her aunt Hortense Dionne (Henri's sister) moved to the area around that same time, eventually marrying Antoine Gagnon (Antoine and Hortense are also my great-great grandparents).

Finally, Antoine Tardif and Suzanne Caouette's grandchildren Artémise and Didier Marquis (children of their daughter Marie), were married at Fort Kent and Ste-Luce in 1877 and 1883, respectively.

Antoine and Suzanne seem to thus be the ancestors of all of the Tardifs in the Frenchville and Ste-Agathe area.

(There was another group of Tardifs in the Van Buren area, but they seem to be descended from Jean-Baptiste Tardif and Marie-Anne Dubé, who married in 1777 in Kamouraska, and whose son Henri was one of the early settlers of the Madawaska settlement. He shows up in the 1820 census; there is also a Jean Tardiff among those receiving grants in 1790 in the Green River area, who seems to be Jean-Baptiste.)

If you have any other information on this family or its move from Québec to Frenchville, please send me an email.

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