1850 US Census, Aroostook Co., Maine

Mortality Schedules

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Abstracted and transcribed by Larry Glatz, and formatted and annotated by C. Gagnon, ©2006 from the National Archives and Records Administration Federal Mortality Schedules for the 7th Census of the United States in 1850.

Both above notices must remain when copied or downloaded.

This is the 1850 federal census for Aroostook County, ME.

Key to Column Headings and terms:
- ID = Identification number (not from original)
- Page = Page number from original schedule
- Line = Line number from original schedule
- FirstName = First name of deceased person
- LastName = Last name of deceased person
- Age = Age at death
- Sex = M or F
- Color = Race (white, black or mulatto; blank means white)
- Married = M means married; W means widowed; blank means unmarried

- Born = Place of Birth, Naming State, Territory, or Country
- Month = Month of death (within previous year, that is, from June 1849 to May 1850)
- Occupation = occupation of deceased person
- Cause = Cause of death
- Days ill = # of days before death person was ill; C = chronic.
- Remarks = comments not from original schedule, but from transcriber
- Town = Township of residence of deceased
- County = County of residence of deceased

Key to causes of death:
- bile fever = hepatitis
- cho morbus = cholera (cholera morbus)
- consumption = tuberculosis
- dropsy =
oedema (swelling), abnormal collection of fluids in body cavities, often caused by kidney or heart disease.
- erysefilus = erysipelas, a kind of skin infection
- inf of bowels = inflammation of bowels

- lung fever = pneumonia
- typ. fever = typhoid fever
(some of these are from list of archaic medical terms, at Genproxy)
See also instructions to the marshals and assistants on how to collect information for the Mortality Schedule.

Please read the introduction to the mortality schedules for more information.

IdPageLineFirstNameLastNameAgeSexColorMarriedWhere BornMonth of
OccupationCause of
Days ill
before death
RemarksTown of
111EphraimCurrier47M  MaineJulBlacksmithSuicide  Moluncus PlntAroostook
212SethCrowell60M WMaineDecFarmerInflam Bowels3 days Moluncus PlntAroostook
313IsaacDagett30M  MaineMayLaborerRheumatism1 weekOnly 3 entries on this pageMoluncus PlntAroostook
441EmroButterfield2M  MaineJan Unknown1 dayLast entry this page=line 20WestonAroostook
542AsenathDavenport69F  Mass.Apr Inflam Bowels2 weeks WestonAroostook
643FidoraMoody1F  N. BrunswickFeb Disentary2 mos WestonAroostook
749AlwellGellerson30M MMaineFebFarmerAccidentSuicideBancroft heading lines 4-8BancroftAroostook
8414ElisabethHam55F WMaineMarFarmerConsump.2 yearsHodgdon heading lines 10-13HodgdonAroostook
9415Harvey E.Ham29M  N. BrunswickMayLumbermanConsum.1 year HodgdonAroostook
10416Allen W.Grant2M  MaineJunLumbermanUnknownSudden HodgdonAroostook
11420NancyBurley64F MN.H.Jan Lung Fever5 daysLineus heading lines 17-19LineusAroostook
1251DavidMeek17M  New BrunswickAugFarmerUnknown3 Williams Col. GrantAroostook
1352MartinJohnston57M MBridgewater, MaAprFarmerConsumption150Only two entries on this pageWilliams Col. GrantAroostook
1471SusannaBerry66F MGray, Me.Oct Dropsy180Only one entry on this pageSmyrnaAroostook
1591James A.Burns1M  Portland Ac. GrantNov Measles30Only one entry on this pagePortland Ac. GrantAroostook
16111Benjamin H.,Jr.Hews2M  No.8, R 5Sep Diarrhea6 No.8, R 5Aroostook
17112HarrietHews4F  No.8, R 5Jun Consumption60 No.8, R 5Aroostook
18113Angelia T.Berns3F  No.8, R 5Sep Diarrhea5 No.8, R 5Aroostook
19114FrancisSmith4M  No.8, R 5Sep Diarrhea4 No.8, R 5Aroostook
20115DanielSmith1M  No.8, R 5Sep Diarrhea4Final entry on this pageNo.8, R 5Aroostook
21131Charles A.Chase2M  No.7, R 5Oct Diarrhea13Only one entry on this pageNo.7, R 5Aroostook
22151Priscilla R.Small2F  Monticello, MeOct Diarrhea4 MonticelloAroostook
23152Margaret H.Delong3F  New BrunswickJul Burnt13 MonticelloAroostook
24153SusanJewell48F  Farmington, MeOct Diarrhea12Final entry on this pageMonticelloAroostook
25171LucyLonden9/12F  Houlton, MeJan Diarrhea6 HoultonAroostook
26172HenriettaEsty9/12F  Houlton, MeOct Scalled1 HoultonAroostook
27173AmosPutnam50M MNew Salem, MassDecFarmerConsumptionC   HoultonAroostook
28174Samuel W.Bennett27M MNew BrunswickJanCarpenterFalling off building12 HoultonAroostook
29175DeliaCary28F MBuffalo, NYApr ConsumptionC HoultonAroostook
30176LymanHoulton34M MHoulton, MeAugFarmerInf. of Bowels90 HoultonAroostook
31177Lydia A.Bickford18F  Newburgh, MeJan Inf. of Bowels2 HoultonAroostook
32178Elisabeth N.Foss24F MSt. John, NBFeb Lung Fever49 HoultonAroostook
33179EmmaNiles1F  Houlton, MeMay Unknown270 HoultonAroostook
341710EgbertDaggett18M  Hodgdon, MeNovFarmerInf. of Bowels9 HoultonAroostook
351711PamelaSmith43F  Holderness, NHJan Lung Fever10Final entry on this pageHoultonAroostook
36191JohnMcKinney1/12M  Belfast Ac. GrantApr Unknown3 Belfast Ac. GrantAroostook
37192AmandaWebb44F MVassalboro, MeMay ConsumptionC Belfast Ac. GrantAroostook
38193JohnCummings68M MWinthrop, MeOctFarmerInf. of Bowels60"Married" may be erasedBelfast Ac. GrantAroostook
39194Lydia AnnChase2F  Belfast Ac. GrantSep Diarrhea5 Belfast Ac. GrantAroostook
40195Martha J.Chase6/12F  Belfast Ac. GrantSep Diarrhea13 Belfast Ac. GrantAroostook
41196ArchibaldMartin4M  Belfast Ac. GrantOct Diarrhea6 Belfast Ac. GrantAroostook
42197SidneyWright19M  New BrunswickOctFarmerDiarrhea6Final entry on this pageBelfast Ac. GrantAroostook
43211LorenezoCrosby19M  Monticello, MeDecFarmerConsumption270Just one entry on this pageFramingham Ac. Gr.Aroostook
44231AndrewFairbanks1M  MeSep Cho Morbus6 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
45232JaneDibble20F MMeOct Cho Morbus20 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
46233JohnTrue1M  MeSep Cho Morbus7 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
47234JuliaWilson10F  MeSep Cho Morbus7 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
48235EmelineWilson3F  MeSep Cho Morbus7 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
49236JosephKnights3M  MeSep Cho Morbus5 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
50237AnnRackliff6F  MeSep Cho Morbus12 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
51238James A.Goss7M  MeSep Cho Morbus9 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
52239Toms.Trueworthy6M  MeSep Cho Morbus9 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
532310IchabodFoster63M WMeSepFarmerChronic6 mos Letter G, R 2Aroostook
542311GeorgeClark5M  MeSep Cho Morbus6 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
552312AshurWhitcomb3M  MeSep Cho Morbus11 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
562313JosephHardison5M  MeDec Croup11 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
572314Danl. W.Hardison4M  MeSep Cho Morbus11 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
582315Betsy E.Hardison1F  MeMar Lung Fever10 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
592316Chs.McLaine2M  MeNov Cho Morbus17Final entry on this pageLetter G, R 2Aroostook
60251CanidaWhitmore4F  MeJul Croup4 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
61252CattinaKelley84F  Nova ScotiaMar Old Age[Blank] Letter G, R 2Aroostook
62253J****** J.Burns8F  MeApr AccidentSudden Letter G, R 2Aroostook
63254MarthaRaymond7F  MeSep Cho Morbus5 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
64255LemuelRaymond3M  MeOct Cho Morbus9 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
65256JaneSutter13F  MeOct Croup5 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
66257HelenBean3F  MeOct Croup1 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
67258ElisabethBean1F  MeNov Erysefilus21 Letter G, R 2Aroostook
68259Ira A.Bean1/12M  MeOct Cho Morbus3All causes below are "ditto"Letter G, R 2Aroostook
692510Saml.Phinney7M  MeOct Cho Morbus8Cause "ditto" from line 9Letter G, R 2Aroostook
702511CatharineOakes16F  MeAug Cho Morbus30Cause "ditto" from line 9Letter G, R 2Aroostook
712512Saml. M.Munn3M  N.B.Nov Cho Morbus36Cause "ditto" from line 9Letter G, R 2Aroostook
722513SarahBeckwith6F  MeSep Cho Morbus3Cause "ditto" from line 9Letter G, R 2Aroostook
732514CarilineBeckwith2F  MeSep Cho Morbus11Cause "ditto" from line 9Letter G, R 2Aroostook
742515HitchinsBeckwith3M  MeSep Cho Morbus5Surname blank;Beckwith assumedLetter G, R 2Aroostook
752516DorcasRoffard4F  MeOct Cho Morbus21Cause "ditto" from line 9Letter G, R 2Aroostook
762517Chs.Duff6M  MeSep Cho Morbus8Cause "ditto" from line 9Letter G, R 2Aroostook
772518WillisDuff2/12M  MeSep Cho Morbus5Cause "ditto";last line p.25Letter G, R 2Aroostook
78271JuliaThibedeux3F  MeJul Typ. Fever21 MasardisAroostook
79272MadlinThibedeux1F  MeJul Typ. Fever10 MasardisAroostook
80273Lany M.Capathwate10/12F  MeJul Croup  MasardisAroostook
81274HannahWessayn8F  MeSep Dropsey5 months MasardisAroostook
82275Edwin J.Chandler3M  MeFeb Cho Morbus3 weeks MasardisAroostook
83276Eliza J.Chandler4F  MeAug Cho Morbus6 days MasardisAroostook
84277FordiceChandler2M  MeAug Cho Morbus4 days MasardisAroostook
85278Sarah J.Holmes43F MNova ScotiaJul Child Birth6 days MasardisAroostook
86279AmandaChristie6/12F  MeAug [Blank]2 MasardisAroostook
87291EdwardTobey7M  N. BrunswickNov AccidentSudden MadawaskaAroostook
88292Clova[?]Dagle17M SMeApr AccidentSudden MadawaskaAroostook
89293FrancisWebber11M  MeJun AccidentSudden MadawaskaAroostook
90294Mary M.King2/12F  MeMay Cho Morbus8 MadawaskaAroostook
91295W*****Dagle3/12M  MeApr Fever3 MadawaskaAroostook
92296AditGarnio1/12F  MeMay Cho Morbus6 MadawaskaAroostook
93297FloraViolet1/12F  MeAug Cho Morbus2 MadawaskaAroostook
94298SophiaLarno2F  MeAug Cho Morbus8 MadawaskaAroostook
95299Adam[?]Pelka1/12M  MeOct Cho Morbus2Last entry on pageMadawaskaAroostook
96311SethStetson4M  MeNov Cho Morbus6 No. 11, R 5Aroostook
97312MargarettWeaver4F  New BrunswickSep Cho Morbus8 No. 11, R 5Aroostook
98313MarthaWeaver2F  New BrunswickSep Cho Morbus6Surname blank; Weaver assumedNo. 11, R 5Aroostook
99314EdwinBrett2M  MeApr Lung Fever9 No. 11, R 5Aroostook
100315SarahDaiman3F  MeMar Accident  No. 11, R 5Aroostook
101316LouisaDaiman1F  MeApr Cho Morbus18 No. 11, R 5Aroostook
102317SarahWeaver23F SNew BrunswickMay Brain Fever6 No. 11, R 5Aroostook
103318AbigailEllis56F MMeMay Bile Fever9 No. 11, R 5Aroostook
104319ElizaDow42F MN.B.Mar Sudden  No. 11, R 5Aroostook
1053110SarahWard32F MCanadaFeb Child Birth20Final entry on this pageNo. 11, R 5Aroostook
106331DomonekeViolett68M MN. BrusnwickMayFarmerConsumption5 years VanBurenAroostook
107332A******Willet9/12M  MeApr Croup3 days VanBurenAroostook
108333VictoriaCormea37F MN.B.Apr Child Birth6 days VanBurenAroostook
109334ElisabethCrock5F  MeMay Croup6 VanBurenAroostook
110335EditCrock2F  MeDec Fever8 VanBurenAroostook
111336J.B.Ged****4M  MeMar Sudden  VanBurenAroostook
112337GeorgeGarno8F  MeJul Typ. Fever18 VanBurenAroostook
113338AditGarno9/12F  MeJul Typ. Fever4Surname blank; Garno assumedVanBurenAroostook

Transcribed by Larry Glatz

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