Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: F-G

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Fairbanks, Dennis D.D.
Fairbanks, Esther
Fairbanks, Hannah
Fairbanks, James A.
Fairbanks, Rufus
Fairfield, Ellen M.
Farley, Eley
Farley, Ezekeel
Farley, James
Farley, Jeremiah
Farley, Mary
Farley, Sally
Farley, Samuel
Farley, Samuel
Farley, Seney
Farrell, A***
Farrell, Ally
Farrell, Be***
Farrell, Charles
Farrell, Dennis
Farrell, John
Farrell, Julia
Farrell, Lawrence
Farrell, Michael
Farrell, Michael, Jr.
Farrell, Nancy
Farrell, Syr***
Farwell, Ann
Fenderson, Ann
Fenderson, Daniel
Fenderson, Deantha A.
Fenderson, Emma
Fenderson, Jennett
Fenderson, Mary E.
Fenderson, Olive
Fenderson, Sarah
Fenderson, William H.
Ferdah, Julia
Ferdah, Julia
Ferdah, Mary
Ferdah, Susan
Ferdah, Thomas
Ferllah, Noel
Fhair, Andrew
Fhair, Ann
Fhair, Ann
Fhair, Elizabeth
Fhair, James
Fhair, Jane
Fhair, Margarett
Fhair, Mary
Fhair, William
Fields, Augusta
Fields, Cha's A.
Fields, Charles
Fields, Cyrus
Fields, Elenor
Fields, Elizabeth
Fields, Elizabeth
Fields, Esther
Fields, Frances
Fields, George
Fields, George
Fields, George
Fields, George Jr.
Fields, James
Fields, James
Fields, Jane
Fields, Joseph
Fields, Lemuel
Fields, Lydia
Fields, Mary
Fields, Mary
Fields, Mary Jane
Fields, Moses
Fields, Orrin
Fields, Phebe
Fields, Rosanna
Fields, Sabrina
Fields, Thomas
Fields, William
Fifield, Hepsabeth
Fifield, Rufus
Fifield, William
Fifield, William
Filmore, Anthony
Findlen, see Finland
Finland, Ann
Finland, Ann
Finland, Margrett
Finland, Mary
Finland, Patrick
Fip, Sandford
Fish, Ira D.
Fish, Lucinda
Fisher, Alonso
Fisher, George
Fisher, John
Fisher, Joseph
Fisher, Sarah
Fisher, Thomas
Fitsherbert, Amos
Fitsherbert, James
Fitsherbert, Jane
Fitsherbert, Nancy
Fitsherbert, Nancy
Fitsherbert, Phebe
Fitsherbert, Samuel
Fitzgerald, Cha's G.
Fitzgerald, Helen
Fitzgerald, Isilaid
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, Mary J.
Fitzgerald, Michael
Fitzgerald, Nancy
Fitzgerald, W'm
Fitzgerald, W'm H.
Fitzgerrold, James
Fleming, Eleza
Fleming, Isaac
Fleming, John
Fleming, Patrick
Fleming, Phebe
Fleming, Thomas
Flinn, Lawrence
Flint, Edmah
Flint, James A.
Flint, John
Flint, Lydia B.
Fly, Alonso
Fly, Bryant
Fly, Delia
Fly, James
Fly, James
Fly, Mehala
Foley, Catherine
Foley, Joan
Foley, John
Foley, Mary
Foley, Mary L.
Ford(?), Geo.
Forge, David E.
Forge, Emeline
Forge, Isaac
Forge, Maria E.
Forge, Rhoda
Forge, W'm
Forney, Elenor
Forneza, Isaiah
Forneza, Joseph
Forneza, Richard
Fornia, Alison
Fornia, John B.
Fornia, Mary
Fornia, Silva
Fornia, Velanie
Foss, Jacob
Foster, Ann M.
Foster, David H.
Foster, Deborah
Foster, Dennis A.
Foster, Francis
Foster, Frederick B.
Foster, H.L.
Foster, Nancy
Fournia, Calest
Fournia, Christie
Fournia, Elenor
Fournia, James
Fourtin, Ale
Fourtin, Antione
Fourtin, Belins
Fourtin, Charles
Fourtin, Charles
Fourtin, Dometere
Fourtin, John
Fourtin, John B.
Fourtin, Joseph
Fourtin, Juda
Fourtin, Juda
Fourtin, Lucy
Fowler, Augusta J.
Fowler, Edward S.
Fowler, Hannah D.
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Mary B.
Fowler, Sarah E.
Fox, Cha's W.
Fox, Chanssa
Fox, Edmond
Fox, Edward
Fox, Sarah E.
Foy, Monte
Fraieu, John
Fumo, Catherine
Fumo, Charlie
Fumo, Daniel
Fumo, Melissa
Fumo, Rebecca
Fumo, Sarah
Fumo, William
Furdel, Axila
Furdel, Esther
Furdel, Frederick
Furdel, Lesere
Furdel, Sophia
Gagnon, Abraham, as Gorneo, Abram
Gagnon, Aglae, as Gorneo, Agle
Gagnon, Alexandre, as Gormeo, Alexander
Gagnon, Alexis, as Gormeo, Alexander
Gagnon, Anne, as Gormeo, Anna
Gagnon, Antoine, as Gorme, Anthony
Gagnon, Clarisse, as Gormeo, Clorece
Gagnon, "Dena", as Gorneo, Dena
Gagnon, Éléonore, as Gormeo, Anna
Gagnon, Elie, as Gorneo, Ely
Gagnon, Emélie, as Gormeo, Milea
Gagnon, Emélie, as Gorneo, Milia
Gagnon, Enédine, as Gorneo, Madone
Gagnon, François, as Gorneo, Francis
Gagnon, François, as Gorneo, Francis
Gagnon, François, as Gorneo, Francis
Gagnon, "Hannawell", as Giver, Hannawell
Gagnon, Hilaire, as Gormeo, Eli
Gagnon, Hortense, as Gorme, Octan
Gagnon, Isaïe, as Gormeo, Zayer
Gagnon, Joseph, as Gormeo, Joseph
Gagnon, Julie, as Gorme, Juda
Gagnon, Julie, as Gorneo, Julia
Gagnon, Lizette, as Giver, Lezette
Gagnon, Louis, as Gormeo, Lewis
Gagnon, Louis-Philippe, as Gorme, Phillip
Gagnon, Lucie, as Gorneo, Lucy
Gagnon, Marguerite, as Giver, Margaret
Gagnon, Marie, as Giver, Mary
Gagnon, Mélissa, as Gorneo, Malazer
Gagnon, Marcelline, as Gormeo, Marceline
Gagnon, Marie, as Gorme, Mary
Gagnon, Marie, as Gorneo, Mary
Gagnon, Marie-Élodie, as Gorneo, Melaga
Gagnon, Michel, as Gormeo, Michael
Gagnon, Modeste, as Gormeo, Modest
Gagnon, Nancy/Marie-Anne, as Gormeo, Nancy
Gagnon, Ozithée, as Gorneo, Zeter
Gagnon, Paul, as Giver, Paul
Gagnon, Philomène, as Giver, Philomena
Gagnon, Philomène, as Gorneo, Philomen
Gagnon, Rose, as Gormeo, Rose
Gagnon, "Seleno", as Gorneo, Seleno
Gagnon, Sophie, as Gormeo, Sophia
Gagnon, Sophie, as Gormeo, Sophia
Gagnon, Thomas, as Gormeo, Thomas
Gagnon, Xavier, as Gorneo, Xavier
Gahagan, Bridgett
Gahagan, John
Gahagan, Mary
Gahagan, Owan
Gahagan, Patrick
Gaist, Ferdina
Gaist, John
Gaist, Modest
Gaist, Serele
Galagher, Charlotte
Galagher, Eliza
Galagher, Mary H.
Galagher, Michael
Galagher, Nancy
Galagher, Sarabell
Galagher, Sarah J.
Galagher, Stacy C.
Galigher, James
Galigher, John
Galigher, Joseph
Galigher, Margarett
Galigher, Michael
Galigher, Susanna
Gallagher, Mary
Galligher, Cha's
Garbile, William
Gardiner, Edgar
Gardiner, Greendall C.
Gardiner, Nancy M.
Gardiner, W'm
Gardiner, W'm L.
Gardner, Ann
Gardner, James
Gardner, John
Gardner, John
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Sarah
Garret, Flora
Garret, Francis
Garret, George
Garret, George
Garret, Selian
Garvin, Auguste
Garvin, John B.
Garvin, Legard
Garvin, Mary
Garvin, Peter
Garvin, Peter
Gaudreau, see Gudrow
Gauvin, André, as Gerau, Andrew
Gauvin, Georges, as Gerau, George
Gauvin, Hermine, as Gerau, Armina
Gauvin, Joseph, as Gerau, Joseph
Gauvin, Métaïde (possibly), as Gerau, Martin
Gauvin, Romuald, as Gerau, Remuel
Gauvin, Sophie, as Gerau, Sophia
Gedree, Alexander
Gedree, Aussim
Gedree, Dennis
Gedree, Eli
Gedree, Joseph
Gedree, Joseph
Gedree, Latic
Gedree, Marcel
Gedree, Marcina
Gedree, Margaret
Gedree, Martin
Gedree, Mary
Gedree, Savia
Gedree, William
Gerau, Andrew
Gerau, Armina
Gerau, George
Gerau, Joseph
Gerau, Martin
Gerau, Remuel
Gerau, Sophia
Gerist, Bozans
Gerist, Christopher
Gerist, John
Gerist, John B.
Gerist, Linn
Gerist, Mary
Gerist, Philomen
Gerist, Semo
Gervais, Auguste Garvin, Auguste
Gervais, Jean-Baptiste, as Garvin, John B.
Gervais, Léocadie, as Garvin, Legard
Gervais, Marie, as Garvin, Mary
Gervais, Pierre, as Garvin, Peter
Gervais, Pierre Garvin, Peter
Getchell, Benjamin
Getchell, Julia A.
Getchell, Margarett
Getchell, Mary A.
Getchell, Mary J.
Getchell, Sarah
Getchell, William
Giberson, Ann
Giberson, Cecilia
Giberson, Hilekiah
Giberson, J.M.
Giberson, Jedediah
Giberson, Josiah
Giberson, Mary Ann
Giberson, Simon
Giberson, Ziba
Gibony, James
Gibony, Thomas
Giggere, Agness
Giggere, Briner
Giggere, Delesse
Giggere, Elizabeth
Giggere, James
Giggere, John
Giggere, Mary
Giggere, Sally
Giggere, Samuel
Giggere, Seney
Gigguere, Abagail
Gigguere, Alverny
Gigguere, James
Gigguere, James
Gigguere, John
Gigguere, Julia Ann
Gigguere, Leonard
Gigguere, Maria
Gigguere, Mary
Gigguere, Nath'l
Gigguere, Pressilla
Gilman, Chase
Gilman, Fredrick
Gilman, Isabelle
Gilman, John F.
Gilman, John S.
Gilman, M**** B.
Gilman, Octavia
Gilman, Silus S.
Gilmore, W'm
Giver, Hannawell
Giver, Lezette
Giver, Margaret
Giver, Mary
Giver, Paul
Giver, Philomena
Glidden, Benjamin
Glidden, Cynthia
Glidden, Effa
Glidden, Emma
Glidden, George
Glidden, Jennett
Glidden, Vastha
Goding, ALmira
Goding, Amasa
Goding, Amasa, Jr.
Goding, Dorcas
Goding, Lewellyn
Goding, Mary
Goding, W'm
Golden, Hugh
Good, George
Gordon, Mary
Gormbey, Biddy
Gormbey, James
Gormbey, Jane
Gormbey, Patrick
Gorme, Anthony
Gorme, Juda
Gorme, Mary
Gorme, Octan
Gorme, Phillip
Gormeo, Alexander
Gormeo, Anna
Gormeo, Clorece
Gormeo, Eli
Gormeo, Joseph
Gormeo, Lewis
Gormeo, Marceline
Gormeo, Michael
Gormeo, Milea
Gormeo, Modest
Gormeo, Nancy
Gormeo, Rose
Gormeo, Sophia
Gormeo, Sophia
Gormeo, Thomas
Gormeo, Zayer
Gorne, Duffer
Gorne, Henri
Gorne, John
Gorne, Mary
Gorneo, Abram
Gorneo, Agle
Gorneo, Dena
Gorneo, Ely
Gorneo, Francis
Gorneo, Francis
Gorneo, Francis
Gorneo, Julia
Gorneo, Lucy
Gorneo, Madone
Gorneo, Malazer
Gorneo, Mary
Gorneo, Mary
Gorneo, Melaga
Gorneo, Milia
Gorneo, Philomen
Gorneo, Seleno
Gorneo, Xavier
Gorneo, Zeter
Gorrit, Ferebren
Gorrit, John B.
Gorrit, Stausee
Goss, Ann L.
Goss, Betsey W.
Goss, Cha's S.
Goss, Geo. W.
Goss, Harriet
Goss, Henry H.
Goss, Jasper
Goss, John S.
Goss, Rasathine
Goss, Rosanna
Goss, Susan B.
Goss, Tho's
Goss, Thomas
Goss, Thomas, Jr.
Gossdue, Anthony
Goter, Christine
Goter, Eli
Goter, Farazo
Goter, Harriett
Goter, Julian
Goter, Milia
Goter, Virginia
Gould, Gilman
Gould, Hartford
Grace, Cheschese
Grace, Cyprian
Grace, Cyprian
Grace, Demois
Grace, Elenor
Grace, Feremah
Grace, Margarett
Grace, Pascal
Grace, Savia
Grace, Vennsest
Grant, Ja's
Grantham, Abraham
Grantham, Ellen
Grantham, Geo.
Grantham, Isaac
Grantham, Jane
Grantham, Mary
Grantham, Mary N.
Graves, Jane
Graves, W'm
Gray, Ebenezer
Gray, Frank
Gray, James
Gray, Justus
Gray, Mary
Gray, Wilder
Gregory, Edward
Gritter, Rich'd
Gritter, Sarah
Gritter, Susan
Grivois-Guédry, Alexis, as Gedree, Alexander
Grivois-Guédry, Ansèlme, as Gedree, Aussim
Grivois-Guédry, Béloni, as Gedree, William
Grivois-Guédry, Dennis, as Gedree, Dennis
Grivois-Guédry, Hilaire, as Gedree, Eli
Grivois-Guédry, Joseph, as Gedree, Joseph
Grivois-Guédry, Joseph, as Gedree, Joseph
Grivois-Guédry, Marcel, as Gedree, Marcel
Grivois-Guédry, Marguerite, as Gedree, Margaret
Grivois-Guédry, Marie, as Gedree, Mary
Grivois-Guédry, Martine, as Gedree, Marcina
Grivois-Guédry, Martine, as Gedree, Martin
Grivois-Guédry, Thècle, as Gedree, Latic
Grivois-Guédry, Xavia, as Gedree, Savia
Gruce, Gennett
Gudrow, Deline
Gudrow, Jaques
Gudrow, Louisa
Gudrow, Peter
Gudrow, Philomen
Guédry see Gedree, Grivois-Guédry
Guérette see Garret, Gerist, Gorrit, Gaist
Guimond, Anastasie as Denore, Stause
Guimond, Dorumène as Denore, Doremin
Guimond, Germain as Denore, Jeremine
Guimond, Jean-Baptiste as Denore, John B.
Guimond, Julie as Denore, Julian
Guimond, Marcelline as Denore, Marceline
Guimond, Octave, as Denore, Octave
Guimond, Prudent as Denore, Prudent
Guimond, Prudent as Denore, Prudent
Guimond, Raymond as Denore, Remmo
Guy, Edward
Guy, Edward
Guy, Julia

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