Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: H-I

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Hacker, Ann M.
Hacker, Isaac
Hacker, James F.
Hacker, Violet
Hafey, Charlotte
Hafey, Christie A.
Hafey, Edwin
Haines, Albert
Haines, Daniel
Haines, Elizabeth
Haines, Eunice J
Haines, Francis
Haines, Frederick
Haines, George
Haines, Henry
Haines, Isadiah
Haines, J.W.
Haines, Jabez
Haines, James
Haines, John
Haines, Marilea
Haines, Mary
Haines, Mary
Haines, Mehalea
Haines, Nancy
Haines, Phebe
Haines, Theodoah
Hale, Allen G
Hale, Andrew
Hale, Charlotte M
Hale, Dennis
Hale, Dennis
Hale, Elesha
Hale, Francis E
Hale, Jane
Hale, Mareah
Haley, Mary A.
Haley, Rosanna
Haley, William
Hall, Bradbury
Hall, Caroline
Hall, Chanilla
Hall, Edward
Hall, Eleora
Hall, Enoch
Hall, Francevella
Hall, Greenfield
Hall, Harriett
Hall, Harriett
Hall, Harriett
Hall, Hellen F.
Hall, Hiram
Hall, Horrace
Hall, John
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Julia A.
Hall, Mary
Hall, Mary G.
Hall, Ruth
Hall, Ruth A.
Hall, Sarah
Hall, Ward
Hall, Watson
Hall, William H.
Hall, Winslow
Hamell, Henry
Hamilton, Abel
Hamilton, Henry
Hamilton, Marcy
Hamilton, Marcy
Hamilton, William
Hammond, Ann
Hammond, Bridgett
Hammond, Caroline
Hammond, Charles
Hammond, Charles
Hammond, Cook
Hammond, George
Hammond, Jacob
Hammond, John
Hammond, Mary
Hammond, Phebe
Hammond, Pressilla
Hammond, Richard
Hammond, Thomas
Hammond, Thomas
Hammond, Thomas C.
Hammond, Warren
Hammond, William C.
Hardison, Adi
Hardison, Ai
Hardison, Alva F.
Hardison, Dorcas
Hardison, Elizabeth
Hardison, Harvey
Hardison, Hiram
Hardison, Hiram P.
Hardison, Ivory
Hardison, Jacob
Hardison, James
Hardison, Martin
Hardison, Mary
Hardison, Mary A.
Hardison, Mary L.
Hardison, Oliver
Harford, Dan'l
Harford, Elizabeth
Harford, Esther
Harford, James
Harford, Jane
Harford, Jere'h
Harford, John
Harford, John
Harford, John
Harford, Martha
Harford, Mary
Harford, Mary
Harford, Mary
Harford, Mehalta
Harford, Mullerman
Harford, Randall
Harford, Samuel
Harford, William
Harris, Augusta
Harris, Cha's
Harris, Charlotte
Harris, Georgeanna
Harris, Hezekiah
Harris, Jarvis
Harris, John C.
Harris, Margaret
Harris, Mary
Harris, Sarah
Harris, Sophronia
Harris, Stephen
Harris, Thoda M.
Hart, Edward
Hart, Henry
Hart, John
Hart, Mary
Hart, Patrick
Hart, William
Harvey, Angeleca
Harvey, Angeleca
Harvey, Asa L.
Harvey, Belinda
Harvey, Clarissa
Harvey, Claudia
Harvey, Emeley H.
Harvey, Francis
Harvey, Francis
Harvey, Frederick
Harvey, Harriett
Harvey, James C.
Harvey, Lawrey
Harvey, Madline
Harvey, Mary
Harvey, Oliver
Harvey, Reuben
Harvey, Susan
Hasband, Angeline
Hasband, Weston R.
Hasty, Dan'l C.
Hasty, John H.
Hasty, Lydia
Hatch, Roxina
Hawes, Ann M.
Hawes, Benjamin
Hawes, Mary A.
Hawes, Orrick
Hawes, Prince
Hawes, Sarah
Hawes, Susan P.
Hawes, W'm R.
Hawes, Washington
Hazden, Cyrus F.
Hazden, Emery N.
Hazden, Freeman
Hazden, Granville A.
Hazden, Marrilla
Hazden, Sarah
Hébert, Bénoni, as Albert, Belony
Hébert, David, as Albert, David
Hébert, Eloi, as Albert, Ely
Hébert, Octave, as Albert, Octava
Hébert, Romain, as Albert, Reme
Hébert, Sophie, as Albert, Sophia
Hegwood, Albron P.
Hegwood, Emily
Hegwood, Sarah A.
Hegwood, Theodore
Helgot, David
Henderson, Ann
Henderson, B. D. E.
Henderson, Charles
Henderson, Elizabeth
Henderson, James
Henderson, Jane
Henderson, John
Henderson, John
Henderson, Luther
Henderson, Margarett
Henderson, Sarah
Henderson, Stephen
Herbare, Belony
Herbare, Elenor
Herbare, Julia
Herbare, Lavino
Herbare, Margaret
Herbare, Rajist
Herbare, Salme
Herbare, Vavia
Herbert, Alfred
Herbert, Christie
Herbert, Christine
Herbert, Demoy
Herbert, Edit
Herbert, Elenor
Herbert, Flora
Herbert, Frederick
Herbert, Frederick
Herbert, Haria
Herbert, Harriet
Herbert, Henry
Herbert, Janie
Herbert, Joseph
Herbert, Joseph
Herbert, Julia
Herbert, Julia
Herbert, Julia
Herbert, Laurent
Herbert, Louisa
Herbert, Magluone
Herbert, Magruld
Herbert, Marcel
Herbert, Margaret
Herbert, Margaret
Herbert, Mary
Herbert, Nora
Herbert, Paul
Herbert, Phemo
Herbert, Ramo
Herbert, Razest
Herbert, Remmo
Herbert, Silver
Herbert, Simon
Herbert, Soca
Herbert, Sophia
Herbert, Sophia
Herbert, Stausee
Herbert, Tarree
Herbert, Telleno
Herbert, Venson
Herbert, Vetal
Herbert, Vetal
Herbert, Victory
Herbert, Xavial
Herbert, Zapha
Herbert, Zeta
Herbert, Zetad
Herd, Barbery
Herd, Bridgett
Herd, Henry
Herd, Henry
Herd, Margrett
Herd, Mary
Herd, Morah
Herd, Sarah
Hewes, Caroline F.
Hewes, Delano A.
Hewes, Frances
Hewes, Stephen P.
Hickey, Daniel
Hickey, John
Hill, Abagale
Hill, Catherine
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, Sewell
Hill, Sewell
Hill, Thomas
Hillman, Sam'l
Hines, J.W.
Hines, Marcelles
Hobbs, Cha's E.
Hobert, Allah H.
Hobert, Almond J.
Hobert, Ann M.
Hobert, Drusilla
Hobert, Randolph B.
Hobert, Sophia M.
Hobert, Thomas J.
Hobert, William
Holland, Jane
Holland, Michael
Holmes, Alexander
Holmes, Daniel
Holmes, Drussilla
Holmes, Edmond
Holmes, Elza
Holmes, Hugh
Holmes, James
Holmes, James, Jr.
Holmes, Mary
Holmes, Meriam
Holmes, Samuel
Holmes, Sarah
Holmes, W'm H.
Honcey, Tho's
Honey, John M.
Honness, Franklin
Hooper, Susan
Hopkinson, Fransis
Hopkinson, Granvelle
Hopkinson, Henry
Hopkinson, Jon'a
Hopkinson, Susan
Hopkinson, William
Houghton, Betsey
Houghton, Polly
Houghton, Shevah
Houghton, William
House, Adeline
House, Almeda
House, Babe
House, Benj. R.
House, Geo. W.
House, George
House, Hannah
House, Lorany
House, Mary Ann
House, Pressilla
House, Vestha
House, Wilson
Houston, Noah
Howd, Adaline
Howd, Benj. A.
Howd, Benjamin
Howd, Franklin
Howd, Henry
Howd, Hiram
Howd, Ira
Howd, Lucretia
Howd, Mary
Howd, Mary
Howd, Syrena
Howell, Catherine
Howell, Cha's E.
Howell, George
Howell, John
Howell, Rich'd
Howell, William
Hoyt, Albert
Hoyt, Charles
Hoyt, Dennis
Hoyt, Dexter W.
Hoyt, Enoch
Hoyt, Hiram
Hoyt, John
Hoyt, Joshua
Hoyt, Julia
Hoyt, Levi
Hoyt, Louisa
Hoyt, Lucy
Hoyt, Orrin
Hoyt, Rachael
Hoyt, Rachael S.
Hoyt, Rich'd S.
Hoyt, Simeon
Hoyt, Stephen
Hoyt, Thomas
Hoyt, W'm K.
Hughes, John
Hughes, Laney
Hughes, Marcy
Hughes, Warren
Humphrey, Abel
Humphrey, Abel
Humphrey, Eliza J.
Humphrey, Lydia
Humphrey, Mary Jane
Humphrey, Rosanna
Hunnewell, Barnebas
Hunnewell, Barnebas
Hunnewell, Elz'th
Hunnewell, Fidelia
Hunnewell, Franklin
Hunnewell, Isabel
Hunnewell, Josephine
Hunter, Elijah
Hunter, Hannah
Hunter, James
Hunter, Jane
Hunter, Mary A.
Hunter, Matilda
Hyde, Fidelia
Hyde, Henry
Innis, Hannah
Innis, Lydia
Ireland, Augustus
Ireland, Betsey
Ireland, Charlotte E.
Ireland, Cilia
Ireland, Elizabeth
Ireland, Emma
Ireland, Geo.
Ireland, Hannah
Ireland, Isabel
Ireland, Joel
Ireland, John L.
Ireland, Jona
Ireland, Mary
Ireland, Mary
Ireland, Otis
Ireland, Silas
Ireland, Wheeler

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