Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Houlton Census District

Names: C

Callahan, Daniel
Callahan, Daniel, Jr.
Callahan, Elizabeth R.
Callahan, Ellen
Callahan, John
Callahan, Mary E.
Cameron, Alexander
Cameron, Catherine
Cameron, Chandler
Cameron, Charles
Cameron, James
Cameron, John
Cameron, John, Jr.
Cameron, Mary
Cameron, Phoebe
Cameron, Sylvanus
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Augusta H.
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Charles H.
Campbell, Luther
Campbell, Rebecca
Canada, Andrew
Canada, Frederic
Canada, Margaret
Canada, Orene
Canada, Robert
Canada, Sarah
Canada, William
Carey, W'm E.
Carl, Antony
Carl, Francis
Carnes, John
Carney, Alexander
Carney, Asa
Carney, David W.
Carney, Frederic
Carney, Hezekiah
Carney, James
Carney, Jane
Carney, John
Carney, Lucy Ann
Carney, Mallory
Carney, Mary Ann
Cartwright, William
Carvill, C.G.
Cary, Catherine
Cary, George
Cary, Jefferson
Cary, S.M.
Cary, Shepard
Cary, Susannah
Cary, Theodore
Cary, W'm H., Jr.
Cary, William C., 3rd
Cary, William H.
Cates, John
Cates, Martha M.
Cates, Mary W.
Cates, Rebecca
Cates, Solomon B.
Chandler, Bartlett
Chandler, Cyrus
Chandler, L.O.
Chandler, Marcella P.
Chandler, Rosetta J.
Chandler, Rosetta J.
Chase, Alonzo
Chase, Betsey
Chase, Charles
Chase, Charlotte
Chase, Charlotte
Chase, Deborah
Chase, Elizabeth
Chase, Emily
Chase, Ezra
Chase, Flora
Chase, George
Chase, George
Chase, Hannah
Chase, Hezekiah
Chase, Hiram
Chase, Hiram A.
Chase, Isaac
Chase, Isaac N.
Chase, John
Chase, Joseph F.
Chase, Julia Ann
Chase, Lucinda
Chase, Marcellus
Chase, Margaret
Chase, Mary
Chase, Melinda
Chase, Nancy
Chase, Peter
Chase, Reuben
Chase, Reuben G.
Chase, Rhoda E.
Chase, Ruth
Chase, Samuel
Chase, Sarah
Chase, Wade
Chase, Wesley
Chase, William
Chase, William
Chase, William K.
Chisholm, Alexander
Clark, Abner H.
Clark, Amanda J.
Clark, Arsenith D.
Clark, Berthna
Clark, Charles A.
Clark, Charles D.
Clark, David
Clark, George
Clark, James C.
Clark, James W.
Clark, James W., Jr.
Clark, John
Clark, John D.B.
Clark, Julia A.
Clark, Louise
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Mary Ann
Clark, Nancy
Clark, Nathaniel
Clark, Phoebe
Clark, Rebecca E.
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah A.
Clark, Stephen
Clark, William H.
Clayton, Charles
Clayton, Ira
Clayton, Sarah
Close, Thomas
Cochran, William
Cogan, David
Cogan, Edward
Cogan, Mary
Cogan, William
Cole, George W.
Cole, Mary F.
Colgan, James
Colgan, Sally
Collings, Benjamin
Collings, Benjamin, Jr.
Collings, Caroline A.
Collings, James W.
Collings, Jesse
Collings, Mary Ann
Collings, Sarah Ann
Collins, Almira
Collins, Henry Clary
Collins, Horatio
Collins, John
Collins, Jonas
Collins, Louisa
Collins, Margaret
Collins, Patrick
Collins, Phoebe
Collins, Samuel A.
Collins, Thomas A.
Collins, Watts T.
Collins, William A.
Collins, Winfield S.
Colton, Patrick
Cone, Martin
Connelly, James F.
Connors, Ann
Connors, David
Connors, Eliza
Connors, George
Connors, John
Connors, Maria
Connors, Peter
Connors, Sarah
Connors, Thomas
Conologue, Bridget
Conologue, Catherine
Conologue, Catherine
Conologue, Daniel
Conologue, Edward
Conologue, Edward
Conologue, James
Conologue, John
Conologue, Margaret
Cook, Amos P.
Cook, Henry L.
Cook, James
Cook, Lydia
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Sarah
Cook, William
Coolbroth, Benjamin
Coolbroth, Cyrus S.
Coolbroth, Hiram
Coolbroth, Ivory
Coolbroth, Mehitable
Coolbroth, Mehitable
Coolbroth, Nathan
Coolbroth, Royall B.
Copperthwaite, Elizabeth
Copperthwaite, George
Copperthwaite, Mary
Copperthwaite, Mary J.
Copperthwaite, Reuben
Copperthwaite, Samuel
Copperthwaite, William
Corliss, Albert
Corliss, Charles
Corliss, David
Corliss, Eliza
Corliss, Elizabeth
Corliss, Franklin
Corliss, Ira
Corliss, John
Corliss, Martha J.
Corliss, Rachel
Corliss, Willard
Corliss, Willard, Jr.
Cowin, Abial
Cowin, Betsey A.
Cowin, Elizabeth
Cowin, Joseph E.
Craigg, James
Cramp, Charles W.
Cramp, Christiana
Cramp, William
Crane, Isadore A.
Crane, Lydia J.
Crane, Margaret
Crane, Moses
Crane, Thomas
Crawford, George N.
Crawford, Jabez
Crawford, Margaret R.
Crawford, Mary Jane
Crawford, Mrs. Jane
Crawford, Sarah Frances
Cressey, Henry B.
Cressey, Joseph
Cressey, Zippora
Cripps, Josiah
Crosby, B. Franklin
Crosby, Cornelius
Crosby, Ebenezer
Crosby, Ebenezer Jr.
Crosby, George
Crosby, Mary Ann
Crosby, Samuel N
Crosby, Sarah Ann
Crowley, Patrick
Cummings, Ellen
Cummings, Lucy
Cummings, Mercy
Cummings, Morton
Cummings, Otis
Cummings, Roscoe
Cummings, Ruth
Cummings, Sarah
Cunliffe, William H.
Cunningham, Alice
Cunningham, Margaret
Currier, Adelaide C.
Cyphers, Albion
Cyphers, Ansel
Cyphers, David
Cyphers, David, Jr.
Cyphers, Henry
Cyphers, James
Cyphers, Mazilva
Cyphers, Rachel
Cyphers, Sarah
Cyphers, Sarah E.
Cyphers, Theophilus

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