Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Houlton Census District

Names: N-O

Nelson, Albina M.
Nelson, Allen G.
Nelson, Charles
Nelson, David A.
Nelson, Dennis
Nelson, Edward F.
Nelson, George W.
Nelson, Hannah
Nelson, Hazen
Nelson, Lucy A.
Nelson, Lydia
Nelson, Marshall
Nelson, Orren
Neville, Catherine
Neville, Elizabeth
Neville, James
Neville, James, Jr.
Neville, John
Neville, Margaret
Neville, Mark
Neville, Michael
Neville, Patrick
Newman, Alexander
Newman, David
Newman, Deborah
Newman, Jonathan
Newman, Rosanna
Newman, Thomas
Nichols, James
Nicholson, Elizabeth
Nicholson, George
Nicholson, James E.
Nicholson, Mary A.
Nicholson, Stephen
Niles, Ann
Niles, Ann
Niles, Charles M.
Niles, Clarence
Niles, George
Niles, Henry
Niles, James
Niles, John
Niles, John W.
Niles, Mary Ann
Niles, Rebecca
Niles, Reuben
Niles, Zerowa
Noble, Enoch
Norcross, B.S.
Northly, Francis
Nye, John
Nye, Joseph
Nye, Mary
Nye, Melissa
Nye, William
Nye, William J.
O'Brien, Caroline
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, Louise
O'Brien, Mary
O'Brien, Michael
O'Brien, William
O'Flaherty, Ann
O'Flaherty, Mary Ann
O'Flaherty, Peter
O'Laughlin, Elizabeth
O'Laughlin, W'm M.
O'Neal, Celia
O'Neal, Celia
O'Neal, Harry
O'Neal, Philip
O'Rourk, Hannah
O'Rourk, Mary
O'Rourk, Sally
O'Rourk, Sarah
O'Rourk, W'm
O'Rourk, W'm, Jr.
Oakes, Israel I.
Oakes, Lucy
Oliver, Elizabeth A.
Oliver, Emeline
Oliver, George
Oliver, Hannah
Oliver, Helen
Oliver, Henry N.
Oliver, James
Oliver, Jesse N.
Oliver, Nelson
Oliver, Rachel
Oliver, Sarah
Oliver, Susan
Osborn, E.N.
Osborn, Harriett J.
Osborn, John O.
Osborn, Margaret
Osborn, Stephen A.
Osborn, Thomas
Outhouse, R.H.
Owens, Barney
Owens, Margaret
Owens, Mary
Owens, Melissa

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