Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Houlton Census District

Names: P-Q

Packard, Abba W.
Packard, Caroline R.
Packard, Corbett L.
Packard, David
Packard, Eleazer
Packard, L.O.
Packard, Lucinda
Packard, Maria
Packard, Martha A.B.
Packard, Mary F.
Packard, Rosabelle J.A.
Packard, Susan L.
Packard, Thomas P.
Packard, Willard W.
Page, Ann Eliza
Page, Geo. B.
Page, Jerre
Page, Lucy Knox
Page, Margaret
Palmer, Robert
Palmer, Robert S.
Palmer, Rosa
Palmer, Thomas
Palmer, W'm
Parks, Albert Augustus
Parks, Albert H.
Parks, Ann Eliza
Parks, Eliza
Parks, Frances Amelia
Parks, George
Parks, Jonathan
Parks, Joseph
Parks, Joseph C.
Parks, Mahala
Parks, Marinda
Parks, Martha
Parks, Mary Ann
Parks, Mary D.
Parks, Mary E.
Parks, Samuel
Parks, Theodore
Parks, Thomas
Parks, Thomas B.
Parks, Zibiah
Parsons, John R.
Patchell, Eliza J.
Patchell, George B.
Patchell, Matilda
Patten, Geo. W., Jr.
Pearce, Abraham
Pearce, Fanny C.
Pearce, Frank W.
Pearce, Joseph
Pearce, Miss Sally
Pearce, Varney
Pennington, Geo. L.
Pennington, Hannah S.
Pennington, Isabel
Pennington, Isabella
Pennington, Mary E.
Pennington, Richard
Pennington, Wellington
Pennington, William
Pennington, William E.
Perkins, Alfred
Perkins, James Jr.
Perkins, Mary
Perry, Lucilla
Perry, Lydia J.
Perry, Oliver H.
Pervis, Charlotte
Pervis, Robert
Petre, James
Picard, Jacob
Picard, John
Picard, Mercy
Picard, Ruth
Pierce, Augustus
Pierce, Clarence
Pierce, Elizabeth F.
Pierce, Emma A.
Pierce, Francis W.
Pierce, Leonard
Pierce, Leonard, Jr.
Pierce, Mary S.
Pingrey, Abagail G.
Pingrey, Osgood
Pitcher, Charles S.
Pitcher, Lydia S.
Pitcher, Mary E.
Pitcher, Melancthon
Plummer, Silas
Pond, Geo.
Pond, Polly
Porter, Andrew
Porter, Andrew H.
Porter, Charles W.
Porter, David H.
Porter, Ellen
Porter, John
Porter, John W.
Porter, Margaret
Porter, Martha M.
Porter, Mary Ann
Porter, Sarah E.
Porter, Sarah J.
Powers, Ellen
Powers, Jane
Powers, Joseph P.
Powers, Levi L.
Pray, Basheba H.
Pray, Clarrissa
Pray, Edmund O.
Pray, Elisha C.
Pray, Lucy H.
Pray, Olive
Priestly, Colin
Priestly, George
Priestly, Jessie
Priestly, Mary
Prince, Augusta
Pullen, Abagail P.
Pullen, Betsey A.
Pullen, Charlotte
Pullen, Deborah
Pullen, James W.
Pullen, Lucinda
Pullen, Mary Doyle
Pullen, Perthena
Pullen, Stephen
Pullen, Stephen, Jr.
Putnam, Aaron
Putnam, Alvarez G.
Putnam, Augustus A.
Putnam, Aziel
Putnam, Betsey
Putnam, Black Hawk
Putnam, Charles
Putnam, Christiana
Putnam, Cordelia
Putnam, Hannah
Putnam, Henry H.
Putnam, Isa A.
Putnam, Jay S.
Putnam, John V.
Putnam, L.H.
Putnam, Lyman
Putnam, Lysander
Putnam, Maria B.
Putnam, Maria G.
Putnam, Mellen
Putnam, Mrs. Isa
Putnam, Polly C.
Putnam, Ruth L.
Putnam, Sally
Putnam, Sally
Putnam, Samuel W.
Putnam, Sarah
Putnam, Teresa
Putnam, Varney W.
Putnam, Willard H.

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