Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Southern Aroostook County Census District

Names: A-B

Adams, Aaron
Adams, Andrew
Adams, Ann J.
Adams, Catherine A.
Adams, Charles
Adams, Charlotte
Adams, Clarisa
Adams, Clarisa A.
Adams, David
Adams, Deborah
Adams, Deborah A.
Adams, Edward
Adams, Elisibeth
Adams, Fredrick
Adams, Hannah
Adams, Henry
Adams, Isaac
Adams, Isaac B.
Adams, Isabell
Adams, James A.
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, Justus
Adams, Loisa J.
Adams, Marada
Adams, Margaret E.
Adams, Martha M.
Adams, Mary E.
Adams, Mary J.
Adams, Orin T.
Adams, Richard
Adams, Richard F.
Adams, Robert A.
Adams, Royal S.
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Sarah B.
Adams, Thomas
Adams, Thomas M.
Adams, William
Adams, William M.
Adington, Harriet E.P.
Adington, Henrietta
Adington, Marada A.
Adington, Theodore
Adington, William
Alexander, Arthur
Alexander, Benjamin
Alexander, Christiana
Alexander, Christiana
Alexander, Daniel
Alexander, Hugh
Alexander, Hugh
Alexander, Leonard
Alexander, Mary
Allen, Abigail
Allen, Abisha
Allen, George
Allen, Mary A.
Allen, Orville
Allen, Sarah
Allen, Seth
Allen, William C.
Ames, Dority
Ames, Elaikim
Ames, Nancy
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, George
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, Isabell
Anderson, Joshua
Anderson, Lydia
Anderson, Nathan
Applebee, Angeline
Applebee, Ann
Applebee, Charles
Applebee, Eliza
Applebee, Fanny
Applebee, George
Applebee, Henry
Applebee, Murry
Archer, John
Atherton, Benjamin B.
Atherton, Catherine
Atherton, Charles
Atherton, Elbridge H.
Atherton, Isaac
Atherton, Joshua
Atherton, Mary N.
Atherton, Phebe
Atherton, Phebe
Atherton, William
Austin, Alpheus
Austin, Charles
Austin, James
Austin, Jane
Austin, Jerusha
Austin, Jonathan
Austin, Sarah
Austin, Stelira
Bamben, Caroline E.
Bamben, Maria
Barker, Benadict A.
Barker, Daniel J.
Barker, Henry
Barker, Mary A.
Barker, Olive
Barker, Rosanna
Barron, James
Barrows, Abigail
Barrows, Asa A.
Barrows, Caleb
Barrows, Dudley
Barrows, Emely
Barrows, Hannah
Barrows, Lucinda
Barrows, Malicha
Barrows, Moses
Bates, Albert H.
Bates, Bela
Bates, David B.
Bates, Elisibeth
Bates, Josiah
Bates, Sarah
Bates, Sophronia
Bates, Sthephen
Bean, Abislia B.
Bean, Daniel
Bean, Daniel
Bean, Daniel
Bean, David
Bean, Dudley
Bean, Greenleaf
Bean, Jonathan O.
Bean, Loisa
Bean, Ruth
Bean, Sarah
Bean, Serene
Bean, Susan
Bean, Timothy W.P.
Bean, Watson D.
Bean, William
Bell, Aba A.
Bell, Barbara
Bell, Charles E.
Bell, Charles E.
Bell, Charles H.
Bell, Daniel
Bell, Elisibeth
Bell, Elisibett
Bell, Eliza
Bell, George A.
Bell, Georgia A.
Bell, Isabell
Bell, Jane
Bell, Janette
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John F.
Bell, Julia A.
Bell, Lewis
Bell, Mary A.
Bell, Phebe E.
Bell, Richard
Bell, Sarah E.
Bell, Thomas
Bell, William
Benn, Amelia
Benn, Aram
Benn, Augustus
Benn, Catherine
Benn, Elisibeth
Benn, Ephraim
Benn, Ephraim W.
Benn, Ezekiel
Benn, Fredrick
Benn, Hannah
Benn, Jonathan
Benn, Julia A.
Benn, Leander
Benn, Mary J.
Benn, Matilda
Benn, Moses
Benn, Samuel
Benn, Sarah A.
Benn, Solomon
Benn, Sophia H.
Benn, Susan
Benn, Ursula
Bennet, Adar
Bennet, George A.
Bennet, James
Bennet, John
Bennet, Melvin
Bennet, Orville
Bennet, Putnam
Bennet, Ruel
Bennet, Sarah
Bennet, Whitaker
Benny, Ann
Benny, David
Benny, John
Benny, Thomas
Berry, Elvira
Berry, Samuel
Betts, Sally
Bickford, Edward
Bickford, Hiram
Bickford, Hiram J.
Bickford, Octave
Bickford, Octave A.
Bickford, Ruth
Bickford, Sarah F.
Bird, Eliza J.
Bird, Francis
Bird, James S.
Bird, John
Bird, Martha
Bird, Mary
Bird, Mary A.
Bird, Salina
Bird, Susan D.
Bird, Veronica
Bithen, Alvira
Bithen, Ann
Bithen, Ann
Bithen, Benjamin
Bithen, Benjamin F.
Bithen, Benjamin, Jr.
Bithen, Hiram H.
Bithen, Isaac
Bithen, James F.
Bithen, Joseph
Bithen, Loretta
Bithen, Major
Bithen, Maria
Bithen, Mary
Bithen, Mary J.
Bithen, Phineus L.
Bithen, Rhoda
Bithen, Roscoe
Bithen, Tilon
Bithen, Walter
Blunt, Barbara
Blunt, Barbara
Blunt, James F.
Blunt, Jesse
Blunt, Jesse
Bointon, Charles E.
Bointon, Philena
Bointon, Richard
Bointon, Sarah
Bointon, Sarah J.
Bointon, William H.
Bony, George
Boobar, Adalaide
Boobar, Amand
Boobar, David W.
Boobar, Elen
Boobar, Nancy J.
Boothbay, Charlotte
Bowley, Elias
Bowley, Jane
Bowley, Jotham
Bowley, Mary A
Boyle, Barnard
Boyle, Bridget
Boyle, John
Boyle, Matilda
Boyle, Peter
Boyle, Thomas
Bracket, Aaron
Bracket, Abigail
Bracket, Almeda
Bracket, Charles H.
Bracket, Frances
Bracket, George W.
Bracket, Gilbert L.
Bracket, Hiram
Bracket, Hiram
Bracket, Hiram C.
Bracket, Horace M.
Bracket, Lucinda
Bracket, Luther
Bracket, Margaret
Bracket, Nancy
Bracket, Ophelia
Bracket, William
Bradbury, Abigail
Bradbury, Abigail
Bradbury, Anne M.
Bradbury, Caroline
Bradbury, Charles F.
Bradbury, Christina
Bradbury, Christopher C.
Bradbury, Christopher C.
Bradbury, Christopher P.
Bradbury, Clarisa
Bradbury, Cyrus
Bradbury, Cyrus K.
Bradbury, Daniel
Bradbury, David
Bradbury, Ebenezer C.
Bradbury, George W.
Bradbury, Hall J.
Bradbury, Henry C.
Bradbury, Isaac
Bradbury, Isaac H.
Bradbury, Jabez
Bradbury, Jabez
Bradbury, James T.
Bradbury, Jane
Bradbury, Johanna
Bradbury, John
Bradbury, John A.
Bradbury, Julia A.
Bradbury, Loisa
Bradbury, Loranna
Bradbury, Martha
Bradbury, Mary
Bradbury, Mary
Bradbury, Mary J.
Bradbury, Nancy
Bradbury, Osgood
Bradbury, Rachel
Bradbury, Sally
Bradbury, Sally
Bradbury, Sally A.
Bradbury, Samuel
Bradbury, Samuel
Bradbury, Samuel
Bradbury, Sarah
Bradbury, Sarah
Bradbury, Thomas M.
Bradbury, Thomas M.
Bradbury, True
Bradbury, William
Bradbury, William T.
Bradford, Cordelia
Bradford, Lyman
Bradford, Onen
Bradford, Rebecca
Bradford, Sumner
Brady, Elen
Brady, Patrick
Brainard, Alice
Brainard, Catherine
Brainard, Elen
Brainard, Elisibett
Brainard, Mary
Brainard, Michael
Brainard, Sarah
Brainard, Thomas
Branen, Culven P.
Branen, Edwin D.
Branen, George
Branen, Julia A.
Branen, Mary E.
Branen, Nancy A.
Branen, Sthephen
Branen, Weston
Branen, William
Brewer, Rachel
Brice, Mary J.
Brinn, Bridget
Brinn, Elisibett
Brinn, John
Brinn, Julia
Brinn, Owen
Brinn, Patrick
Brodick, Michael
Brown, Alva G.
Brown, Betsy
Brown, Bradish
Brown, Bradish B.
Brown, Charles R.
Brown, Dianth H.
Brown, Elvina
Brown, Hannah C.J.
Brown, Hariet
Brown, Harriet
Brown, Harriet J.
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James F.
Brown, James W.
Brown, John H.
Brown, John H.
Brown, Julia
Brown, Lauceariah
Brown, Leina
Brown, Lewis
Brown, Luther
Brown, Mary A.
Brown, Nancy C.
Brown, Noah J.
Brown, Patrick
Brown, Phebe
Brown, Richard H.
Brown, Rosetta K.
Brown, Sarah W.
Brown, Thomas J.
Brown, William
Brown, William
Buck, Africa
Buck, Daniel
Buck, George W.
Buck, Henry A.
Buck, Jane
Buck, Rebecca S.
Buckley, Thomas
Buckly, John
Burke, John
Burke, Margaret
Burley, Aaron A.
Burley, Albert A.
Burley, Caroline
Burley, Caroline P.
Burley, Charles E.
Burley, Edwin C.
Burley, Frances E.
Burley, Moses
Burley, Moses
Burley, Parker P.
Burley, Samuel K.
Burns, James
Burns, Mary A.
Burt, George S.G.
Burton, Anncelana
Burton, Christiana
Burton, Gardiner R.
Burton, George F.
Burton, Lidia J.
Burton, Maria A.
Burton, Rosanna P.
Burton, Sally
Burton, Thomas
Butterfield, Albert
Butterfield, Alissa
Butterfield, Almeda
Butterfield, Alonzo
Butterfield, Alonzo
Butterfield, Amanda
Butterfield, Asa
Butterfield, Caroline
Butterfield, Clarra
Butterfield, Coridon
Butterfield, Elen A.
Butterfield, Franklin
Butterfield, George
Butterfield, George W.
Butterfield, Harrison
Butterfield, Henry P.
Butterfield, Horatio
Butterfield, James
Butterfield, John
Butterfield, Joseph
Butterfield, Joseph J.
Butterfield, Lewis E.
Butterfield, Lyman E.
Butterfield, Martin
Butterfield, Mary
Butterfield, Mary
Butterfield, Mary A.
Butterfield, Nancy
Butterfield, Rebecca
Butterfield, Rhoda
Butterfield, Samuel
Butterfield, Samuel M.
Butterfield, Sarah
Butterfield, Sophronia
Butterfield, Sophronia
Butterfield, Sthephen
Butterfield, Susan
Butterfield, Tenny
Butterfield, Tenny
Butterfield, William
Butterfield, William
Butterfield, William
Butterfield, William
Buzzell, Andrew J.
Buzzell, Benjamin
Buzzell, Comfort
Buzzell, Deborah A.
Buzzell, Eliza
Buzzell, Henry
Buzzell, Isabel
Buzzell, John C.
Buzzell, Joseph
Buzzell, Mary J.
Buzzell, Matilda
Buzzell, Nancy
Buzzell, Susan A.
Byrne, Bridgit
Byrne, Elen
Byrne, Elen
Byrne, James
Byrne, John
Byrne, John
Byrne, Mary
Byrne, Peter
Byron, Benjamin
Byron, David
Byron, Esther
Byron, Esther A.
Byron, George
Byron, Hezekiah
Byron, Jacob
Byron, James
Byron, John
Byron, Josiah
Byron, Samuel
Byron, Sarah
Byron, Sarah A.
Byron, Sophia

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