Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Southern Aroostook County Census District

Names: C

Caldwell, Asbury
Caldwell, Francis
Caldwell, Hiram P.
Caldwell, John W.
Caldwell, Leonard
Caldwell, Levi
Caldwell, Margaret
Caldwell, Maria
Caldwell, Philip
Caldwell, Susan M.
Caldwell, Wesley
Calwell, Alexander
Calwell, Mary
Carol, John
Carpenter, David
Carpenter, Jane
Carpenter, John C.
Carpenter, Mary A.
Carpenter, Nancy
Carpenter, Sarah J.
Carpenter, Simon
Carr, Harriet A.
Carr, Hester
Carr, Mary
Carr, Sarah A.
Carrol, Mary
Carrol, Mary
Carroll, James
Carroll, John
Carroll, Mary
Carven, Martha A.
Cary, Bridget
Cary, Martin
Casey, Christopher
Casey, Elisibeth
Casey, John
Casey, Margarett
Casey, Mary
Casey, Sarah
Casey, Thomas
Casey, Thomas
Casey, William
Casity, Margaret
Casity, Mathew
Casity, Philip
Cathalin, Catherine
Cathalin, John
Cathalin, Susan
Cathalin, Thomas
Cathalin, Thomas
Chadbourn, Danvell S.
Chadbourn, Harriet L
Chadbourn, Henry W
Chadbourn, Humphrey
Chadbourn, Humphrey
Chadbourn, Jane W.
Chadbourn, Josephine R
Chadbourn, Susan
Chase, Hezekiah
Chesley, Bealy
Chesley, Hiram H.
Chesley, Jeferson
Chesley, John
Chesley, Matilda
Chesley, William
Churchill, Emely
Clapham, Adeline
Clapham, Charles G.
Clapham, Daniel
Clapham, Melinda
Clapham, Rosanna
Clapham, Sophronia
Clapham, Sthephen
Clark, Charles
Clark, Charles
Clark, David
Clark, Elisibeth
Clark, Elisibeth
Clark, Hannah
Clark, Harriet N.
Clark, Henry
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Julia A.
Clark, Lovina
Clark, Lyman
Clark, Mary
Clark, Peter
Clark, Sarah
Clark, William
Clark, William
Cleaves, Albert
Cleaves, Alonzo
Cleaves, Appleton
Cleaves, Maria
Cleaves, Rhoda
Cleaves, Samuel
Clemons, Anette
Clemons, Bartlett
Clemons, Eli
Clemons, Layfaett
Clemons, Sally
Clifford, Benjamin F.
Clifford, Cinthia
Clifford, David
Clifford, Edith
Clifford, Edwin
Clifford, Elisibeth
Clifford, Emely S.
Clifford, James
Clifford, John S.
Clifford, John S.
Clifford, Jonas S.
Clifford, Jonathan T.
Clifford, Joseph
Clifford, Julia
Clifford, Julian A.
Clifford, Laticia
Clifford, Lidia A.
Clifford, Martha
Clifford, Mary
Clifford, Melissa
Clifford, Phebe A.
Clifford, Phebe J.
Clifford, Phebe S.
Clifford, Seth S.
Clifford, Warren
Clough, Alanson
Clough, Benjamin D.
Clough, Caroline
Clough, Charles F.P.
Clough, Clarrinda H.
Clough, Eliza
Clough, Eunice
Clough, John H.
Clough, Judson
Clough, Lavonia
Clough, Leonard
Clough, Loreda
Clough, Lyonel
Clough, Marshall
Clough, Royal S.
Cobb, Anne M.
Cobb, Florence
Cobb, Francis
Cobb, Joseph
Cobb, Josephine C.
Cobb, Julia
Cobb, Julia
Cobb, Mary A.
Cobb, Oscar
Cobb, Stephen
Cobb, Zillah
Coburn, Charles
Coburn, Christopher C.
Coburn, Laura
Coburn, Silas
Cochrane, Alexander
Cochrane, David
Cochrane, David
Cochrane, Isaac
Cochrane, Isaac
Cochrane, Jane
Cochrane, Martha
Cochrane, Mary J.
Cochrane, Mathew
Cochrane, Peter
Cochrane, Samuel
Cochrane, William
Coffin, Alonzo K.
Coffin, Betsy B.
Coffin, David N.B.
Coffin, Edmund
Coffin, Hannah
Coffin, Sarah A.
Coffin, Susan H.
Coffin, Whitman H.
Cogsdell, Aaron
Cogsdell, John
Cogsdell, Lucy A.
Cogsdell, Mary A.
Coile, Andrew
Coile, Denis
Coile, Mary
Coile, Phebe
Coile, Rhoda
Coile, William
Colamer, George
Colamer, Henry
Colamer, John
Colamer, John F.
Colamer, Margaret
Colamer, Mary
Colier, Anne
Colier, Arthur
Colier, Belinda
Colier, Catherine
Colier, Charles
Colier, David
Colier, Elisibett
Colier, Eunice
Colier, George
Colier, George
Colier, Irene
Colier, Isaac
Colier, James
Colier, Jane
Colier, Jemima
Colier, John
Colier, John
Colier, John M.
Colier, Joseph
Colier, Lorra
Colier, Martha
Colier, Mary A.
Colier, Matilda
Colier, Matilda
Colier, Robert
Colier, Samuel
Colier, Susan
Colier, Susan
Colier, Susan
Colier, Thomas
Colier, Willard
Colier, William
Colier, Zemro
Colkins, Andrew J.
Colkins, Charles
Colkins, Charles
Colkins, Elisibeth
Colkins, Eliza R.
Colkins, George A.
Colkins, James
Colkins, Rebecca
Collins, Andrew
Collins, Ann
Collins, Christiana
Collins, Ebenezer
Collins, Ebenezer
Collins, Eunice
Collins, Jeremiah
Collins, Loiza
Collins, Lucinda
Collins, Luther
Collins, Mary
Collins, William M.
Colson, Betsy
Colson, Climenia
Colson, Henry
Colson, Mary
Colson, William H.
Comstock, Owen
Comstock, Sarah
Comstock, William J.
Conant, Alvira
Conant, Augustus E.
Conant, Caroline M.
Conant, John
Conant, Lucy H.
Cone, Adaline
Cone, Barbara
Cone, Edmund
Cone, Elisha
Cone, Humphrey
Cone, Lydia
Cone, Mary E.
Cone, Milo
Cone, Temperance
Cone, William H.
Cook, Mary
Cookson, Christopher C.
Cookson, Daniel
Cookson, Eli
Cookson, Isiah
Cookson, Lucinda
Cookson, Maria
Cookson, Olive
Cooper, Crosby
Cooper, Foley
Cooper, Ira
Cooper, James
Cooper, Mehitible
Cooper, Nicholas
Cooper, Samantha J.
Corigan, John
Corigan, Martha J.
Corigan, Mary A.
Corigan, Mary J.
Corigan, Rosanna
Corigan, Thomas
Corless, David
Corless, Ebenezer
Corless, John
Corless, Lucy
Corning, Caroline
Corning, Charles
Corning, Clement
Corning, Elisile H.
Corning, Joseph H.
Corning, Lewis
Cornish, Arthur
Cotter, Bridget
Cotter, Catherine
Cotter, Margaret
Cotter, Mary A.
Cotter, Michael
Cowley, Antee
Cowley, Daniel
Cowley, Elisibeth
Cowley, James
Cowley, Maria
Cowley, Mary
Coysdell, Lothrin
Craig, Augustine
Craig, Elisibett R.
Craig, Eliza
Craig, Jesse
Craig, Lidia B.
Craig, Mary
Craig, Sarah A.
Craig, William H.
Craige, Abner
Crane, Abigail
Crane, Abigail
Crane, Amos
Crane, Daniel
Crane, David
Crane, Mary
Crane, Mary
Crane, Mary E.
Crane, Moses
Crane, Noah
Crane, Rhoda A.
Crane, Stephen
Crane, Susan
Crane, William
Crane, William E.
Crowa, Catherine
Crowa, John
Crowa, Mary
Crowa, Michael
Crowa, Richard
Crowa, Timothy
Cruden, Catherine
Cruden, Frances
Cruden, James
Cruden, Sarah
Cruden, Thomas
Cumberland, William
Cumings, Daniel
Cumings, Daniel
Cumings, Loisa
Cumings, William
Cunningham, Edward
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, Owen
Curier, Betsy
Curier, Caroline
Curier, Ephraim
Curier, George E.
Curier, Julia
Curtis, Benjamin
Curtis, Benjamin
Curtis, Calvin B.
Curtis, Caroline
Curtis, Caroline
Curtis, Charles A.
Curtis, Elisibett L.
Curtis, Frank A.
Curtis, George W.
Curtis, James
Curtis, Melvin
Curtis, Nancy
Curtis, Nancy
Curtis, Rosanna
Cushman, Alfred
Cushman, Alfred
Cushman, Charles
Cushman, Cyrus
Cushman, Edward
Cushman, Ezra
Cushman, Joseph
Cushman, Lavine
Cushman, Lorane
Cushman, Mary
Cushman, Rebecca

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