Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Southern Aroostook County Census District

Names: Q-R

Qualey, Edward
Qualey, Elen
Qualey, John
Qualey, Martin
Qualey, Mary
Qualey, Michael
Qualey, Sarah
Qualey, Theressa
Qualey, William
Quimby, Experience
Quimby, Jonathan
Quimby, Warren
Quimby, William
Quint, Ann
Quint, Calvin
Quint, Edwin
Quint, Elisabeth
Quint, Hannah
Quint, Harriet
Quint, Henry
Quint, Luther
Quint, Luther
Quint, Mandana
Quint, Pauline
Randal, Charles H.
Randal, Hannah
Randal, Jane
Randal, Stephen
Randal, Stephen A.J.
Randal, William
Randall, Alexas
Reed, Alexander
Reed, Bridet
Reed, Eliza J.
Reed, Hubert
Reed, John
Reed, John
Reed, Lucinda
Reed, Mary
Reed, William
Rhody, Elen
Rhody, Jane
Rhody, Lidia
Rhody, Lilly J.
Rhody, Mary A.
Rhody, Rebecca
Rhody, Richard
Rhody, Samuel
Rhody, Samuel
Rideout, Eunice
Rigby, Eveline
Rigby, George W.
Rigby, John K.
Riley, Bridget
Riley, Catherine
Riley, Frances E.
Riley, James
Riley, Owen
Riley, Peter
Riley, Sarah
Ring, Joseph
Rion, Ann
Rion, Ann
Rion, Francis H.
Rion, James
Rion, James
Rion, John
Rion, John
Rion, Mary
Rion, Mary
Rion, Thomas
Rivers, Amelia
Robbins, Ephraim W.
Robbins, Hannah C.
Robinson, Arthur
Robinson, Daniel
Robinson, David
Robinson, Edwin
Robinson, Elen M.
Robinson, Ellis
Robinson, Famicha
Robinson, George
Robinson, Nathaniel S.
Robinson, Ruth
Robinson, Spaulding
Rogers, Patrick
Rollins, Amanda
Rollins, Benjamin
Rollins, Goram
Rollins, Greenwood
Rollins, John
Rollins, John
Rollins, John S.
Rollins, Levi S.
Rollins, Lucy B.
Rollins, Susanna
Rollins, Thankful
Ross, James
Rowe, Arrowbine
Rowe, Charles
Rowe, Eri
Rowe, Joel
Rowe, John
Rowe, John
Rowe, Lidia
Rowe, Roger
Rowe, Sally
Rowe, Sarah E.
Royal, Charles
Royal, Isabel
Royal, Jerusha
Royal, John
Royal, Mary
Rush, Catherine
Rush, Elen
Rush, Elisibeth
Rush, Francis
Rush, Henry
Rush, John
Rush, John D.
Rush, Margaret
Rush, Margarett
Rush, Mary H.
Rush, Sarah
Rush, Sarah
Russel, Benjamin
Russel, Desire J.
Russel, Eunice
Russel, Henry
Russel, Israel
Russel, Jacob M.
Russel, Margaret
Russel, Margaret
Russel, Margaret A.
Russel, Mary
Russel, Nelson
Russel, Samuel
Russel, Samuel
Russel, Sarah
Russel, Thomas C.
Russell, Asa
Russell, Catherine
Russell, Dana B.
Russell, Fredrick
Russell, George
Russell, George S.
Russell, Harriet C.
Russell, James T.
Russell, John
Russell, John B.
Russell, Lucinda
Russell, Margaret
Russell, Mary E.
Russell, Mary J.
Russell, Rosaline
Russell, Samuel
Russell, Thomas
Ruth, Eliza
Ruth, Esther
Ruth, Esther
Ruth, Isabell
Ruth, James
Ruth, James
Ruth, Margaret
Ruth, Mary A.
Ruth, Nancy
Ruth, Nancy
Ruth, Robert
Ruth, Robert
Ruth, Robert
Ruth, Samuel
Ruth, Sarah

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