Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Southern Aroostook County Census District

Names: S

Sapheny, Thomas
Sarjeant, Abigail C.
Sarjeant, Columbus G.
Sarjeant, John
Sarjeant, John G.
Sarjeant, Julia
Sarjeant, Lewis
Sarjeant, Lewis
Sarjeant, Matilda
Sarjeant, William P.
Sawyer, Betsy
Sawyer, David
Sawyer, Eunice
Sawyer, Harrison
Sawyer, Isaac
Sawyer, Joanna
Sawyer, John
Sawyer, Julia A.
Sawyer, Lydia G.
Sawyer, Peter
Sawyer, Peter D.
Sawyer, Stephen
Scott, Charles
Scott, Charles
Scott, Elisibeth
Scott, Emen
Scott, Ezekiel
Scott, Florentha
Scott, Frances
Scott, Frances J.
Scott, Harriet
Scott, Isabel
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Susan C.
Scott, William
Scott, William
Scott, William H.
Scott, Zeporah
Scribner, A.S.
Scribner, Clarea E.
Scribner, Daniel
Scribner, Daniel
Scribner, Diana
Scribner, Emeline A.
Scribner, George W.
Scribner, Hannah
Scribner, Jemima
Scribner, Martha A.
Scribner, Mary
Scribner, Nathaniel
Scribner, Patience A.
Scribner, William R.
Scuder, Betsy
Scuder, James K.
Scuder, Joanna
Scuder, John
Scuder, Lois
Scuder, Lois
Scuder, Pemelia
Scuder, Serene
Scuder, Silas
Sewell, David A.
Sewell, Frederick
Sewell, George M.
Sewell, Levi
Sewell, Pauline W.
Sewell, Rebecca
Sewell, Samuel T.
Sewell, Sarah E.
Sewell, William W.
Sharp, Benjamin
Shaw, Charles
Shaw, Eugene P.
Shaw, Juliaett
Shaw, Putnam
Shaw, Sophronia
Sheilds, Betsy
Sheilds, Calvin
Sheilds, Charles
Sheilds, Charles H.
Sheilds, Christiana
Sheilds, Darius
Sheilds, Edward
Sheilds, Emely
Sheilds, Hannah
Sheilds, Harriet
Sheilds, Henry
Sheilds, Henry C.
Sheilds, Isaac
Sheilds, James
Sheilds, John
Sheilds, John
Sheilds, Jonathan
Sheilds, Melvin
Sheilds, Noah J.
Sheilds, Rachael
Sheilds, Rachael
Sheilds, Samuel
Sheilds, Theodore
Sheilds, Thomas
Sheilds, Thomas O.
Sheilds, True
Sheilds, William A.
Sheperd, Abigail
Sheperd, Ann E.
Sheperd, Anzru
Sheperd, Jane
Sheperd, Martha
Sheperd, Mary A.
Sheperd, Rebecca
Sheperd, Samuel
Sheperd, Samuel W.
Sheridan, Alexander J.
Sheridan, Hugh
Sheridan, Jerusha
Sheridan, Margarett J.
Sheridan, Mary A.
Sheridan, Sarah
Sherman, Catherine
Sherman, George
Sherman, Henry
Sherman, Thomas
Sherman, William
Sherman, Winslow
Shields, Caroline E.
Shields, Caroline F.
Shields, Chester
Shields, Dudley
Shields, Ezra
Shields, George
Shields, Henrietta
Shields, Isabell J.
Shields, Jerusha
Shields, Mary F.
Shields, Nancy B.
Shields, Olive S.
Shields, Susan
Shinlie, John
Shory, Eliza A.
Shory, Harriet
Shory, Hellen M.
Shory, Joseph E.
Shory, Mary C.
Shory, Randolph
Shory, Rufus K.
Shory, Ursula
Silk, John
Simons, Albert
Simons, John W.
Simons, Joshua J.
Simons, Martha A.
Simons, Ruth
Simons, Samuel S.
Simons, Sthephen
Simons, William
Sinclair, Lucy
Sinclair, Richard
Sinclair, Richard
Sinclair, Sarah P.
Skanland, Elen
Skanland, Elen
Skanland, James
Skanland, John
Skanland, Margarett
Skanland, Owen
Skidgell, Ann
Skidgell, David
Skidgell, Harriet
Skidgell, Henry
Skidgell, Jane
Skidgell, Polly
Skidgell, Ruth
Skidgell, William
Skilinger, Jacob
Sleeper, Ellen A.
Sleeper, Mary E.
Small, George
Small, Laura A.
Small, Mary
Small, William R.
Smart, Abigail
Smart, Catherine
Smart, Charles
Smart, Charles W.
Smart, Elisibeth
Smart, George
Smart, Harriet
Smart, James
Smart, James
Smart, John
Smart, John A.
Smart, Julia A.
Smart, Lewis
Smart, Mary
Smart, Nathan
Smart, Olive
Smart, Peter
Smart, Rebecca
Smart, Richard W.
Smart, Robert
Smart, Sarah
Smart, Thomas
Smith, Abigail
Smith, Adaline
Smith, Adaniram
Smith, Albert G.
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Allen T.
Smith, Amanda
Smith, Ann E.
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles L.
Smith, Chatherine
Smith, Clarra
Smith, Coffin
Smith, Cordelia
Smith, Cyrus
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Deborah
Smith, Elisibeth
Smith, Elisibeth
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Emely
Smith, Emma
Smith, Evelin
Smith, Francis
Smith, Francis
Smith, George A.
Smith, George H.
Smith, Guilford
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Hugh
Smith, Ida
Smith, Isaac
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John L.
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph O.
Smith, Joseph O.
Smith, Judith
Smith, Keziah
Smith, Leonard
Smith, Loiza
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Martha
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary A.
Smith, Mary J.
Smith, Michael
Smith, Nathaniel
Smith, Priscilla
Smith, Randolph
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Sthephen
Smith, Susan
Smith, Theodore
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas M.
Smith, Warren
Smith, Wesley
Smith, Weston
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, Zemra A.
Spaulding, Albion
Spaulding, Alexander
Spaulding, Alonzo
Spaulding, Daniel
Spaulding, David
Spaulding, George W.
Spaulding, Margaret
Spaulding, Mary J.
Spaulding, Seth
Spaulding, Thomas O.
Spaulding, Willard
Sprague, Catherine
Sprague, Catherine
Sprague, Edward
Sprague, George
Sprague, Jeremiah
Sprague, John
Sprague, Susan A.
Sprague, William
Springer, Albert S.
Springer, Ann M.
Springer, Benjamin F.
Springer, Danvill D.
Springer, Eliza E.
Springer, Freman R.
Springer, George H.
Springer, Hannah M.
Springer, Harriet F.
Springer, Henry K.
Springer, Hiram S.
Springer, John
Springer, John W.
Springer, Julia A.
Springer, Mary
Springer, Mercy
Springer, Nancy
Springer, Nathan W.S.
Springer, Rebecca J.
Springer, Stetly
Spurr, Albert
Spurr, Alden
Spurr, Alden
Spurr, Amanda
Spurr, John
Spurr, Mary J.
Spurr, Olive
Spurr, Sarah
Spurr, Sarah
Staples, John A.
Starett, David
Starett, Fanny
Starett, George
Starett, James
Starett, James
Starett, Jane
Starett, Jane
Starett, Jane
Starett, Jane
Starett, Janett
Starett, Janett
Starett, Margaret
Starett, Mary J.
Starett, Moses
Starett, Moses
Starett, Rebecca
Starett, Sarah
Starett, William
Starett, William
Starkie, David
Starkie, Sarah
Steene, Adams
Steene, Elen
Steene, Frances
Steene, Margaret
Steene, Margaret A.
Steene, Mary
Steene, Sarah
Stenant, Sarah S.
Stephens, Charles W.
Stephens, Howard W.
Stephens, John
Stephens, Lorinda F.
Stetson, Gideon
Stetson, Henrietta S.
Stetson, Leah
Stewart, David
Stewart, Isabell
Stewart, John
Stewart, John
Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, Mary A.
Stewart, Michael
Stewart, Sarah J.
Stimson, Bennett P.
Stimson, Fredrick
Stimson, Jane A.
Stimson, Joseph
Stimson, Mary
Stimson, Mary
Stimson, Randolph
Stitham, Aathan
Stitham, Alonzo
Stitham, Catherine
Stitham, Thadeus
Stone, John
Stone, Josephine
Stone, Lucy
Stone, Martha B.
Stone, Persia B.
Stone, Salone
Stone, Varnun P.
Stone, William
Story, Joseph
Straw, Asa
Straw, Eliza
Straw, Lucy S.
Straw, Mary P.
Straw, Sarah L.
Strout, George H.
Stubbs, Fredrick
Stubbs, Henry S.
Stubbs, Huldah M.
Stubbs, Lois A.
Stubbs, Margaret E.
Stubbs, Mary E.
Swan, Clarra
Swan, Ebenezer
Swan, Matilda
Swan, Oscar
Sweney, Ann
Sweney, Ann
Sweney, Anne
Sweney, Edward
Sweney, Edward
Sweney, James
Sweney, John
Sweney, John
Sweney, Maranel
Sweney, Sarah

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