Column headings for Schedule II of 1851 New Brunswick Census

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In the transcription of Schedule II of Andover Parish, I have put numbers at the tops of columns due to space constraints.  If you put the cursor over those numbers, a popup box will appear with the column description.  Below is the list of column descriptions, with the numbers I use in this transcription.  Wording is from the original census form.

As mentioned elsewhere, Schedule II was meant to gather this information for each township or parish. Adam Beveridge, the census taker for Andover Parish, mistakenly gathered it for each household.  Thus the first column, entitled "Name and description of Parish or City, or District in such Parish or City, and within what County" includes instead the name of the head of household.

Other columns:

Question 1st.
1 Inhabited Houses
2 By how many Families Inhabited
Question 2d.
3 Houses now Building
Question 3d.
4 Uninhabited Houses
Question 4th.
5 Stores, Barns and Out-houses
6 Number of Births during preceding year
7 Number of Deaths during preceding year
Grammar Schools
8 Number of Children attending Grammar Schools
Parish Schools
9 Number of Children attending Parish Schools
Cleared Land
10 Estimated quantity of Cleared Land
11 Tons of Hay cut
12 Bushels of Wheat raised
13 Bushels of Barley raised
14 Bushels of Oats raised
15 Bushels of Buckwheat raised
16 Bushels of Indian Corn raised
17 Bushels of Peas and Beans raised
18 Bushels of Turnips raised
19 Bushels of Potatoes raised
20 Bushels of other Root Crops raised
21 Number of Neat Cattle
22 Number of Cows, how many milked
23 Quantity of Butter
24 Number of Horses
25 Number of Sheep
26 Number of Swine

Buildings of Different
27 Numbers of Churches and places of Worship
28 Number of Schools
Number of Saw Mills and hands employed
29 Mills
30 Hands
Number of Grist Mills and hands employed
31 Mills
32 Hands

Number of Tanneries and hands employed
33 No.
34 Hands
Number of Foundries and hands emplooyed
35 No.
36 Hands
Number of Weaving and Carding Establishments and hands employed
37 No.
38 Hands
39 Number of Hand Looms
40 Number of yards of Woolen cloth Manufactured
Number of Factories other than the above, and hands employed
41 No.
42 Hands

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