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2. Joseph DIONNE was born and baptized on 3 Dec 1797 at Ste-Anne, Québec. He appeared in the 1831 census of Lower Canada (Québec), in Rivière Ouelle, Kamouraska County (p.296). He died on 2 Feb 1884 in Ste-Flavie (Rimouski), Québec.

He was married to Séraphine DUBÉ (daughter of Pierre DUBÉ and Théo. LANCOGNARD-SANTERRE) on 5 Jul 1825 in Rivière-Ouelle, Québec. (3) Joseph DIONNE and Séraphine DUBÉ had the following children:

child+18 i. Séraphine DIONNE.

He was married to Julie PLOURDE (daughter of Prosper PLOURDE and Angélique RICHARD) on 9 Feb 1836 in St-Pascal, Kamouraska, Québec. (4) Joseph DIONNE and Julie PLOURDE had the following children:

child+19 i. Bruno DIONNE.
childJulie DIONNE was bon on 10 Feb 1841 at St-Pascal, Kamouraska, Québec. She never married. She died on 14 Apr 1938 in St-Joseph-de-Lepage, Québec.
childCélanire DIONNE was bor on 21 Oct 1843. She was married to Édouard GIFFARD. She died after 1904, probably in Montréal.

(Some of the information on this family is from the web site of Jacques Dionne.)

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