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9. Olympe DIONNE .

She was married to André BÉRUBÉ (son of André BÉRUBÉ and Marie Josette SOUCY) on 2 Mar 1835 in La Pocatière, Québec. (8) They moved to St-Octave-de-Métis sometime before 1862. They had the following children (information on children from website of Jacques Dionne):

child i. Artémise BÉRUBÉ was married to Joseph LAVOIE (son of Fabien and Marcelline ST-PIERRE) on 7 Jan 1861 in Ste- Flavie, Québec.
child ii. André BÉRUBÉ was born about 1838. He married Caroline GENDRON on 27 Jan 1863 in St-Octave-de-Métis, Québec. He was buried at St-Octave on 11 Dec 1868 at the age of 30.
child iii. Philomène BÉRUBÉ was born about 1838. She married Joseph-Jérémie BEAULIEU (son of Moyse and Angélique ROY) on 9 Sep 1867 at St-Octave-de-Métis. She died on 20 Feb 1922, at the age of 84, in Baie-des-Sables. Jérémie BEAULIEU died on 21 Sep 1899, at the age of 54 years and six months, at Baie-des-Sables.
child iv. Joseph BÉRUBÉ was born about 1840. He was married to Séraphine (Sérazine) LÉVESQUE on 19 Aug 1867 in Ste-Flavie. He died 3 Apr and was buried 5 Apr 1874, at the age of about 34, at Ste-Angèle, Québec.
child v. Barthelémy BÉRUBÉ was born about 1842. He was bured on 18 Oct 1845 at Saint-Pascal, Kamouraska, Québec, at the age of 3 years.
child vi. Claire BÉRUBÉ was born about 1847. She was married to Joseph OUELLET (son of Pierre and Marie COUSIGNY)on 27 Feb 1865 at Ste-Octave-de-Métis. Joseph OUELLET died on 20 Aug 1904, at thea ge of 58, in Ste-Angèle. Claire BÉRUBÉ was married to Agapit GAGNON on 13 Oct 1908 at Ste-Angèle. She died on 14 Apr 1921, at the age of 74 years and six months, at St-Joseph-de-Lepage, Québec.
child v. Marcelline BÉRUBÉ was born about 1846. She was married to Athanase LAVOIE on 20 Aug 1866 in Ste-Flavie.
child vi. Anatole BÉRUBÉ was born about 1848. He was married to Marie CHOUINARD (daughter of Jacques and Béatrice DU TREMBLE)on 26 Aug 1872 in Ste-Flavie. She died on 7 Jul 1926 in Baie-des- Sables.
child vii. Elie BÉRUBÉ was married to Gracieuse ROBICHAUD (daughter of Édouard and Ursule GAGNÉ) on 10 Jan 1876 at Saint-Donat, Québec.
child viii. Eugénie BÉRUBÉ was born about 1861. She was married to Olivier BÉLANGER (son of Magloire and Marguerite ROY dit DESJARDINS) on 10 Feb 1880 in Saint-Ulric, Québec. She died on 9 Aug and was buried on 11 Aug 1916 at Saint-Damase. Olivier BÉLANGER died on 21 Nov 1951, at the age of 95 years and 11 months, in Saint-Damase.