10. Thomas GAGNON was born on 13 Feb and baptized on 17 Feb 1855 in Van Buren, Maine. He appeared on the census in 1870 in Township K, Range 2, Aroostook Cnty, Maine, as Thomas Gonier, 15, farmer, born in Maine, couldn't read or write, living in household of parents Michael and Mary Ann.)(59)

Madeleine (Helen) CORBIN was born in 1871. She died in 1941. Thomas GAGNON and Madeleine (Helen) CORBIN had the following children:

child+41 i. Dennis T. GAGNON.
child42 ii. Joe Gagnon.
child43 iii. Patrick GAGNON.
child44 iv. Fherlene Gagnon.

Thomas GAGNON and [unknown] had the following children:

child45 i. Paul Gagnon.
child46 ii. James Gagnon.
child47 iii. Vetal Gagnon.
child48 iv. Louis Gagnon.
child49 v. Levi Gagnon.
child50 vi. Thomas Gagnon.
child51 vii. Jack Gagnon.
child52 viii. Eddie Gagnon.
child53 ix. Helen Gagnon.
child54 x. Carrie Gagnon.
child55 xi. Mary Gagnon.
child56 xii. Irene Gagnon.
child57 xiii. Olive Gagnon.


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