20. Pierre GAGNON was born on 7 Nov 1854 in Frenchville, Maine. He was baptized on 8 Nov 1854 in Ste-Luce church, Frenchville, Maine.(82) His godparents were Edward Roy and Marie Dionne, his maternal aunt and her husband; he was baptized by Fr. Henri Dionne.

He appeared on the 1860 US census in Township 18, Range 5, Aroostook, Maine as Peter Gagnon, age 5, living in parents' household (Antoine and Ortans Gagnon). (83)

He appeared on the 1880 US census in Frenchville, Maine as Peter Gagnon, age 25, single, occupation listed as merchant, could read and write, born in Maine, living with parents Antoine and Artence. (84) 

He was married to Gracieuse DIONNE (daughter of Joseph-Octave DIONNE and Marie-Leopoldine PELLETIER) on 16 Nov 1880 in Frenchville, Maine.(58)

Gracieuse DIONNE was born in Jun 1860.

Pierre GAGNON and Gracieuse DION had the following children:

child i. Philippe GAGNON was baptized 12 Mar 1882 at Ste-Luce Church in Upper Frenchville, Maine.
childii. Marie GAGNON was baptized on 23 Sep 1883 at Ste-Luce Church in Upper Frenchville, Maine.
child+76 iii. George GAGNON.

Pierre GAGNON died in December 1885, and was buried on 10 Dec 1885 at Ste-Luce Church cemetery, Upper Frenchville, Maine.

Following Pierre's death, Gracieuse remarried, in 1889, to Pierre's brother Michel GAGNON.

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