Ancestors and Descendants of Ed, Grace and Ada McConaughy

1a. Edward Leon McCONAUGHY was born on 13 Apr 1880 in Rochelle, Illinois. (2) He received a law degree in 1906 from Univ. of Illinois Law School. He was a lawyer in LaGrange, Illinois. He served as justice of the peace and served 16 years as police magistrate in LaGrange Park, Illinois. He died on 22 Jan 1966 in LaGrange, Illinois.

1b. Grace Marie McCONAUGHY was born on 17 Aug 1884 in Rochelle, Illinois. She died on 15 Apr 1981 in Rochelle, Illinois.

1c. Ada Jane McCONAUGHY  was born on 1 Jan 1890 in Rochelle, Illinois. She died on 22 Feb 1982 in Rochelle, Illinois.(1)

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