182. David GARDNER was born in about 1763-1766 in the parish of Beath, Ayreshire, Scotland. (He is most likely the David Gardner born on 28 Dec 1766 and baptized on 3 Jan 1867 in Beaith, son of John GARDNER and Janet WHITE -- thanks to Dennis Prue for this info). At about the age of 34, he joined the British military, serving as a Private in a number of units until his disharge in 1816.

On 24 Jun 1798 David Gardner joined the 63rd Regiment of Foot, in which he served until 22 Aug 1799; during this period, the 63rd was serving in the West Indies. In Aug 1799, Gardner joined the 2nd Battalion of Royal Scots, serving in that unit until 22 Jun 1804. During that time, the 2nd fought in Egypt, and then was based in the Caribbean.

David Gardner then joined the 1st Garrison Battalion for 153 days, from Jan to Nov 1804; in this period the unit was based on Jersey in the Channel Islands. He joined the 3rd Royal Veterans Battalion on 23 Nov 1804, when it was also based on Jersey, in the Channel Isles. On 24 Mar 1805 he joined the 9th Royal Veterans Battalion, which was "raised at Edinburgh from various Corps of Invalids in the UK," and served at Edinburgh Castle [source]. He served with the 9th RVB until 24 Mar 1807, when he joined the 10th Royal Veteran Battalion, which was renamed as the 4th Royal Veterans Battalion.

Here's information on this unit, taken from the War of 1812 website, from Abstracts of the 10th Royal Veteran Battalion's Standing Orders, edited by Robert Henderson:

"Established in December 1806 for service in Canada, the 10th Royal Veteran Battalion arrived in Quebec the following year with a full complement of officers and 600 other ranks. As the name implies, this corps was formed with veterans from other regiments and each individual volunteering to the unit was promised land in Canada upon their retirement or the battalion's disbandment.

When war [War of 1812] broke out, the 10th RVB was the first into action. The detachment of veterans at Fort St. Joseph crossed Lake Huron in July 1812 and captured Fort Michlimackinac. The following year members participated at River Raisin and Fort Stephenson (Miami). As new regiments arrived in Canada, the 10th Royal Veterans were slowly withdrawn from areas of action to do garrison duty in Lower Canada, Prince Edward Island, and Cape Breton. In April 1813 a corps of seventeen "Mounted Veterans" was formed presumably for maintaining communications between the various posts around Montreal. The Battalion was renumbered to the 4th RVB and was disbanded in 1816. " [source: War of 1812 website]

In the record of his daughter Mary's baptism at St. Andrew's church in Quebec City, in January 1808, David GARDNER is described as "corporal in His Majesty's Tenth Royal Veteran Battlion." At his son William's baptism at the same church, in May 1809, he is described as "Private in the tenth royal veterans corps." At the baptisms of his daughter Christine, at St.Andrew's in 1811, he is described as "a soldier in the tenth veteran's corps," and at the bamptism of his daughter Esther, in 1814 at Cacouna, as "a soldier in the 10th battalion of veterans established at the portage of Lake Temiscouata" ("soldat au dixième bataillon des veterans, etablis dans le portage du lac Themisquata").

Thus David joined the 10th Royal Veteran Battalion and was sent to Quebec, possibly in 1807, but possibly later, with the promise of land. At the time of the baptism and burial of his daughter Mary, in January and March 1808, he is described by the chaplain of the garrison as "Corporal in His Majesty's Tenth Royal Veterans Battalion." Subsequent listings of him, starting with his son William's baptism in May 1809, give his rank as Private. No other indication of this difference in rank is seen in the records.

David GARDNER was discharged from the service on 24 Sep 1816, at the rank of Private. The reason for his discharge was given as follows:

"The Battalion being ordered to be disbanded, Ruptured in the Service and Asthma and is deserving of residing in Canada until the Decision of the Commissioners of Chelsea is known."

In other words, apart from the 4th RVB being disbanded, Gardner had also been wounded in battle, and had asthma. The "decision of the commissioners of Chelsea" refers to the request for a pension.

In his discharge papers, he is described as having been born in the Parish of Beath, County of Ayre, Scotland; about 54 years old (though in another place on the discharge papers his age is written as 51), 5 feet 10¾ inches tall, with brown hair, gray eyes, and a "fair complexion", "by Trade a Labourer."

In Apr 1820, at the baptism of his son Joseph, he is described as a farmer ("cultivateur") of Rivière St.François. In 1822 and 1825, at the baptisms of daughters Elisabeth and Eleonore, he is listed as as "cultivateur de cette paroisse" (farmer of this parish)

He appeared in the 1831 Lower Canada Census of Kamouraska County, living in Rivière-du-Loup, near the border between Kamouraska and Rimouski Counties (probably near Cacouna) (Recensement du Bas Canada, Conté de Kamouraska, Reel No.C-720, p.252); his age was listed as over 60; his household included 1 child under 5; 2 children between 5 and 14; 1 unmarried male between 14 and 18; 1 unmarried female 14-18; and his wife, over 45 years of age. All members of the houshold were listed as belonging to the Church of Scotland. He died before 9 Nov 1835 in Rivière-du-Loup, Québec.

He was married to Elizabeth FOSTER (Forrester) about 1808, when he was still serving in the 10th RVB. (Although the family was listed as "Church of Scotland" in the 1831 census, the marriage is described in the baptismal records of Esther, Joseph, Elisabeth, Eleonore, all at Catholic churches, using the term "légitime mariage," which is usually used for couples who had been married in the Catholic church. On the other hand, in 1858 Esther went through a conversion to Catholicism, and her marriage to Amable Ouellet was not described as "legitime," indicating they'd been married in a protestant church.) Their marriage is not listed at St.Andrew's in Quebec, so it is likely they were married in Scotland, before the 10th RVB came to Lower Canada (Quebec).

David GARDNER was married to Elizabeth FORRESTER (daughter of Charles FORRESTER and Margaret RAMSAY), probably in early 1807 in Edinburgh.

183. Elizabeth FORRESTER was born on 7 Jun 1785 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and died before 1850. Children were:

child i. Mary GARDNER was born on 12 Jan 1808 and baptized on 31 Jan 1808 at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Québec city. Her godfathers were David Smith and Charles Stephens, and her godmothers were Margaret Reoth and Esther Smith. She was baptized by Jehosaphat Mountain, "deputy chaplain of the Garrison at Quebec." [source: St.Andrew's parish register, 1808, eighth leaf] She died on 11 March, and was buried 13 Mar 1808 by the minister who had baptized her. In both records, her father is listed as "Corporal in His Majesty's Tenth Royal Veteran Battalion". [source: Anglican Cathedral, Quebec, 16th leaf verso; thanks to Dennis Prue]
child ii. William GARDNER was born on 14 May 1809 and baptized on 2 Jun 1809 at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Québec. The baptismal record notes that his father David was a "Private in the tenth royal veterans Corps," and that he was not present at the baptism. [source: St.Andrews Church records, 1809, 13th leaf] He died on 22 Dec 1810 and was buried on 24 Dec 1810 [source: Anglican Cathedral, Quebec, 84th leaf verso; thanks to Dennis Prue]
child iii. Christine GARDNER was born on 17 December 1811, and was baptized on 23 Dec 1811 at St. Andrew's Church in Quebec; her name in the baptismal record is Christian. Her godparents were Christopher Holland and Agnes Blyth, and she was baptized by Alexander Spark [source: Parish register, 58th leaf, reverse side]. On 28 Jun 1830 she was married to Joachim BELANGER of the parish of St. André at St. Andrew's Church in Quebec. Witnesses were David Gardner and Joseph Tinkler. Christine GARDNER died on 11 May 1905, and was buried on 13 May 1905 at St-Antonin, Rivière du Loup. She is described as having died a widow at the age of 93 years. [source: St-Antonin, Riv. du Loup, 1905, 10th leaf; thanks to Dennis Prue]
child91 iv. Esther GARDNER.
child v. Jean-Honoré David GARDNER was born in 1816. On 7 Jan 1840 he was married to Marianne PINET (d. of Joseph and Marianne Lemieux) at St-Patrice church, Rivière du Loup. His father is described as "deceased". His name is given as "David Henry Gardner" in the marriage record of his sister Elizabeth in 1850, though the record (from St-Patrice church in Riviere du Loup) was in French.

In Jan 1817 David Gardner was discharged from the military, and took up farming full time.

child vi. Joseph Ralph GARDNER was born on 13 Oct 1819 in Rivière-du-Loup, Québec. He was baptized on 16 Apr 1820 in St-Patrice, Rivière-du-Loup, Québec. His godparents were Joseph Gagnon and Marie Elisabeth Pelletier. The register notes that his father was not present at the baptism.
child vii. Elisabeth GARDNER was born on 15 Mar 1822. She was baptized on 13 Apr 1822 at St-Patrice church, Rivière-du-Loup, Québec. Her godparents were Germain Carrier and Marie Olivette Caron. She was engaged to be married to George SLIGHT at the Anglican church in Rivière-du-Loup in October 1843. But the wedding was called off at the last minute. (There is an entry of the marriage in the parish records, with the exact day in October left blank, with spaces for signatures of the spouses and witnesses, but the page is X'd through with a note from the minister that "After the Banns were published, they were not married, as they intended." Given these facts it seems as if the wedding was called off at the last minute.) George was most likely the son of Richard Slight; this family was living next door to the Gardners at the time of the 1831 census of Kamouraska. Elisabeth did marry Edouard CHATIGUAY on 16 Apr 1850 at St Patrice in Rivière-du-Loup; and a second time, to Zepherin DUBÉ, on 4 Oct 1864, in St-Antonin church, Rivière-du-Loup.
child viii. Marie Eleonore GARDNER was born on 1 May 1823. She was baptized on 23 Jun 1825 in St-Patrice, Rivière-du-Loup, Québec. Her godparents were Joseph Gagnon dit Belzile and Sophie Coté. The record notes that her father was not present at the baptism. She was married on 24 Mar 1845 to John ROSSIGNOL at the Anglican church in Rivière-du-Loup. John is described as a widower; Marie Eleonore's name is given as Mary. Witnesses were Elias Michaud and Casimir Morin.
child ix. Emerence GARDNER was born on 31 Dec 1827. She was baptized on 8 Jan 1828 in St-Patrice, Rivière-du-Loup, Québec. She was married to Pascal CASTONGUAY (son of Jean-Augustin CASTONGUAY and Angélique PELLETIER) on 2 Jul 1850 at St.Patrice de la Rivière du Loup, Québec. Pascal was born on 1 Oct 1844 in Kamouraska. He was the widower of Marie-Osithée HUDON dit BEAULIEU, whom he had married on 24 Nov 1840 in Rivière-Ouelle.

David GARDNER died between August 1831 (when he was registered in the census of Kamouraska) and Nov 1835.

Elizabeth FORRESTER died sometime between 7 Jan 1840, when she attended her son Honoré's wedding, and 16 Apr 1850, when she is described as deceased in the record of her daughter Elizabeth's marriage.

Special thanks to Dennis Prue for help with researching this family, especially for finding records at St.Andrew's church and at the Holy Trinity Anglican church in Quebec.

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