142. Pierre LIZOTTE was born about 1769.

He was married to Marguerite CYR on 14 Oct 1794 in St-Basile, New Brunswick. (30)

143. Marguerite CYR was born on 28 Aug 1772 in Ecoupag, New Brunswick.

Children were:

child71 i. Judith LIZOTTE.

Pierre LIZOTTE in the 1820 US Census of Madawaska Settlement (p.2, line 30) living in a household with 1 male under 10, one male 16-18, one male 18-26, one femaile under 10, 3 females 10-16, 2 females 16-26; he is listed as over 45, as is his wife.

He appeared in the 1830 US Census of the Madawaska Settlement, living in a household with one male aged 15-20, one male 20-30, a femaile 15-20, a female 20-30, himself listed as between 60 and 70, and a female, his wife, listed as between 50 and 60.

Pierre LIZOTTE appeared in the 1833 New Brunswick Census of the Madawaska Settlement (line 11), ina household with his wife, 1 boy and 3 girls, living on the right (south) bank of the St.John on land granted to him by the Government of New Brunswick.

He appeared in the 1840 US Census of Madawaska south of the St.John (p.103, line 9), living in a household with his wife; both were listed as between the ages of 70 and 80. They were living next door to their son Joseph.

He appeared in the 1850 US Census (p.146b, line 13), as Peter Lezott, aged 84, living with 81-year old Margarett Lezott, in the household of his son Joseph in Madawaska Plantation.

Pierre Lizotte was considered to be one of the "leading men" of the Madawaska Settlement; for example he was chosen by Thomas Baillie, Surveyor General of the Province of New Brunswick, to help oversee a survey of the poorest families in the Settlement at a time of near-famine (see the 1829 Report on the Sufferers in the Madawaska Settlement; Lizotte signed the returns)

Pierre LIZOTTE died on 15 Dec 1854, and was buried on 17 Dec 1854 at St.Basile church.


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