14. Thomas TARDIF was born in 1849.

He was married to Osithée PARADIS (daughter of Joseph PARADIS and Sophie CARON) on 8 Jan 1872 in Ste-Luce church, Frenchville, Maine.(12) Thomas TARDIF and Osithée PARADIS had the following children:

child+23 i. Sophie TARDIF.
child+24 ii. Martine TARDIF.
child+25 iii. Délina TARDIF.
child+26 iv. Alphonsine TARDIF.
child+27 v. Xavier TARDIF.
child+28 vi. Magloire TARDIF.
child+29 vii. Gracieuse TARDIF.
child+30 viii. Alice TARDIF.
child+31 ix. Marie TARDIF.
x. Alfred TARDIF was born on 27 May 1896 in Ste-Agathe, Maine.

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