53. Willie TARDIF was born on 30 Jan 1895. He died on 9 Jun 1973.

He was married to Edith SIROIS (daughter of François SIROIS and Victoria MORIN) on 8 Oct 1917 in St. Agatha, Maine.(58) Edith SIROIS was born on 6 Jun 1899. She died on 9 Jun 1948.

Willie TARDIF and Edith SIROIS had the following children:

child   i. Dolores TARDIF was born on 10 Apr 1919 in Ste-Agathe, Maine. She died in 1983.
child+ ii. Berna TARDIF.
child+ iii. Joseph Montfort TARDIF.
child   iv. Ronaldo TARDIF.
child   v. Geraldine TARDIF.
child+ vi. Reginald TARDIF.
child   vii. Magella TARDIF.
child+ viii. Viateur TARDIF.
child+ ix. Clayton TARDIF.
child+ x. Bernard TARDIF.
child   xi. Angelo TARDIF.
child   xii. Angela TARDIF.
child   xiii. Jean-Paul TARDIF.

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