Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: A-B

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Adams, Charity
Adams, David
Adams, David W.
Adams, Dilla
Adams, Dorcus B.
Adams, Elz'th
Adams, Fransis
Adams, Jane
Adams, John
Adams, Joram
Adams, Mariah G.
Adams, Martha
Adams, Mary
Adams, Peter
Adams, W'm
Albert, Alex
Albert, Ansalem
Albert, Ansèlme, as LBarr, Samuel
Albert, Ansèlme, as LBarr, Samuel
Albert, Artimese
Albert, Belony
Albert, Célina, as LBare, Selen
Albert, Christine, as Herbert, Christine
Albert, Clarese
Albert, Damase, as LBare, Daumause
Albert, Davia
Albert, David
Albert, David, as LBare, David
Albert, David, as LBarr, David
Albert, Éléonore, as LBare, Delano
Albert, Elois, as LBarr, Ely
Albert, Ely
Albert, Eulalie, as LBarr, Lere
Albert, Fabien, as LBarr, Feba
Albert, Felix
Albert, Flavie, as LBare, Phebe
Albert, François-Xavier, as LBare, Francis
Albert, François-Xavier, as LBare, Francis
Albert, Frederick, as Herbert, Frederick
Albert, Gasper
Albert, Joseph, as LBarr, Joseph
Albert, Julia
Albert, Lerena
Albert, Lerona
Albert, Luc, as LBarr, Luke L.
Albert, Magloire, as Herbert, Magruld
Albert, Marcel, as Herbert, Marcel
Albert, Margarett
Albert, Marguerite, as LBarr, Paget
Albert, Marie-Luce, as Herbert, Mary
Albert, Maxine
Albert, Nathalie, as LBarr, Telle
Albert, Octava
Albert, Philemen
Albert, Prudent, as LBarr, Predan
Albert, Raffell
Albert, Rebecca, as Vasser, Rebecca
Albert, Reme
Albert, Rosalie, as LBarr, Rose
Albert, Solomon, as Vasser, Solomen
Albert, Sophia
Albert, Sophie, as LBare, Sophia
Albert, Sophie, as Herbert, Sophia
Albert, Suzanne, as LBare, Susan
Albert, Varant
Albert, Vasser
Albert, Vinsent
Albert, Vital, as Herbert, Vetal
Albert, Vital, as LBarr, Vetal
Albert, Vitaline, as LBare, Veteline
Allen, Benjamin F.
Allen, Cha's W.
Allen, George
Allen, Harper
Allen, James A.
Allen, Jeanna
Allen, Jeanna
Allen, John
Allen, John A.
Allen, Moses
Allen, Moses
Allen, Theasia
Allen, Theora E.
Amand, Mary
Amand, Sante
Amand, Vetal
Amsden, Emery
Amsden, Filena
Amsden, Hannah
Amsden, Lanes
Amsden, Lucenda
Amsden, Sarah
Amsden, Thomas
Anai, John
Anderson, Geo.
Anderson, Nancy
Annis, Alfred
Annis, Daniel
Annis, Elza J.
Annis, John S.
Annis, Lydia
Annis, Mary
Annis, Moses C.
Annis, Nancy R.
Annis, Ruel W.
Argrave, John
Argrave, Mary
Armo, Anthony
Armo, Fredack
Armo, Maleez
Armstrong, Allen W.
Armstrong, Ferdinan
Armstrong, Ferdinan
Armstrong, Florance
Armstrong, Hiram
Armstrong, Jonathan
Armstrong, Mary
Armstrong, Moses
Armstrong, Warren
Ashbie, Cathrine
Ashbie, James
Audebert, Jos.
Audebert, Jos.
Audebert, Margarett
Austin, Hance
Averill, Amanda
Averill, Babe
Averill, Dolly E.
Averill, Emely
Averill, James E.
Averill, Jesse
Ayer, Caroline
Ayer, Elesha
Ayotte, Anastasie, as Yott, Zonah
Ayotte, Demerise, as Yott, Demuese
Ayotte, Denis, as Yott, Dennis
Ayotte, Euphémie, as Yott, Fearme
Ayotte, Jean, as Yott, John
Ayotte, Jean, as Shossa, John
Ayotte, Joseph, as Shossa, Joseph
Ayotte, Joseph, as Yott, Joseph
Ayotte, Joseph, as Yott, Joseph
Ayotte, Marie, as Shossa, Mary
Ayotte, Modeste, as Yott, Modest
Ayotte, Priscille, as Yott, Priscilla
Ayotte, Théodore, as Yott, Theadore
Ayotte, Théotiste, as Shossa, Mary
Ayotte, Suzanne, as Shossa, Susan
Ayotte, Thomas, as Yott, Thomas
Ayotte, Virginie, as Yott, Virginia
Ayotte, Vital, as Shossa, Vetal
Ayres, John
Badger, David
Badger, Ezra
Badger, Frances A.
Badger, Joseph
Badger, Louis
Baker, Alvin
Baker, Hiram
Baker, John
Baker, Sophia
Balomea, Adele
Balomea, Christie
Balomea, Joseph
Balomea, Locad
Balomea, Modest
Balomea, Nanza
Balomea, William
Balume, Fearah
Balume, Nazair
Balume, Rozela
Balume, Senei
Barbere, Simeo
Barbou, Belinda
Barbou, Flera
Barbou, Millia
Barbou, Zeta
Bard, Alfred, as Herbert, Alfred
Bard, Julie, as Herbert, Julia
Bard, Paul (Hipolyte), as Herbert, Paul
Barnes, Arina
Barnes, Benjamin
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barnes, Emeline
Barnes, Hannah
Barnes, Hellen Jane
Barnes, Henrietta
Barnes, Joseph
Barnes, Joshua
Barnes, Mary
Barnes, Mary
Barnes, Miles
Barnes, Phebe
Barnes, Phebe Ann
Barnes, Samuel
Barnes, Samuel
Barnes, Sarah
Barnes, Sarah
Barnes, Sarah
Barthinch, Alex J.
Bartlett, Abigail
Bartlett, Calvin
Bartlett, Charles
Bartlett, Churchill
Bartlett, Danville R.
Bartlett, Ephraim
Bartlett, Eusebea
Bartlett, Isaac
Bartlett, Jesse
Bartlett, Joshua
Bartlett, Julia
Bartlett, Louisa
Bartlett, Nath'l
Bartlett, Reuben
Bartlett, Rispah
Bartlett, Sophia
Bartlett, Sophrona
Bartlett, William
Bastoe, James
Bealame, Ely
Bealame, Ely
Bealame, Fleva
Bealame, Fleva
Bealame, Predon
Bean, Augustus
Bean, Benjamin
Bean, Elizabeth
Bean, Elizabeth
Bean, Isaiah
Bean, Joel
Bean, Mehittable
Bean, Philo
Bean, Reuben
Bean, Sarah
Bearce, Dearborn F.
Bearce, Lewis E.
Bearce, Rebecca
Bearce, S.B.
Beaulieu see also Beaulieu-Martin, Beleur
Beaulieu, Bénoît, as Bolieu, Benjamin
Beaulie, Chiochis
Beaulieu, Édouard, as Boline, Edward
Beaulieu, Élisabeth, as Boline, Elizabeth
Beaulieu, Elizabeth
Beaulieu, Éloi, as Bealame, Ely
Beaulieu, Éloi, as Bealame, Ely
Beaulieu, Éloi, as Boulieu, Aly
Beaulieu, Eugène, as Willet, Eugene
Beaulieu, Euphrosine, as Willet, Euphazen
Beaulieu, Fébronie, as Beaulieu, Lebina
Beaulieu, Félicité, as Boline, Phituds
Beaulieu, Flavie, as Bealame, Fleva
Beaulieu, Flavie, as Bealame, Fleva
Beaulieu, Flavie, as Willet, Flera
Beaulieu, Florence, as Boline, Florence
Beaulieu, Guillaume, as Balomea, William
Beaulieu, Jean-Baptiste, as Bolieu, J.B.
Beaulieu, Joseph, as Balomea, Joseph
Beaulie, Joseph
Beaulie, Joseph
Beaulieu, Larna
Beaulieu, Laurent, as
Beaulieu, Larna
Beaulieu, Lebina
Beaulieu, Locade, as Balomea, Locad
Beaulieu, Locade, as Boulieu, Lacad
Beaulieu, Marguerite, as Boline, Margarett
Beaulieu, "Mazan", as Boulieu, Mazan
Beaulieu, Méthaïde, as Boline, Matia
Beaulieu, Modeste, as Balomea, Modest
Beaulieu, “Nanza”, as Balomea, Nanza
Beaulieu, Nazaire, as Boulieu, Isaiah
Beaulieu, Nazaire, as Boulieu, Nazel
Beaulieu, Obéline, as Bolieu, Abeline
Beaulieu, Olive, as Willet, Alice
Beaulieu, Philomène, as Boline, Philomen
Beaulieu, Prudent, as Bealame, Predon
Beaulieu, Raymond, as Bolieu, Remmo
Beaulieu, Salomée, as Boulieu, Saloma
Beaulieu, Salomée, as Bolieu, Saloma
Beaulieu, Salomon. as Boline, Salma
Beaulieu, Scholastique, as Balomea, Christie
Beaulieu, Sophie, as Boulieu, Sophia
Beaulieu, Sophie, as Willet, Sophia
Beaulieu, Théodule, as Balomea, Adele
Beaulieu, Vital, as Boulieu, Vetal
Beaulieu, Vital, as Willet, Vetal
Beaulieu, Vitaline, as Boulieu, Veldena
Beaulieu-Martin, Adélaïde, as Boulyer, Lydia
Beaulieu-Martin, Hilaire, as Boulyer, Eli
Beaulieu-Martin, Louise, as Boulyer, Louisa
Beaulieu-Martin, Rose, as Boulyer, Rose
Beaulieu-Martin, Thomas, as Boulyer, Tho's
, Bathanna

Beckwith, Caroline
Beckwith, Enoch
Beckwith, James
Beckwith, Joel
Beckwith, John
Beckwith, Martha

Beckwith, Olive
Beckwith, Sarah
Beckwith, Stedman
Beckwith, Thomas W.
Belanger, Alex
Belanger, Anne
Belanger, Margarett
Beleur, Christie
Beleur, Eli
Beleur, Genevo
Beleur, John B
Beleur, Mary
Beleur, Milo
Beleur, Nansella
Beleur, Saborna
Beleur, Semo
Belflore, Armin
Belflore, Lewis
Belflore, Margaret
Belflore, Margarett
Belflore, Maxim
Belflore, Varia
Belingie, Isaac
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Andrew
Bell, James
Bell, Milia
Bell, Sophia
Bell, Strong
Bell, Terraz
Belle, Jere
Bellmain, Adalaid
Bellmain, Gennett
Bellmain, Geo. W.
Bellmain, Isabel
Bellmain, Mainda
Bellmain, Margaret
Bellmain, W'm
Benchell, David
Benchell, Israel
Benchell, Sarah
Benjamin, Almon R.
Benjamin, Daniel
Benjamin, Jerucia
Benjamin, John
Benjamin, Mary
Benjamin, Mary
Bennett, Richmond
Bergorane, Phinise
Bergorane, Raffel
Berguine, Adite
Berguine, Christiana
Berguine, Florah
Berguine, John
Berguine, John B
Berguine, Margaret
Berguine, Mary
Berguine, Michael
Berguine, Ovide
Berguine, Saloma
Berguine, Sophia
Berguine, Sophia
Berguine, Sophia
Berguine, Susan
Berguine, William
Berguine, William
Bernash, Charles
Bernash, Ely
Bernash, Louisa
Bernash, Louisa
Bernash, Nicolas
Betts, William
Beuleau, Deleno
Beuleau, Felex
Beuleau, John
Beuleau, Mary
Beuleau, Mitchell
Beuleau, Nancy
Beuleau, Thomas
Beuleau, Thomas, Jr.
Beuleau, Virginia
Bickford, Ami E.
Bickford, Cha's
Bickford, Joseph
Bickford, Lydia
Bickford, Mary A.
Bickford, Mary A.
Bickford, Ona J.
Bickford, Rodney
Bickford, William
Bishop, Alfonso
Bishop, Amos
Bishop, Benjamin
Bishop, Elijah
Bishop, Elizabeth
Bishop, Esther
Bishop, Frederick
Bishop, George
Bishop, James
Bishop, John
Bishop, John
Bishop, Joshua
Bishop, Margarett
Bishop, Margarett
Bishop, Mariah
Bishop, Seppera
Bishop, William
Bishop, William
Bishop, William
Blake, Adalade
Blake, Adalade
Blake, E.C.
Blake, Frances A.
Blake, Helen
Blake, Isiah H.
Blake, John L.
Blake, Joseph
Blake, Louisa
Blake, Margarett
Blake, Nath'l
Blake, Nath'l
Blake, Susan H.
Blanchette, see Bloushett, Blousher
Blanchet, Jane
Blanchet, Louisa
Bleekhack(?), Jos.
Blousher, Benjamin
Blousher, Juda
Blousher, Leandre
Blousher, Mary
Blousher, Mitchell
Blousher, Sema
Blousher, Vanzan
Bloushett, Alix
Bloushett, An***d
Bloushett, Andrew
Bloushett, Breno
Bloushett, Clemo
Bloushett, Laran
Bloushett, Lebil
Bloushett, Lucad
Bloushett, Mary Ann
Bloushett, Philomen
Bloushett, Remuel
Bobah, Aglee
Bobah, Amelia
Bobah, Doreman
Bobah, Mary
Bobah, Matchea
Bobah, Remen
Bobah, Stephen
Bobah, Stephen
Bodfish, Amelia H.
Bodfish, C.R.
Bodfish, Cha's E.
Bodfish, Mary A.
Bodjan, Daniel
Boleum, Margaret
Bolieu, Abeline
Bolieu, Benjamin
Bolieu, J.B.
Bolieu, Remmo
Bolieu, Saloma
Boline, Edward
Boline, Elizabeth
Boline, Florence
Boline, Margarett
Boline, Matia
Boline, Philomen
Boline, Phituds
Boline, Salma
Bolstan, Ch's K.
Bolstan, John H.
Bolstan, Margarett
Bolstan, Mathew C.
Bolstridge, Albert
Bolstridge, Amelia
Bolstridge, Cathrine
Bolstridge, Eben'r
Bolstridge, Eben'r
Bolstridge, Francis
Bolstridge, Fredrick
Bolstridge, Harriett
Bolstridge, Mary E.
Bolstridge, Nelson
Bolstridge, Rachel
Bolstridge, Sarah
Bolstridge, Victoria A.
Bolstridge, W'm H.

Bolstridge, William
Boltan, Adaline
Boltan, Alvin
Boltan, Gilman
Boltan, James
Boltan, Samuel
Bolume, Antion
Bolume, Christie
Bolume, Ely
Bolume, Joseph
Bolume, Maxim
Bolume, Meriam
Bolume, Urebah
Bolunie, Antion
Bonny, Angus
Bonny, Jane
Bonny, Jane
Bonny, John
Bonny, John

Bonny, Margett N.
Bonny, Marrette
Bonny, Sarah

Bonpee, Doreman
Bonpee, Dorille

Bonpee, Geo.
Bonpee, Mary
Bonpee, Melisa B.

Bonpee, Tausea
Bontoot, Mary
Bontoot, Mary
Bontoot, Romain
Bontoot, Zephien
Boodine, David
Bootot, Elaine
Bootot, Flera
Bootot, Frederick
Bootot, George
Bootot, Nora

Bootot, Peter
Bootot, Victory
Bootot, Zepherine
Boutooth, Geo.
Boutot see Bontoot, Bootot, Boutooth
Borden, Cha's
Borden, W'm
Borough, Francis
Boston, Phebe
Boston, Sarah
Bouchard see also Busheau, Busheaud, Bushore, Bushur
Bouchard, Anastasie, as Busheaud, Stausee
Bouchard, Anastasie, as Bonpee, Tausea
Bouchard, Charles, as Busheaud, Cha's
Bouchard, Damase, as Busheaud, Demanse
Bouchard, Domithilde, as Bonpee, Dorille
Bouchard, Dorimène, as Bonpee, Doreman
Bouchard, Émélie B., as Bonpee, Melisa B.
Bouchard, Georges, as Busheaud, Geo.
Bouchard, Georges, as Bonpee, Geo.
Bouchard, Guillaume, as Busheaud, W'm
Bouchard, Israel, as Busheaud, W. Israel
Bouchard, Marie, as Bonpee, Mary
Boulieu, Aly
Boulieu, Isaiah
Boulieu, Lacad
Boulieu, Mazan
Boulieu, Nazel
Boulieu, Saloma
Boulieu, Sophia
Boulieu, Veldena
Boulieu, Vetal
Boulyer, Eli
Boulyer, Louisa
Boulyer, Lydia
Boulyer, Rose
Boulyer, Tho's
Bourgoin, Benjamin, as Burgon, Benjamin
Bourgoin, Benjamin, as Burgon, Benjamin
Bourgoin, Euphémie, as Bergorane, Phinise
Bourgoin, François-Xavier, as Burgon, Zavier
Bourgoin, "Jane", as Burgon, Jane
Bourgoin, Marie-Anne, as Burgon, Mayan
Bourgoin, Suzanne, as Burgon, Susan
Bourgoin, Raphael, as Bergorane, Raffel
Bourgoin, Thècle, as Burgon, Mary
Boushee, Glomance
Boushee, Zeb
Bracett, Emily M.
Bracett, Hiram
Bracett, John T.
Bracett, Louisa
Bracett, Mary C.
Braddock, Emily
Braddock, Hiram
Braddock, Nancy
Bragdon, Horace
Brann, Betsy
Brann, Charles
Brann, Clarissa
Brann, Rosanna
Brann, Sarorey
Brannin, Mary J.
Brannin, Thomas
Bransfield, John
Brasett, Lucy
Braun, Tho's
Brett, Allis F.
Brett, Caroline S.
Brett, Cha's G.
Brett, Floramer A.
Brett, Mary A.
Brett, Otis
Bridges, Albert
Bridges, Alpheus
Bridges, Betsy
Bridges, Fraces E.
Bridges, Henry
Bridges, Jacob
Bridges, John H.
Bridges, Lucy A.
Bridges, Margaret
Bridges, Mark
Bridges, Martha J.
Bridges, Mary L.
Bridges, Reuben
Bridges, Sarah
Bridges, Sarah
Bridges, Susan
Brown, *
Brown, Amanda
Brown, Belteel
Brown, Betsy
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Elesha
Brown, Elias
Brown, Elinor
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Elizabeth A.
Brown, George
Brown, Hannah B.
Brown, Harriet
Brown, Jesse
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John W.
Brown, John W.
Brown, Martha
Brown, Olive
Brown, Philip
Brown, Randolph
Brown, Rob't
Brown, Saloma
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Solomon
Brown, Solomon
Brown, Stephen
Brown, Susan
Brown, W'm
Brown, W'm
Brown, W'm
Brown, William
Bubar, Barbery
Bubar, Charles
Bubar, David
Bubar, Elizabeth
Bubar, John
Bubar, Lydia
Bubar, Mary
Bubar, Sarah
Bubar, Susanna
Buber, Babe
Buber, Caroline
Buber, Eunice
Buber, James
Buber, Jane
Buber, John
Buber, John
Buber, Lydia
Buber, Nath'l
Buber, Oliver
Buber, Phebe Ann
Buber, Rebecca
Buber, Rosanne
Buber, Sheppard
Buber, William
Buber, William
Buber, William
Buck, Benj.
Buck, Grace
Buck, Harrison
Buck, Lucesta
Buck, Mellissa
Buck, Olive
Buck, Robert
Bugbee, Abey
Bugbee, Adaline J.
Bugbee, Alfred C.
Bugbee, Cha's R.
Bugbee, Hannah E.
Bugbee, Lonisa J.
Bugbee, Mary S.
Bugbee, Samuel
Bugbee, Sarah
Bugmer, Felix
Bull, Abner
Bull, Cha's
Bull, Eunice
Bull, Eunice
Bull, Hitman
Bull, Jeremiah
Bull, Mary
Bull, Peter
Bull, Peter, Jr.
Bull, W'm
Burchell, Amanda
Burchell, Jane
Burchell, Margarett
Burchell, Stephen
Burchell, William
Burgon, Benjamin
Burgon, Benjamin
Burgon, Jane
Burgon, Mary
Burgon, Mayan
Burgon, Susan
Burgon, Zavier
Burgoyne, Ellie
Burk, Walter
Burtrell, Mary
Busheau, Abram
Busheau, Abram
Busheau, Angelie
Busheau, Lalle
Busheau, Lazede
Busheau, Mary
Busheau, Nicola
Busheau, Nicola
Busheaud, Cha's
Busheaud, Demanse
Busheaud, Geo.
Busheaud, Stausee
Busheaud, W'm
Busheaud, W. Israel
Busher, Charles
Busher, Charles
Busher, Stausee
Bushey, Astema
Bushore, Abram
Bushore, Angel
Bushore, Francis
Bushore, Francis
Bushore, John B.
Bushore, Mary
Bushu, Remoree
Bushur, Charles
Bushur, Ema
Bushur, Perfa
Bushur, Richar
Bushur, Satille
Bushur, Vetal
Butler, Bradford
Butler, Chs.
Butler, Isaiah
Butler, Jane
Butler, Rebecca
Butter, Abagail
Butter, Luther
Butterfield, Catharine
Butterfield, Cha's
Butterfield, Eliza
Butterfield, Ellen
Butterfield, Emeline
Butterfield, Fanny
Butterfield, George
Butterfield, John
Butterfield, Martha
Butterfield, W'm

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