Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: D-E

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Dagale, Baptiste
Dagale, Cloris
Dagale, Didigim
Dagale, Horace
Dagale, John B.
Dagale, Mitchell
Dagale, Stause
Dagale, Tilley
Dagan, Mary
Dagan, Richard
Dagle, Adeal
Dagle, Adit
Dagle, Adolphus
Dagle, Alexa
Dagle, Allerm
Dagle, Antwin
Dagle, Austah
Dagle, Barb
Dagle, Christie
Dagle, Christie
Dagle, Clarese
Dagle, Clissim
Dagle, Derima
Dagle, Domminick
Dagle, Dorman
Dagle, Elenor
Dagle, Elenor
Dagle, Elizabeth
Dagle, Ely
Dagle, Enna
Dagle, Eustee
Dagle, Femi
Dagle, Flera
Dagle, Francis
Dagle, Francis
Dagle, Jade
Dagle, Jeremiah
Dagle, John B.
Dagle, John C.
Dagle, Jos.
Dagle, Jos.
Dagle, Joseph
Dagle, Judah
Dagle, Lauda
Dagle, Lucy
Dagle, Margaret
Dagle, Margaret
Dagle, Mary
Dagle, Mary
Dagle, Mary A.
Dagle, Matid
Dagle, Maxim
Dagle, Maxim
Dagle, Mazwell
Dagle, Meteid
Dagle, Michail
Dagle, Milen
Dagle, Miller
Dagle, Modest
Dagle, Modest
Dagle, Paul
Dagle, Paul
Dagle, Plumenia
Dagle, Poloman
Dagle, Ragist
Dagle, Razis
Dagle, Regist
Dagle, Resist
Dagle, Sam'l
Dagle, Segong
Dagle, Segong
Dagle, Selest
Dagle, Selvin
Dagle, Sophia
Dagle, Sophia
Dagle, Sophia
Dagle, Stause
Dagle, Stausee
Dagle, Susan
Dagle, Vetal
Dagle, Vetal
Dagle, Vetal
Dagle, William
Dagle, Zeddo
Dagle, Zenah
Dagle, Zeta
Darley, Michael
Davenport, Alonso
Davenport, Amos
Davenport, Charlotte
Davenport, Charlotte
Davenport, Eunice
Davenport, Frederick
Davenport, Hariett
Davenport, James
Davenport, John
Davenport, Julia
Davenport, Justin
Davenport, Mary
Davenport, Mary
Davenport, Samuel
Davey, Lewis
Davey, Taile
Davis, Orrin
Day, Abagail
Day, Charles
Day, Charles A
Day, Emma
Day, James
Day, Jane
Day, John
Day, Mary J
Day, Sarah
Day, Sarah J.
Day, Sophia
Day, Stephen
Day, William
Deagle, Chean
Deagle, Elway
Deagle, Felones
Deagle, Henry
Deagle, Lenore
Deagle, Remo
Deagle, Remo
Deagle, Vetal
Dean, Almeda
Dean, Caroline
Dean, Eliza
Dean, Elizabeth
Dean, Israel
Dean, John
Dean, John
Dean, Margarett
Dean, Mary
Dean, Mary J.
Dean, Samuel
Dean, Sarah
Dean, Sewell
Dean, Solomon
Dean, Susan
Deane, Georg
Deane, George W.
Deane, John
Deane, Louisa
Deane, Marich
Deane, Soloman
Debau, Felex
Debau, Francis
Debau, Peter
Debau, Romain
Debau, Zeah
Debay, Abram
Debay, Artemise
Debay, Augustus
Debay, Christiane
Debay, Desere
Debay, Elizabeth
Debay, George
Debay, Jeremiah
Debay, Joseph
Debay, Laurenas
Debay, Martha
Debay, Mary
Debay, Modest
Debay, Modest
Debay, Peter
Debay, Philomas
Debay, Philomene
DeBay, Predon
Deboy, ***
Deboy, Abram
Deboy, Ann
Deboy, Ellen
Deboy, Jeremiah
Deboy, Jeremiah
Deboy, Joseph
Deboy, Livazon
Deboy, Margaret
Deboy, Margaret
Deboy, Mary
Deboy, Mary
Deboy, Megguire
Deboy, Megguire
Deboy, Nancy
Dechane, Gerneev
Dechane, Judah
Dechane, Lewis
Dechane, Mary Ann
Dechane, Octave
Dechane, Telly
Dechene, Fabia
Dechene, Joseph
Dechene, Mary
Dechene, Mazele
Dechene, Peter
Dechene, Rozaliz
Dechene, Sarah
Dechene, Sophia
Dechene, Zoa
Dee, Bridgett
Dee, Elz'th
Dee, James

Dee, W'm
DeEagle, Dommineck
DeEagle, Doremen
DeEagle, Louisa
DeEagle, Louisa
DeEagle, Margarett
DeEagle, Philomen
DeEagle, Ulsim

Defour, Abraham
Defour, Abram
Defour, Adane
DeFour, Charlotte
Defour, Ebard
Defour, Fleva
Defour, Fleva
DeFour, Joseph
Defour, Marcess
Defour, Mary
Defour, Mary Ann
Defour, Masin
DeFour, Matey
DeFour, Matilda
DeFour, Onesim
Defour, Pruda
DeFour, Rosanna
Defour, Setsville
DeFour, Simon
Defour, Stausey
Defour, Vetal
Defour, Vetal
Demaugh, Margarett
Demaugh, Mitilda
Demaugh, Rema
Demaugh, Sophia
Demaugh, Syrina
Demmo, Amelia
Demmo, Ebald
Demmo, Harriet
Demmo, John
Demmo, Lennart
Demmo, Mary
Demmo, Sims
Demmo, Sophia
Demo, Abelene
Demo, Elenor
Demo, Euphema
Demo, Jane
Demo, Joseph
Demo, Laromy
Demo, Len****
Demo, Maxim
Demo, Milun
Demo, Nancy
Demo, Nancy
Demo, Obemis
Demo, Stephen
Demo, Telee
Demo, Thomas
Demo, Vetal
Demo, Zeta
Demo, Zuzett
Denore, Doremin
Denore, Jeremine
Denore, John B.
Denore, Julian
Denore, Marceline
Denore, Octave
Denore, Pruda
Denore, Pruda
Denore, Remmo
Denore, Stause
Deschênes, see Dechane, Dechene, Dushane, Dushan
Desmark, Joseph
Desrosiers, Frédéric, as Remo, Frederick
Desrosiers, Henriette, as Remo, Harriett
Desrosiers, "Jane", as Remo, Jane
Desrosiers, Serville, as Remo, Lenil
Desrosiers, "Tilley", as Remo, Tilley
Desrosiers, "William", as Remo, William
Deveau, Fanny
Devon, Augustus
Devon, John
Devon, Mary
Devon, Susan
Devon, W'm
Devon, W'm, Jr.
Devost, Augustin, as Devon, Augustus
Devost, Bénoni, as Devon, W'm, Jr.
Devost, Jean-Bénoni, as Devon, W'm
Devost, "John", as Devon, John
Devost, "Mary", as Devon, Mary
Devost, Suzanne, as Devon, Susan
Dibble, Edwin W.
Dibble, Eliza
Dibble, Hugh D.
Dibble, John D.
Dibble, Phebe
Dibble, Walter
Dibble, William
Dindgam, Z.
Dingey, Alenzo
Dingey, Araad
Dingey, Deborah
Dingey, Hepsibeth
Dionne, Auguste, as Sionre, Augustus
Dionne, Edward, as Yohn, Edward
Dionne, Henry
Dionne, Jean, as Yohn, John
Dionne, Julie, as Yohn, Julia
Dionne, Marguerite, as Yohn, Margaret
Dionne, Marie Anne, as Yohn, Mary Ann
Dionne, Michel, as Yohn, Michael
Dodge, Joel
Doe, Amzi
Doe, Arthur
Doe, Calvin
Doe, Lorainia
Donlua, Margarett
Donlua, Neil
Donlua, Patrick
Donnelly, Edmund
Donnelly, James
Donnelly, Jane
Donnelly, John
Donnelly, Margaret
Donnelly, Margarett
Donnelly, Mary
Donnelly, Neil
Donnelly, Racy
Donniske, Joseph
Donniske, Martha
Donniske, Mary
DonRindorf, William
Doody, Bridgett
Doody, David
Doody, Edward
Doody, Elizabeth
Doody, Huldah
Doody, James
Doody, John
Doody, Mary Ann
Doody, Zacherach
Dorkendorff, William
Dorman, Henry
Dorman, Howard N.
Dorman, Jabez
Dorman, James
Dorman, LeRoy
Dorman, Sarah
Dorman, Thaddeus N.
Dorpos, Francis
Dorpos, Secon
Dorsey, Caroline
Dorsey, Edward
Dorsey, Hannah B.
Dorsey, John
Dorsey, Louisa
Dorsey, Mary
Dorsey, Mary Ann
Dorsey, Miles
Dorsey, Miles
Dorsey, William
Doten, Ansel B.
Dougherty, Rose
Dow, Alexander
Dow, David
Dow, David
Dow, Ellen
Dow, Elza
Dow, Eunice
Dow, Geo.
Dow, James
Dow, James
Dow, Jpso
Dow, Mary
Dow, Mary
Dowar, Cha's
Dowar, John
Dowar, Mary
Dowar, Mary
Dowar, Philomin
Dowar, Sophia
Doyinton, Almira
Doyinton, James P.
Doyinton, Joel
Doyinton, Phyneus
Doyle, Edward
Doyle, James
Doyle, John
Doyle, Margarett
Doyle, Mathew
Dubé, see Deboy, Debay
Dubeau, Amable
Dubeau, Amable
Dubeau, Andrew
Dubeau, Mary
Dubeau, Mary
Dubeau, Matid
Dubeau, Paul
Dubeau, Philomene
Dubeau, Salome
Dubois, see also Dubeau
Dubois, Charles, as Dowar, Cha's
Dubois, Flore, as Defour, Fleva
Dubois, Jean (Charles-Jean), as Dowar, John
Dubois, Marie, as Dowar, Mary
Dubois, Marie-Louise, as Dowar, Mary
Dubois, Philomène, as Dowar, Philomin
Dubois, Prudent, as Defour, Pruda
Dubois, Sophie, as Dowar, Sophia
Duby, Charles
Duby, Leroy
Duby, Mary
Duby, Vater
Dudley, David
Dudley, Ellen M.
Duff, Charles
Duff, Daniel
Duff, Marcelus
Duff, Susan
Duff, Wallace
Duffy, Mary
Dundan, Pat
Dufour, see Defour
Dufour, Narcisse, as Defour, Marcepo
Dumont see also Demaugh, Demmo, Demo
Dumont, Émiliènne, as Demo, Milun
Dumont, Étienne, as Demo, Stephen
Dumont, Firmin, as Demo, Len****
Dumont, "Jane", as Demo, Jane
Dumont, "Laromy", as Demo, Laromy
Dumont, Marie-Anne (Nancy), as Demo, Nancy
Dumont, Nancy, as Demo, Nancy
Dumont, Obéline, as Demo, Abelene
Dumont, "Obemis", as Demo, Obemis
Dunham, Babie
Dunham, Clynda P.
Dunham, Cyrus
Dunham, Lollah
Dunham, Peter
Dunham, Philip
Dunham, Philip
Dunham, Robert
, Caroline S.

Dunn, Elbridge G.
Dunn, Frederick
Dunn, Geo. B.
Dunn, John W.
Dunn, Joshua
Dunn, Louisa
Dunn, Sarah L.
Dunn, Winfield S.
Dunnivan, James
Duplissee, Abram
Duplissee, Belony
Duplissee, Dennis
Duplissee, Derah
Duplissee, Dominee
Duplissee, Edward
Duplissee, Eli
Duplissee, John B.
Duplissee, Mary
Duplissee, Mary
Duplissee, Mary
Duplissee, Maxim
Duplissee, Michael
Duplissee, Michael
Duplissee, Obeline
Duplissee, Philomen
Duplissee, Sarah
Duplissee, Sophia
Duplissee, Stausey
Duplissee, Ziga
Duprey, Mercelin
Duprey, Remuel
Duprey, Virginia
Durepos, François Dorpos, Francis
Durepos, Seconde Dorpos, Secon
Dusett, Corlest
Dusett, Elenor
Dusett, Eliza
Dusett, Faurnah
Dusett, Fearme
Dusett, Francis
Dusett, Isidine
Dusett, J.P.
Dusett, Julia
Dusett, Margarett
Dusett, Maxim
Dusett, Octave
Dusett, Philomesne
Dusett, Romarn
Dusett, Stause
Dusett, Stausee
Dusett, Susan
Dusett, Vetal
Dusett, Veteline
Dusett, Victoria
Dusett, Zeta
Dushan, Christie
Dushan, Elenor
Dushan, Elizabeth
Dushan, Francis
Dushan, Herbert
Dushan, Isabel
Dushan, Lydia
Dushan, Margarett
Dushan, Mary Ann
Dushan, Sophia
Dushan, Tellee
Dushan, Thomas
Dushan, Zarne
Dushane, Ellen
Dushane, Feame
Dushane, Ferdino
Dushane, Madline
Dushane, Mary
Dushane, Milla
Dushane, Serene
Dushane, Telly
Dushane, Victor
Dushane, Xavia
Dushane, Zeta
Eastley, Daniel
Eastley, Elizabeth
Eastley, Elizabeth
Eastley, George
Eastley, James
Eastley, James, Jr.
Eastley, John
Eastman, Benjamin
Eastman, Caroline
Eastman, Ch's A.
Eastman, Cha's F.
Eastman, Chs. W.
Eastman, David
Eastman, Delley A
Eastman, Emma E
Eastman, Enoch
Eastman, Flora
Eastman, Florilla
Eastman, George W.
Eastman, Henry
Eastman, John
Eastman, John W.
Eastman, Laura *
Eastman, Mary R.
Eastman, Nancy
Eastman, Nancy D.
Eastman, Oles
Eastman, Polly R.
Eastman, Rebecca
Eastman, Rufus
Eastman, Samuel M.
Eastman, Sarah
Eastman, Susan
Elliot, Diantha
Elliot, George
Elliot, Ivory
Elliot, Lydia
Elliot, Mark
Elliot, Martha
Elliott, George
Ellis, Adeh I.
Ellis, Ava
Ellis, Betsey
Ellis, Caleb H.
Ellis, Ch's D.
Ellis, Charles
Ellis, Christina
Ellis, Daniel
Ellis, Eunice
Ellis, Eunice
Ellis, Freeman
Ellis, Hannah
Ellis, Hellen
Ellis, Hiram
Ellis, Isaac
Ellis, John F.
Ellis, Joseph
Ellis, Josiah
Ellis, Leo'd
Ellis, Levi
Ellis, Louis
Ellis, Lydia
Ellis, Marsia
Ellis, Orson
Ellis, Oscar
Ellis, Osroe
Ellis, Ruth
Ellis, Sophia
Ellis, Susan
Ellis, W'm
Ellis, W'm
Elworth, Michael
Emerson, Deborah
Emery, Caffell
Emery, Cha's H.
Emery, Christanna
Emery, Daniel
Emery, Delazed
Emery, Elz'th
Emery, Harriet
Emery, Louisa
Emery, Niles
Emery, Niles, Jr.
Emery, Sophia
Emery, Susan
Emmo, Ferdnan
Emmo, Flora
Emmo, Jere
Emmo, Lucy
Emmo, Polly
Emmo, Rose
Emmo, Rose
Emnson, Eeve M.
English, Lansy
Ervin, Robert
Erway, Abalene
Erway, Joseph
Erway, Julia
Erway, Philomena
Esty, Albion
Esty, Ann
Esty, Daniel
Esty, Ebenezer
Esty, Edmund
Esty, Geo. W.
Esty, John
Esty, Sebrina
Esty, W'm H.
Esty, Zenas
Evans, Louisie
Everett, Ann
Everett, Eva
Everett, Francis
Everett, George
Everett, Israel
Everett, Jobe
Everett, John
Everett, Joseph
Everett, Martha
Everett, Mary
Everett, Samuel
Everett, William
Evett, William

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