Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: J-K

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Jackson, Arem
Jackson, Jarvis
Jackson, Mary E.
Jalbert, Radigonde/Seconde, as LeBarre, Dagon
Jalbert, Edouard, as LeBarre, Edwd.
Jalbert, Fleurent, as LeBarre, Flora
Jalbert, François, as LeBarre, Francis
Jalbert, Joseph, as LeBarre, Jos.
Jalbert, Luce, as LeBarre, Lucy
Jalbert, Olympe, as LeBarre, Oliva
Jalbert, Marie-Salomée, as LeBarre, Soloma
Jaundero, Andrew
Jaundero, Esther
Jaundero, Herbert
Jaundero, James
Jaundero, John B.
Jaundero, Leareo
Jaundero, Lucy
Jaundero, Luthur
Jaundero, Pascal
Jaundero, Philoman
Jaundero, Stuasy
Jaundero, Talley
Jenze, Andrew
Jenze, Elenor
Jenze, James
Jewell, Emeline
Johnston, Abagael
Johnston, Agness
Johnston, Alanso
Johnston, Ann
Johnston, Ch's W.
Johnston, Daniel
Johnston, Daniel
Johnston, Edward
Johnston, Edward
Johnston, Elenor
Johnston, George
Johnston, James
Johnston, James
Johnston, James
Johnston, John
Johnston, Julia
Johnston, Lewis
Johnston, Lewis F.
Johnston, Lothrop
Johnston, Lymon
Johnston, Margarett
Johnston, Mary A.
Johnston, Matta
Johnston, Mehala
Johnston, Sarah
Johnston, Warren A.
Johnston, William
Jones, Hugh
Joseph, John
Jourdan, Abraham
Jourdan, Abram
Jourdan, Edward
Jourdan, Elizabeth
Jourdan, Elizabeth
Jourdan, Eunice
Jourdan, John
Jourdan, Mahalua
Jourdan, Nath'l
Jourden, Abagale
Jourden, Eunice
Jourden, John
Jourden, Julia
Jourden, Martha
Jourden, Mary
Jourden, Rich'd
Jourden, Samuel
Keagen, Catherine
Keagen, Elizabeth
Keagen, James
Keagen, James
Keagen, John
Keagen, Lucy
Keagen, Mary
Keagen, Michael
Keagen, Nancy
Keagen, Peter
Keagen, Sophia
Keagen, Thomas
Keen, Albina
Keen, Alvin F.
Keen, Eliza
Keen, F.B.
Keen, Florentine
Keen, Francis
Keen, Hannabel
Keen, Justin
Keen, Louisa
Keen, Lucy J.
Keen, Padamen
Keen, Shadrack
Keen, William
Kelley, Attey
Kelley, Elizabeth
Kelley, Esther
Kelley, John
Kelley, John
Kelley, Lawrence
Kelley, Mary Jane
Kelley, Patrick
Kelley, Patrick
Kelley, Rachael
Kelley, Thomas
Kelley, William
Kellock, Ann P.
Kellock, Caroline M.
Kellock, Catherine A.
Kellock, Delinda
Kellock, Elonso T.
Kellock, George
Kellock, Henry H.
Kellock, Nancy K.
Kellock, Rufus
Kellock, Rufus S.
Kellock, Washington
Kelly, Amos
Kelly, Catherine
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, Ellen
Kelly, Gallman
Kelly, Harriet
Kelly, Laury
Kelly, Laury
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Sally
Kelly, Walter
Kendall, Alonso
Kennady, Alex
Kennady, Daniel
Kennady, Elizabeth
Kennady, James
Kennady, Sarah J.
Kennady, William
Kennedy, Charles
Kennedy, Daniel
Kennedy, Ezra
Kennedy, George
Kennedy, Isabel
Kennedy, Mary
Kennedy, Thomas
Kenney, Tho's
Kidder, William
King, Abram
King, Abram
King, Albion
King, Alexander
King, Breno
King, Desire
King, Elias
King, Ellen
King, Ellie
King, Flora
King, Francis
King, Harriet
King, Hiram
King, Israil
King, John B.
King, John B.
King, Julia
King, Mary
King, Mary
King, Vina
King, William
Knight, Almira
Knight, Alonso
Knight, Cyrus
Knight, Eben
Knight, Emeline
Knight, Isabel
Knight, John
Knight, John
Knight, Luantha
Knight, Mary
Knight, Mary
Knight, Rachel
Knight, Stephen
Knights, Deborah
Knights, Eph'm
Knowland, Babe
Knowland, Cha's
Knowland, Clarrisa
Knowland, Edwin B.
Knowland, Freeman
Knowland, John
Knowland, Lucinda
Knowland, Mary
Knowland, Nancy
Knowland, Nelson
Knowland, Roswell D.
Knowland, Thomas
Knowland, W'm H.

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