Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: P-Q

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Packard, Adaline M
Packard, Alonso
Packard, Andrew
Packard, Ansel
Packard, George W
Packard, Hannah
Packard, Heserter L
Packard, Mary
Packard, Phebe A
Packard, Shepard
Paddock, James O.
Page, Adalade
Page, Amelia
Page, David
Page, Erastus
Page, Hampton
Page, Julia E.
Page, Mary J.
Page, Mary J.
Page, Nancy
Page, Prince
Page, Rebecca
Page, Sebona
Page, Thomas J
Pairdy, Angel
Pairdy, Charlotte
Pairdy, Esther
Pairdy, Jos.
Pairdy, Judah
Pairdy, Julia
Pairdy, Remain D
Pairdy, Stursey
Pairdy, Sylena
Pairdy, Vetal
Pairdy, Zerah
Paka, Cha's
Paka, Cha's
Paka, Frazen
Paka, Horace
Paka, Staze
Paka, Vetal
Palmer, Ambrose
Palmer, Ambrose, Jr.
Palmer, Amos M.
Palmer, Caroline
Palmer, Caroline A.
Palmer, Daniel
Palmer, David
Palmer, Prudence
Palmer, Rhoda
Palmer, Sarah A.
Palmer, Uriah
Paradis see Pairdy, Parody
Parent see also Parrah, Parro, Parrow
Parent, Barbe, as Parrah, Bubas
Parent, Bélone, as Parrah, William
Parent, Catherine
Parent, Demerise, as Parrah, Dem**ie
Parent, Édith, as Parrah, Lyett
Parent, Étienne, as Parrow, Acan
Parent, John
Parent, Severin, as Parrah, Serera
Parrent, Nathalie, as Parrah, Tally
Parker, *******
Parker, Alexander
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Geo.
Parker, James
Parker, Marcella
Parker, Mary Ann
Parker, Susan
Parker, William
Parker, William, Jr.
Parkes, David O.
Parkes, George
Parkes, Louisa
Parkes, Lucinda
Parkes, Nancy
Parkes, Patrick
Parkes, Sarah A.
Parks, Amanda
Parks, Byron
Parks, George F.
Parks, Hannah
Parks, Jonathan
Parks, Jonathan
Parks, Rebecca
Parody, Frederick
Parody, Stausey
Parody, Vincent
Parody, Vincent
Parrah, Ann
Parrah, Angelie
Parrah, Bubas
Parrah, Christie
Parrah, Delena
Parrah, Dem**ie
Parrah, Demisa
Parrah, Francis
Parrah, Lawrence
Parrah, Lyett
Parrah, Michail
Parrah, Modest
Parrah, Pascal
Parrah, Peter
Parrah, Sarah
Parrah, Serera
Parrah, Tally
Parrah, William
Parrah, Zowe
Parrio, Joseph
Parrio, Serepime
Parro, Alexse
Parro, Angelie
Parro, Angelie
Parro, Ashell
Parro, Betsey Ann
Parro, Fillea
Parro, Flavie
Parro, John
Parro, John
Parro, Joseph
Parro, Joseph
Parro, Julia
Parro, Madline
Parro, Nancy
Parro, Nancy
Parro, Philoman
Parro, Sophia
Parro, Susan
Parro, Tuffer
Parrow, Acan
Parrow, Charlet
Parrow, Elenor
Parrow, Margarett
Parrow, Mary Ann
Parrow, Polly
Parrow, Resemo
Parsons, Abram
Parsons, Benjamin R.
Parsons, Dorcas
Parsons, Eliza
Parsons, Frances
Parsons, Henry
Parsons, John
Parsons, John W.
Parsons, Jos. L.
Parsons, Julia A.
Parsons, Luther B.
Parsons, Lydia
Parsons, Martha J.
Parsons, Sarah A.
Parsons, W'm D.
Partridge, Jesse
Partridge, Mariann
Pecor, Anban
Pecor, Elizabeth
Pecor, Ephraim
Pecor, Ephraim
Pecor, Ersele
Pecor, Ferdman
Pecor, Flave
Pecor, Florate
Pecor, Francis
Pecor, Frazene
Pecor, Gilbert
Pecor, James
Pecor, John B.
Pecor, John B.
Pecor, John B.
Pecor, Julia
Pecor, Legat
Pecor, Margaret
Pecor, Margaret
Pecor, Margarett
Pecor, Margarett
Pecor, Mary
Pecor, Nises
Pecor, Philomen
Pecor, Saleme
Pecor, Simon
Pecor, Simon
Pecor, Sopia
Pecor, Stausee
Pecor, Vetal
Pecor, Zeta
Pelchi, Henry
Pelka, Andlunde
Pelka, Andrew
Pelka, Auguste
Pelka, Baloney
Pelka, Balony
Pelka, Christa
Pelka, Cordase
Pelka, David
Pelka, Demause
Pelka, Dennis
Pelka, Edward
Pelka, Flavi
Pelka, Florey
Pelka, Helvina
Pelka, Henry
Pelka, Isaie
Pelka, John B.
Pelka, John B.
Pelka, John B.
Pelka, Joseph
Pelka, Joseph
Pelka, Joseph
Pelka, Joset
Pelka, Laches
Pelka, Lewis
Pelka, Lucad
Pelka, Mada
Pelka, Madline
Pelka, Mary
Pelka, Mary
Pelka, Mary
Pelka, Orzele
Pelka, Ozete
Pelka, Raymond
Pelka, Rezes
Pelka, Rose
Pelka, Rose
Pelka, Sarelle
Pelka, Seril
Pelka, Stause
Pelka, Stausee
Pelka, Vetal
Pelka, Zayo
Pelka, Zeta
Pelka, Zie
Pelka, Zoe
Pelkie, Angeline
Pelkie, Harriett
Pelkie, Jere
Pelkie, Philomenia
Pelletier, see Pelka, Pelkie
Pennett, Edmond
Pennett, Francis
Pennett, Gustee
Pennett, Joseph
Pennett, Josephine
Pennett, Louisa
Pennett, Prediah
Pennett, Theodore
Pennett, Tho's
Pennett, Tho's
Phiney, Daniel
Phiney, Frances Ann
Phiney, Israel
Phiney, John
Phiney, Martha
Phiney, Martha Jane
Phiney, Samuel
Phipps, Stephen E.
Picard, see Pecor
Pierce, Elizabeth
Pierce, J.J.S.
Pike, Almira
Pike, Amanda
Pike, David
Pike, Elenor V.
Pike, Jobe
Pike, John G.
Pike, Jos. D.
Pishon, Geo.
Pleward, Delena
Pleward, Demeana
Pleward, Margarett
Pleward, Margarett
Pleward, Nancy
Pleward, Oliver
Pleward, Remma
Plourde see Pleward, Pluard, Plude
Pluard, Elenore
Pluard, Jane F.
Pluard, John
Pluard, Joseph
Pluard, Lewis
Pluard, Marcellin
Pluard, Modest
Pluard, Mullin**
Pluard, Rose
Plude, Benjamin
Plude, Flen
Plude, Flen
Plude, Levitt
Plude, Mary
Plude, Oliver
Plude, Peter
Plude, Peter
Plude, Seman
Plude, Simon
Podwine, James
Pollard, Alonso
Pollard, Jonathan F.
Pollard, Jos.
Pollard, Joseph P.
Pollard, Malissa
Pollard, Rachel
Pollard, Rachel
Porter, Abagail
Porter, Albert
Porter, Daniel
Porter, Elsa
Porter, Frances A.
Porter, James
Porter, James, Jr.
Porter, John
Porter, John L
Porter, Lavinia
Porter, Mary
Porter, Mary
Porter, Mary J.
Porter, Matilda
Porter, Matilda
Porter, Richd. D
Porter, Robert B
Porter, Rob't
Porter, Sarah J.
Porter, W'm J.
Potter, Charles J.
Potter, Elbridge
Potter, Philena
Potter, Stephen B.
Powers, Almira
Powers, Atta
Powers, Hellen
Powers, I.P.
Powers, Laura
Powers, Oscar
Powers, Walter
Powers, Willis
Powses, Addison
Powses, Benton
Powses, Elvira
Powses, Gideon
Powses, Harriet
Powses, Richard
Powses, Rodrick
Pratt, Benah
Pratt, Elizabeth
Pratt, Erwin
Pratt, George W.
Pratt, Lavinia
Pratt, Louisa F.
Pratt, Martha C.
Pratt, Warren
Prescott, Darius
Prew, John
Punnay, Charles
Punnay, Cyrus
Punnay, David
Punnay, Eliza
Punnay, Elizabeth
Punnay, Jane
Punnay, John
Punnay, Levina
Punnay, William
Pyle, Agnace
Pyle, Amos
Pyle, Cha's L.
Pyle, David W.
Pyle, Edward
Pyle, Harriett
Pyle, Henry
Pyle, Joseph
Pyle, Mary A.
Pyle, Mary E.
Pyle, Phebe
Pyle, Solomon
Pyle, William W.
Quaig, Peter
Quigley, Michael
Quimby, Angeline
Quimby, Henry
Quin, John

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