Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: R

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Rachliff, Alanson
Rachliff, Alanson A.
Rachliff, Benj.
Rachliff, Benj., Jr.
Rachliff, Betsy
Rachliff, Carrie Ann
Rachliff, Dorcus
Rachliff, Francis M.
Rachliff, John
Rachliff, Joseph
Rachliff, Mary
Rachliff, Rosalin
Rachliff, Rosettau
Rachliff, Sherman S.
Rachliff, W'm H.
Rafford, Charles S.
Rafford, Dorcus
Rafford, Effa
Rafford, Ezekiel
Rafford, James
Rafford, John
Rafford, John O.
Rafford, Josiah
Rafford, Olive
Rafford, Samuel
Rafford, Thomas
Ramsey, Deny
Ramsey, Jane
Ramsey, Margarett
Ramsey, Mary
Ramsey, W'm
Randall, Abraham
Randall, Cha's
Randall, David
Randall, George
Randall, Isiah
Randall, James
Randall, Jonathan
Randall, Jonathan, Jr.
Randall, Rachell
Randall, Sarah
Rankins, John
Rankins, Mary
Raymond, see also Remo, Remmo
Raymond, Angèle, as Remmo, Angelia
Raymond, Angélique, as Remmo, Angelie
Raymond, Jean, as Remmo, John
Raymond, John E.
Raymond, Josephine, as Remmo, Josephine
Raymond, Lucie, as Remmo, Lucy
Raymond, Mary
Raymond, Michel, as Remmo, Michael
Raymond, Nancy, as Remmo, Nancy
Raymond, Vincent, as Remmo, Varceant
Raymond, William
Reaynols, Sam'l
Rebishou, Ausin
Redeker, Bartlett
Redeker, Carles
Redeker, Charlotte
Redeker, Eliza
Redeker, Fre'd
Redeker, James
Redeker, John
Redeker, John
Redeker, Laura
Redeker, Melilda
Redeker, Rich'd
Rediker, Albert
Rediker, George
Rediker, John
Rediker, Matilda
Rediker, Mehala
Reed, Alsam
Reed, Greenville
Reed, Leo'd
Reed, Mary Ann
Reed, Mary P.
Reed, Sabrina
Reel, Leo'd
Reel, Martha
Reel, Olive
Reel, Sandfield
Remmo, Angelia
Remmo, Angelie
Remmo, John
Remmo, Josephine
Remmo, Lucy
Remmo, Michael
Remmo, Nancy
Remmo, Varceant
Remo, Abram
Remo, Andrew
Remo, Frederick
Remo, Harriett
Remo, Jane
Remo, John B.
Remo, John B.
Remo, Lazenee
Remo, Lenil
Remo, Margaret
Remo, Mary
Remo, Salome
Remo, Tilley
Remo, William
Remo, William
Resgnol, Armene
Resgnol, Armon
Resgnol, Herbert
Resgnol, Octan
Resgnol, Phamtif
Richards, A.S.
Richards, Caroline
Richards, Frances E.
Richards, Jane
Richards, Mary
Richards, Mary Ann
Richards, Pernelia
Richards, Robert
Rideout, Caroline
Rideout, Cathrine
Rideout, Edward
Rideout, Edward
Rideout, Elenor
Rideout, Elenor
Rideout, James
Rideout, Mary Jane
Rideout, Sylvanus
Riley, Jane
Riley, Thomas
Riley, William
Roberts, Jacob
Roberts, Michael
Robinson, Dan'l
Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, Orsen
Robinson, S.A.
Robichaud, see Robisham, Rebishou
Robisham, Bosyels
Robisham, Edmond
Robisham, Elezer
Robisham, Elz'th
Robisham, Jos.
Robisham, Jos.
Robisham, Jos.
Robisham, Virginia
Rockwell, David
Rockwell, Hiram
Rockwell, James
Rockwell, Jane
Rockwell, Lydia
Rockwell, Mariah
Rockwell, Mary J.
Rogers, Alfanso
Rogers, Alphonse
Rogers, Caroline
Rogers, Ch's W.
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Esarlin C.
Rogers, Francis A.
Rogers, Geny Ann
Rogers, George
Rogers, George
Rogers, Huldah
Rogers, Huldah A.
Rogers, James
Rogers, John L.
Rogers, Mary E.
Rogers, Samuel
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, William
Roi, Adde
Roi, Ann
Roi, Clamon
Roi, Edward
Roi, Mary
Roi, Mary
Roi, Mary Ann
Roi, Raffel
Rossignol see Resgnol
Rolf, Henry
Rollins, Amanda V.
Rollins, Emeline
Rollins, John
Rollins, Josiphine
Rollins, Oscar F.
Rollins, Susan
Rollins, Sylvester
Rollins, W'm W.
Rome, Gilbert
Rome, Nelson
Rome, W'm H.
Rongror, Francis
Rose, Andrew J.
Rose, Emila M.
Rose, Jane S.
Rose, Lydia B.
Rose, Moses
Rose, Moses, Jr.
Rose, Tho's B.
Ross, David
Ross, Edward
Ross, Jane
Ross, Lucy
Ross, Porter
Ross, Rebecca
Roy, Roy-Voisine see also King, Roi, Voisin
Roy, Alexandre, as King, Alexander
Roy, Bruno, as King, Breno
Roy, Desire, as King, Desire
Roy, Elie, as King, Elias
Roy, Fleurent, as King, Flora
Roy, Hélène, as King, Ellen
Roy, Henriette, as King, Harriet
Roy, Hilaire, as Roy, William
Roy, Jean-Baptiste, as King, John B.
Roy, Jean-Baptiste, as King, John B.
Roy-Voisine, Joseph, as Erway, Joseph
Roy-Voisine, Julie, as Erway, Julia
Roy, Marie, as King, Mary
Roy-Voisine, Obéline, as Erway, Abalene
Roy-Voisine, Philomène, as Erway, Philomena
Ruest/Ruais, Andrew, as Moa, Andrew
Ruest/Ruais, Joseph, as Moa, Joseph
Ruest/Ruais, Joseph, as Moa, Joseph
Ruest/Ruais, Robert, as Moa, Robert
Ruest/Ruais, Sophie, as Moa, Sophia
Ruest/Ruais, Suzanne, as Moa, Susan
Ruggles, John
Ruggles, John H.
Ruggles, Mary E.
Ruggles, Samuel M.
Russell, John
Russell, John
Russell, Margarett
Russell, Martha
Russell, Michael
Russell, Michael
Russell, Nancy
Russell, Nicholas
Russell, Patrick
Russell, Phebe
Russell, Sarah
Russell, Thomas
Russell, Thomas
Russell, Warren
Russell, William
Ryon, Edward

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