Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: S

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Sacramend, Dusme
Sacramend, Geo.
Sacramend, James
Sacramend, Joseph
Sacramend, Mille
Sacramend, Mille
Sacreme, Mary
Sacreme, Philomen
Sacreme, Sophia
Sacreme, Stause
Sacreme, Xavia
Sagueness, Angelie
Sagueness, Antel
Sagueness, James
Sampar, Delina
Sampar, J. M.
Sampar, John
Sampson, Cephus
Sampson, George F.
Sands, Abasheker
Sands, Elizabeth
Sands, Isabel
Sands, Jane
Sands, John
Sands, Mehittable
Sands, Samuel
Sands, Stephen
Sanpar, Aladet
Sanpar, Ashell
Sanpar, Elizabeth
Sanpar, Fermen
Sanpar, Mary
Sanpar, Maxim
Sansfacon, Anestas
Sansfacon, Doremun
Sansfacon, Dosite
Sansfacon, Flora
Sansfacon, Joseph
Sansfaçon, Julie, as Soffiso, Julia
Sansfaçon, Louis, as Soffiso, Lewis
Sansfaçon, Marcelline, as Soffiso, Marcelline
Sansfacon, Mary
Sansfacon, Remmee
Sansfacon, Rosemo
Sansfacon, Rosemo
Sansfacon, Scholesteec
Sansfaçon, Solange, as Soffiso, Susan
Sansfacon, Sophia
Santemo, Damesa
Santemo, Flerr
Santemo, Francis
Santemo, Henry
Santemo, John
Santemo, Lewis
Santemo, Lewis
Santemo, Louisa
Santemo, Modest
Santemo, Pricilla
Santemo, Telley
Santimah, Francis
Sarreway, Catherine
Sarreway, John
Sarreway, Lansee
Sarreway, Margaret
Sarreway, Marmee
Sarreway, Michail
Sarreway, Murry
Sarreway, Oswell
Sarreway, Philomen
Sarreway, Susan
Sarreway, Susan
Saucier, see Sousee
Savage, Annie
Savage, Annis
Savage, Augusta
Savage, Babe
Savage, Dan'l
Savage, Eliza
Savage, Francis
Savage, George M.
Savage, Gilman
Savage, John
Savage, John W.
Savage, Joseph
Savage, Margarett
Savage, Martin
Savage, Milton
Savage, Raymond
Savage, Rob't
Savage, Stephen
Sawyer, *
Sawyer, Eliza
Sawyer, George
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Edmond
Scott, Elisa
Scott, Hetta
Scott, Lewis
Scott, Lydia
Scott, Mary
Scott, Robert
Scott, Sarah Ann
Scott, Wellington
Scribner, Albert
Seaway, Angelie
Seaway, Bozeel
Seaway, Christiana
Seaway, Mary
Seaway, Saloma
Seaway, Thomas
Seaway, Thomas
Seaway, William
Seers, Levi
Seiborn, Catherine
Seiborn, Hannah
Seiborn, Horatio
Seiborn, James
Seiborn, Philip
Senate, Isabel
Senate, John
Senate, Mary
Serie, Eliza Ann
Serie, Geo.
Serie, Jesse
Serie, Olive
Serie, Sylvanus
Serway, Ameda
Serway, Angela
Serway, Armile
Serway, Demuse
Serway, Jeremiah
Serway, Joseph
Serway, Mary Ann
Serway, Oliver
Serway, Philomen
Sharp, Julia
Sharp, Lebreck
Sharp, Maddis
Sharp, Oliver
Sharp, Oliver
Shaurett, Christin
Shaurett, Delano
Shaurett, Dillen
Shaurett, Ellen
Shaurett, Geo.
Shaurett, Geo.
Shaurett, Isabel
Shaurett, Laurett
Shaurett, Levi
Shaurett, Lewis
Shaurett, Lewis
Shaurett, Louisa
Shaurett, Octave
Shaurett, Peter
Shaurett, Romain
Shaurett, Terah
Shaurett, Thomas
Shaurett, Tomano
Shaurett, Tuffole
Shaurett, Tuin
Shaw, Fred R.
Shay, Elizabeth
Shay, James
Sherwood, Steph
Sherwood, Stephen
Shossa, John
Shossa, Joseph
Shossa, Mary
Shossa, Mary
Shossa, Susan
Shossa, Vetal
Shougeneau, John
Shugereau, Catherine
Shugereau, Daniel
Shugereau, Dennis
Shugereau, Dennis
Shugereau, Frederick
Shugereau, Lucy
Shugereau, Sarah
Sights, Joseph
Sinclair, David
Sinclair, Duncan
Sinclair, Emeline
Sinclair, Eunice
Sinclair, Janis
Sinclair, John
Sinclair, John
Sinclair, Mary
Sinclair, Neomah
Sinclair, Westley
Sionre, Augustus
Sireway, Ale
Sireway, Antione
Sireway, Casita
Sireway, Deleno
Sireway, Flera
Sireway, Julia
Sireway, Julia
Sireway, Mary
Sireway, Peter
Sireway, Sophia
Sireway, Ubad
Sirois, see also Serway, Sireway
Sirois, Angelique, as Seaway, Angelie
Sirois, Basile, as Seaway, Bozeel
Sirois-Duplessis, Béloni, as Seaway, William
Sirois-Duplessis, Catherine, as Sarreway, Catherine
Sirois, Christiana, as Seaway, Christiana
Sirois-Duplessis, Jean, as Sarreway, John
Sirois-Duplessis, Justine, as Sarreway, Susan
Sirois-Duplessis, "Lansee", as Sarreway, Lansee
Sirois-Duplessis, Margaret, as Sarreway, Margaret
Sirois-Duplessis, "Marmee", as Sarreway, Marmee
Sirois-Duplessis, Marie-Luce-Elisabeth, as Seaway, Mary
Sirois-Duplessis, Maurice, as Sarreway, Murry
Sirois-Duplessis, Michel, as Sarreway, Michail
Sirois-Duplessis, "Oswell", as Sarreway, Oswell
Sirois-Duplessis, Philomen, as Sarreway, Philomen
Sirois-Duplessis, Salomée, as Seaway, Saloma
Sirois-Duplessis, Susan, as Sarreway, Susan
Sirois-Duplessis, Thomas, as Seaway, Thomas
Sirois-Duplessis, Thomas, as Seaway, Thomas
Sl**rs**, ***
Sl**rs**, Christie
Sl**rs**, Mary
Sl**rs**, Maxim
Sloat, Barbary
Smage(?), James
Smith, Abby F.
Smith, Albert
Smith, Alex'r
Smith, Ann S.
Smith, Augustus
Smith, Charles
Smith, Ebonezer
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Geo. W.
Smith, Hugh
Smith, Isuao
Smith, John
Smith, Margarett
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Mary Jane
Smith, Sarah B.
Smith, W'm
Snolown, John
Snow, Cyrus
Snow, Frederick
Snow, Isiah
Snow, James
Snow, Jeremiah
Snow, Moses
Snow, Oliver
Socee, Angelie
Socee, Charles
Socee, Julia
Socee, Marshall
Socee, Mitchell
Socee, Newell
Socee, Peter
Toffiso, Julia
Toffiso, Lewis
Toffiso, Marcelline
Toffiso, Susan
Sommers, Michael
Sommers, Nancy
Sommers, Patrick
Son, Alfred
Son, Geo.
Son, Soloma
Sosee, Antemise
Sosee, Benjamin
Sosee, Clemo
Sosee, Elenor
Sosee, Harriett
Sosee, John B.
Sosee, Joseph
Sosee, Juda
Sosee, Lucy
Sosee, Mary
Sosee, Sophia
Souci, J B
Souci, J Batteas
Souci, Lewis
Souci, Mary
Souci, Rommeo
Souci, Rose
Souci, Savin
Souci, Vetal
Souci, Vetaline
Souci, Vettalin
Souci, Xavier
Sousee, Abram
Sousee, Abseleck
Sousee, Alexander
Sousee, An
Sousee, Antene
Sousee, Antione
Sousee, Antione
Sousee, Antony
Sousee, Benj
Sousee, Catherine
Sousee, Chmist
Sousee, Clement
Sousee, Clement
Sousee, Dennela
Sousee, Ellen
Sousee, Ellen
Sousee, Ely
Sousee, Felix
Sousee, Fermas
Sousee, Francis
Sousee, Godfrey
Sousee, Hariett
Sousee, Harriet
Sousee, Harriett
Sousee, Henry
Sousee, Isiah
Sousee, James
Sousee, Jane
Sousee, Janus
Sousee, Jeremiah
Sousee, Jerimah
Sousee, Joseph
Sousee, Lazar
Sousee, Lennart
Sousee, Loran
Sousee, Louisa
Sousee, Madline
Sousee, Mary
Sousee, Mary
Sousee, Mary
Sousee, Metade
Sousee, Narz
Sousee, Oliver
Sousee, Oliver
Sousee, Pascal
Sousee, Peter
Sousee, Philomen
Sousee, Philomen
Sousee, Plenor
Sousee, Polly
Sousee, Pruda
Sousee, Raeta
Sousee, Raffel
Sousee, Raffel
Sousee, Rebecca
Sousee, Rose
Sousee, Sophia
Sousee, Terry
Spaulding, Cha's A.
Spaulding, Geo. E.
Spaulding, Ja's
Spaulding, Mary S.
Spooner, Leo'd
Spooner, Martha
Spooner, Mary
Spooner, Merilla
Sprague, Amos
St German, Addell
St German, Demmau
St German, Eli
St German, Ellen
St German, John B.
St German, Lucy
St German, Lucy
St German, Millia
St German, Modest
St German, Savia
St German, William
St-Germain, Anastasie, as Sacreme, Stause
St-Germain, Benjamin, as Sacramend, James
St-Germain, Emélie, as Sacramend, Mille
St-Germain, Euphrosine, as Sacreme, Mary
St-Germain, Georges, as Sacramend, Geo.
St-Germain, Joseph, as Sacramend, Dusme
St-Germain, Joseph-Xavier, as Sacramend, Joseph
St-Germain, Marie-Émile, as Sacramend, Mille
St-Germain, Philomène, as Sacreme, Philomen
St-Germain, Sophie, as Sacreme, Sophia
St-Germain, Xavier, as Sacreme, Xavia
St Peter, Jane
St Peter, John B
St Peter, John Murry
St Peter, Joseph
St Peter, Margaret
St Peter, Paul
St Peter, Savia
St Peter, Thomas
St. Peter, Amable
St. Peter, Harriett
St. Peter, Severah
St. Peter, Sevilla
St-Pierre, see also St. Peter
St-Pierre, Achille, as Sanpar, Ashell
St-Pierre, Délina, as Sampar, Delina
St-Pierre, Élisabeth, as Sanpar, Elizabeth
St-Pierre, Élodie, as Sanpar, Aladet
St-Pierre, Ferdinand, as Sanpar, Fermen
St-Pierre, Jean, as Sampar, John
St-Pierre, Jean-Marie, as Sampar, J. M.
St-Pierre, Marie, as Sanpar, Mary
St-Pierre, Maxime, as Sanpar, Maxim
Staples, John
Starling, Caroline
Starling, James
Starling, John
Starling, John
Starling, Lovina
Starling, Rufus
Starling, Sarah
Starling, Sarah
Stetson, Alfred B.
Stetson, Mary N.
Stetson, Matilda
Stetson, Nath'l
Stevens, Abigail R.
Stevens, Albion H.
Stevens, Amanda
Stevens, Angilena
Stevens, Cynthia M.
Stevens, Dorcus B.
Stevens, Eastman
Stevens, Ellen M.
Stevens, Frank
Stevens, Hiram
Stevens, Israel
Stevens, James
Stevens, Levi
Stevens, Margarett
Stevens, Mary S.
Stevens, Mathew
Stevens, Melvin
Stevens, Nancy A.
Stevens, Olive
Stevens, Rufus
Stevens, Sam'l
Stevenson, Catherine
Stevenson, Isaac
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, John, Jr.
Stevenson, Mary L.
Stevenson, Mathew
Stevenson, Rob't
Stevenson, Sam'l
Stevenson, Thomas
Stoddard, Cha's C.
Stoddard, Cha's L.
Stoddard, Geo. R.
Stoddard, Sarah
Stoddard, Susan
Stone, **emesse
Stone, Joseph
Stratton, Albion W.
Stratton, Franklin
Stratton, Nancy
Stratton, Westley
Stratton, Wilder
Stuart, Christina
Stuart, Duncan
Stuart, Margarett
Stuart, Nancy
Stuart, Victoria
Stuart, William L
Sturd, Josiah
Sullivan, Margarett
Sullivan, Orrin
Sullivan, Richard
Sullivan, W'm
Suter, James
Sutherland, Alice
Sutherland, Andrew
Sutherland, Cha's
Sutherland, Hector
Sutherland, Jesse
Sutherland, Jesse
Sutherland, Joseph
Sutherland, Lucy A.
Sutherland, Lydia
Sutherland, Margarett
Sutherland, Warren
Sutton, Catherine
Sutton, Elizabeth
Sutton, James
Sutton, James
Sutton, John
Sutton, Mary
Sutton, Nancy
Sutton, William
Suttor, Byron
Suttor, Elspit
Suttor, Stephen
Sweasey, Benj.
Sweasey, Benj.
Sweasey, Ch's E.
Sweasey, Elizabeth
Sweasey, John
Sweasey, Judah
Sweasey, Reuben
Sweney, Thomas
Swim, Cha's
Sylvester, Abiul
Sylvester, David
Sylvester, Eliza P.
Sylvester, Hannah
Sylvester, Helen E.
Sylvester, Jos.
Sylvester, Louisa
Sylvester, Susannah
Sylvester, Susannah

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